Why Can't You Build Relationships With Girls? TOP-6 Reasons

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Why Can't You Build Relationships With Girls? TOP-6 Reasons
Why Can't You Build Relationships With Girls? TOP-6 Reasons

Video: Why Can't You Build Relationships With Girls? TOP-6 Reasons

Video: Why Can't You Build Relationships With Girls? TOP-6 Reasons
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preferred another
preferred another

For men of any age, social status and life principles, it is important that girls pay their attention to them. For someone, one single darling is enough for life. Most are trying new and new options for relationships with different girls. There are those who are generally unlucky in amorous affairs.

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  • 1 Perseverance
  • 2 Cargo of the past
  • 3 Not love
  • 4 Overkill in emotions
  • 5 Obsession
  • 6 She has another

That seems to be a good guy, interesting, the work is stable and promising, and the girls shy away like a leper. Sometimes you go out with the ladies from Tinder. The maximum that can be achieved is a walk in the park and an hour of sweet conversation in a coffee shop. And you want more: love, attention, passion, sex, in the end. The fish constantly jumps off the hook without explanation.

To save your time on self-digging, psychoanalysis and charting of failures, today we will talk frankly about the reasons for the fiasco on the love front.


Everywhere they write and say that girls strive to establish close relationships with stubborn and strong guys. On the one hand, this is true. Even in the wild, a female would rather choose a physically developed and authoritative partner with ambitions for the leader of the pack than the deadliest and thinnest wolf.

Some men take women's wishes too literally. Alpha males are different. If you just put on the mask of a brutal man, do not expect the girl to behave. With their intuition, everything is in order. Bite through like a walnut and run to the next date with an honest man.

We are talking about artificial acceleration of the development of events. If you just recently struck up the first conversation in a dating app, met in a cafe today, and you already invite her to visit, then this is scary. If she is not looking for quick sex without obligation, then the path to the beauty's heart will be closed to you.

find a relationship
find a relationship

Load of the past2

As a teenager, it is difficult to invite a girl to go with you on a romantic walk along the waterfront. But there are also advantages to this. Young ladies do not have heavy emotional experiences associated with past unsuccessful relationships.

If you spent a couple of wonderful evenings together, and she began to abruptly stop your attempts to organize a new date, then her ex may be to blame. Girls are extremely emotional beings. They constantly doubt if they have been bullied or humiliated by men before. Perhaps you need to give her some time. Show the seriousness of your intentions. Surround her with care and attention. Then it will be much easier to establish contact.

Not love3

Guys to whom girls subtly hint at a lack of sympathy begin to worry seriously. Thoughts about the reasons for such a development of events immediately arise in my head.

find love
find love

Remember, it may not be that you are bad as a man. In life, there is often non-reciprocal love or sympathy. It's quite normal. It happens that we do not like a person visually, we have different tastes and desires in life. It just happened. Stop making up ridiculous excuses for yourself and her. You can find a wonderful girlfriend. Leave the relationship at the buddy stage.

Overkill in emotions4

If you like a young lady, do not rush to openly demonstrate it. Women who immediately feel excessive interest in their person often begin to build their own worth.

A man is a hunter, and a woman is not easy prey. She will definitely try to show the hyperemotional guy that everything is not so simple in this life. Improving a girl's self-esteem is a positive goal. However, not everyone is able to appreciate a carefully thought-out surprise or date at a specialty restaurant.

It is especially deplorable if, in principle, she does not like you as a man. A girl can simply breed a generous boyfriend for gifts and interesting leisure. If she doesn't give you anything in return, go in search of a more honest and pleasant person.

how to find a darling
how to find a darling


You are not the only one who needs free time and personal space. If a girl was alone for a long time, she was used to devoting a lot of time to her person and her own hobbies.

The same is the case with the situation when it is aimed at partnerships, rather than patriarchal relationships in a couple. Going too far and demanding excessive attention to yourself is a fatal mistake. You can have a great time together, but be sure to respect her personal boundaries.

Today women fiercely defend their rights. This also applies to the area of personal principles and activities. If you need someone to spend twenty-four hours a day with you, get a pet. You can impose your own rules on the cat. The girl is an independent unit.

She has another6

It often happens that a girl goes on dates, does not refuse to go to the cinema or a restaurant. At the same time, in her thoughts there is a completely different man who does not pay due attention to her.

why is there no relationship
why is there no relationship

Well, the poet was right when he said that women fall in love with those who ignore them. Of course, we can talk about problems with self-esteem, childhood trauma and other disappointments, but the fact that women often prefer indifferent men cannot be written off.

Do not worry in vain, maybe it's not you, but a past relationship or a guy who doesn't even look in her direction. It is possible to melt the ice in such a heart, but you will have to put in too much effort. Think if you really need this particular woman. If the answer is yes, go for it.

The conclusion of our conversation today is that a man is obliged to improve himself in everything. With a man who does not love himself, does not strive for self-development and comprehension of new facets of the world, a woman will not be interested. Let's add respect for her personal space. Let's not forget to mention the factors that are completely unrelated to the guy's cons. It is difficult to understand a girl, so finding a relationship is not as easy as it seems at first glance. The main thing is not to hang your nose, and strive only forward.

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