What Is The Social Role Of Men And Women In Society And Family?

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What Is The Social Role Of Men And Women In Society And Family?
What Is The Social Role Of Men And Women In Society And Family?

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pop art man and woman
pop art man and woman

Women and men have different positions in society. The social role is embodied in various behaviors, in life situations: family, politics, business. Consider the main social characteristics of women and men in these main areas of life.

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  • 1 Social characteristics in the family
  • 2 Functions of men and women in the family
  • 3 Man and woman in politics
  • 4 Man and woman in business

Social characteristics in the family

From time immemorial, man and woman have played their part in family and life. The abutment was formed due to natural features, so they have different responsibilities. And they complement each other. There is no full-fledged relationship without people who would agree to fulfill their functions.

Only a man and a woman can build a family, unless of course this is a homosexual couple, but even in this case: one partner is more passive and takes the position of a woman.

Sharing responsibilities is critical in building a family. This does not mean that it is strictly limited how much someone will earn, who will take care of household duties. Each cell of society sets its own rules, taking into account the inclinations, desires and knowledge of both partners.

A woman can build a successful career and take care of her family, do everything at the same time. The girl should keep the hearth, and the guy should give her everything she needs. Of course, it is not uncommon for a girl to take the place of the strong half. This is due to the fact that many of the stronger sex are brought up only by a woman or a single mother. So women start to get strong and men start to get weak.

Functions of men and women in the family2

  • Continuation of the family. Both spouses take part in this process. The girl is given the main role, since she performs the main part of the birth of the child. Recently, psychologists and sociologists have noted that children often appear without the concept of a family, every fifth child is born out of wedlock.
  • Economic function. This option is performed by both parents and includes real estate, clothing, livelihood.
Social characteristics
Social characteristics
  • Educational function. Most often performed by a woman: maintaining culture, socializing children, forming a life position, direct communication, encouragement and punishment.
  • Household function. A woman almost always performs the duties. This is the provision of clothing, health care, childcare and spending time together.
  • Leisure function. Communication of all family members leads to its harmony. This includes entertainment, holidays, going to the cinema. Not enough attention is paid to this function, especially from the male side.
  • Sexual function. Of course, this is a mutual intimate relationship between spouses. But due to the fact that the distribution of family responsibilities is uneven, this function often suffers greatly.

Man and woman in politics 3

What are the social characteristics of women and men in government? Girls have the same rights as men and can hold the same positions. They can have their own political point of view, become presidents, and so on. More and more women appear in politics, especially in the health care and social welfare sectors. The greater the percentage of women in government, the better the problems of maternity, childhood, child rights and social protection are solved.

The largest number of women in politics is in Sweden 47%, Finland 41% in the lower house, the smallest number of women in Japan 9 and 4% in both houses. Russia ranks 84th in terms of the number of women in parliament, on a par with Guinea-Bissau.

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton

There is discrimination among women in the political sphere, they are not allowed to occupy leading positions. A woman, on the other hand, knows how to listen, consider actions in a broad context, connect with each other, show wisdom. All of this, of course, would help to establish many social guidelines. The best solution would be to divide the fields of activity into women and men according to social roles.

Man and woman in business4

Their business is completely different. Women are more focused on visual memory, they are able to create compositions, perceive facial expressions better and can perform several tasks at the same time. They negotiate well, but often jump from one topic to another.

Men better represent objects in space, process half as much information, so they speak more specifically. And by increasing testosterone, they become aggressive, they turn on the spirit of competition.

Business behavior is different for men and women, so knowing the strengths and weaknesses, you should use them in business. For example, men should be calmer, think first, and then act. And women learn to manage their emotions so that at some inopportune moment they will not unstuck in front of their partner.

K / f
K / f

In Russia, there are fewer women than men in managerial positions at enterprises. Ladies' businesses of this nature: related to clothing, flower shops, cosmetics. This situation is due to a different upbringing, in which the values ​​of hard work and obedience are imposed on girls. Therefore, women are more modest and more passive, they move away from conflict.

If a woman comes to negotiations, she will sit on the edge, unnoticed. And the man is in the center and will occupy almost the entire table. If a woman wants to have the same position as a man in business, she needs to learn to behave confidently and decisively and be on a par with men, because business is a more masculine sphere.

The social characteristics of women and men have come to the conclusion that the boundaries between the sexes are erased. In every area: family, politics, business, their mutual equal participation would ensure colossal success.

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