List Of The Dumbest And Funniest Phrases On Dating Sites

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List Of The Dumbest And Funniest Phrases On Dating Sites
List Of The Dumbest And Funniest Phrases On Dating Sites

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girl with phone laughing
girl with phone laughing

The funniest, weirdest and most non-trivial phrases that the human mind only gave birth to.

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  • 1 By the lips of the great
  • 2 Unknown philosophers
  • 3 Right to the point
  • 4 PS

Nobody wants to read a huge essay on how awesome you are.

On a dating site or dating app, you only get one chance to make a first impression.

You will have to choose a photo yourself.

But we will be happy to help you add something like that to your profile description.

By the lips of the great

Sometimes the routine is ruthlessly disrupted by some extraordinary event. You remember later - and the mood rises.

Do you have a couple of such stories in your arsenal?

Tell us about them. Who knows, maybe they will quote you later.

But it is not always possible to correctly and coherently formulate your thoughts and feelings. And when someone asks us to “tell you something about ourselves,” the head becomes empty. All that is missing is the tumbleweed.

Why not use quotes from the greats? Moreover, if this or that expression describes you so accurately, as if its author knows you better than his own mother.

Perhaps you recognize yourself in these lines:

“I’m so smart that sometimes I myself don’t understand a word of what I say” (Oscar Wilde)

“I am the only person in the whole world whom I would like to know better” (Oscar Wilde)

Girl winks
Girl winks

“I can resist anything but temptation” (Oscar Wilde)

“In my imagination, I paint like an artist” (Albert Einstein)

“I do not have outstanding intelligence and I am not gifted. I'm just very, very curious”(Albert Einstein)

“I am my own heroine” (Maria Bashkirtseva)

“Yes, I'm strange. Weirdness is great. Normality is overrated”(Mad-D)

“I am the queen because I rule over myself” (Leila Gift Akita)

“Sometimes I give myself admirable advice. But I can't follow them.”- Mary Wortley Montague

“I am a stupid, emotional, very devoted girl who has her own principles and values” (Priyanka Chopra)

Unknown philosophers2

How many witty people are left to vegetate in obscurity while their phrases are walking around the globe?

Where, for example, do such pearls as “Girl, your parents, by chance, not bakers come from? Then where did they get such a crumb?"

Guy with phone
Guy with phone

This collection contains quotes by unknown authors.

My standards are as high as the heels of my shoes

“What is my difference? That I am different. "

I am attracted to me just like peanut butter

I do not believe in miracles. I count on them.

I've been ignored so many times as if my middle name is the License Agreement

“I am for healthy food. Now I will eat this healthy slice of pizza, healthy fries and healthy nuggets.”

I say what I think. And I never think about what I say.

“Every morning I wake up inspired and excited - waiting to go back to bed.”

“I would like to kill the sexiest man on the planet. But I am against suicide. "

“Forget the relationship. Fall in love with chocolate. "

Girl eating chocolate
Girl eating chocolate

“My figure is perfect. A circle is a figure too, isn't it? "

“Everyone I know finds guys. I only find problems for myself. "

“I'm not lazy! I just went into energy saving mode. "

“I draw a huge blue rectangle in my backyard. In the satellite photo it will look like I have a cool pool. "

“I'm so amazing! I wish I had a friend like me! "

I'm so hot that I'm afraid it was me that started global warming

I have a good sense of humor just because my whole life is like a comedy

You. You can't. To be. Me. So don't try.

I quickly forget grievances - I will take revenge and immediately forgive

I have a phone in my hands, headphones in my ears, and he in my head

Girl with phone and headphones
Girl with phone and headphones

You know, I'm the kind of person who, in absolute silence, will suddenly start laughing because of a joke that was told to him yesterday

Sometimes I regret that my mouth can't be paused

“I have a subtle sense of humor. I'm the only one who understands my jokes. "

Straight to the point3

A catchy profile description is half the battle. We need to think over a plan for further action.

In English there is a phrase "pick-up line". The closest analogue in modern Russian is "tackle".

We will now talk about the most amazing of them.

BuzzFeed has put together a cocktail of some of the finest worst tackles humanity has ever seen.

Are these your real teeth?

“I would like to thank you. Looks like I just found my other half. "

“I lost my phone number. Will you share yours? "

“Is your ass enchanted? Because looking at her I want to whisper "My darling."

Guy with laptop
Guy with laptop

Your chromosomes have come together to form something beautiful

“When you’re around, I feel like I’ve got eleven in a serving of ten nuggets.”

You look like my new boyfriend

“I lost my teddy bear. Sleep with me? "

“I'm sorry, I dropped something because of you. Your jaw. "

“You know what would look good on you? I AM"

“I am a treasure hunter. And it seems my hunt was successful. "

“Are your parents, by any chance, drug dealers? Then why am I addicted to you? "

“Let me invite you to sit down. On my face. "

“What are you, Google? After all, in you I have found everything that I was looking for. "

If you were a Pokemon, I would choose you

“I would invite you to a museum and have sex with you. But it is forbidden to touch the works of art there”

Without you, I'm dying like a phone without a charge

Phone with a sad smile
Phone with a sad smile

“Let me tie your laces. You should only fall at my feet. "

“Can I borrow your pen? Hell, she doesn't write. Seriously I'm telling you. Here, try to write your phone number. "

“If I'm wrong, kiss me. So dinosaurs still exist, right?

“Do you know if there are pastry shops nearby? I want something sweet like you. "


And all this is just a small part of the gems that can be found on dating sites and applications.

Perhaps some of the quotes and pick-up tricks presented are too extravagant.

But your interlocutor will definitely not forget this soon.

The girl and the guy are surprised
The girl and the guy are surprised

You may be blocked and not answered messages.

But they will not forget.

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