How Beautiful To Roll Up To A Girl? Tips For A Novice Pickup Artist

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How Beautiful To Roll Up To A Girl? Tips For A Novice Pickup Artist
How Beautiful To Roll Up To A Girl? Tips For A Novice Pickup Artist

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nice to roll up to the girl
nice to roll up to the girl

How beautiful it is to roll up to a girl, every guy wants to know. Usually this knowledge can be passed on by older and more experienced guys to their young friends. But if you don't want to tell someone about your problems, then you can take on board the following tips.

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  • 1 Nice tackle
  • 2 The original tackle for social. networks
  • 3 Tackle in an educational institution
  • 4 Tips from "seasoned" guys

Nice tackle

It's not too difficult to drive up to a girl. You just don't need to hope for a 100% result and it's easier to relate to the process. It must be remembered that any experience, even an unsuccessful one, replenishes the piggy bank of knowledge and each next acquaintance has a greater chance of failure (if the guys are able to understand their mistakes and correct them.

The tackle is of great importance. You can meet girls anywhere, each will have both its pluses and minuses.

The original tackle for social. networks2

Social networks are a great platform for dating. This is especially pleasant because you can write at any time and from any place. You can combine acquaintance with work or other business. However, the chances of a real acquaintance are much less here, sots. networks are more suitable for communication. If a girl is attractive, then she usually just has a string of fans. Therefore, in order to stand out against their background, you need to have indoor photos.

If there are any, then it is not even very important what you write to her, most likely she will want to see such an attractive guy with her own eyes.

Phrases for tackling in social. networks:

  • Hello! You have great pictures, I really want to meet you in real life.
  • And I know something about you! (Girl's answer). Most likely you **. (Girl's answer). It can't be, you look younger!
  • You can just say hello. If the girl outwardly likes the guy, then she will definitely answer, and then everything will go on the knurled one. If the sympathy is mutual, then taking the number will not be a problem.
How to roll up to a girl
How to roll up to a girl

Tackle in an educational institution3

In order to beautifully roll up to a girl, you can play on a female competition. You can approach the person you like and ask her to introduce you to some friend, explaining this by your own embarrassment. The meaning of this approach is that the girl will become unpleasant that it was not her who was paid attention, and she will try to draw interest to herself.

There is one more point worth clarifying. When you meet, you don't even need to mention this word "acquaintance". Girls are immediately scared off. It is best if it happens somehow unobtrusively. If a guy offers an acquaintance, then the girl regards this as an offer to meet, so she is very wary of this. But just communication with a stranger does not oblige you to anything.

It is much easier to approach a girl you know, but it is better to do it if the girl does not have any prejudice against the guy. Girls treat familiar guys much better, but it is quite possible that they cannot perceive young people as boyfriends, and see them only as friends.

You can interest a girl with non-standard behavior and strong emotions. It is not recommended to immediately transform into a gallant gentleman and show standard signs of attention: flowers, compliments, and so on.

How to attract a girl
How to attract a girl

It is better if the girl understands from the very beginning that she is an interesting guy who has serious hobbies, looks good and has an interesting environment.

If you do something out of the ordinary, then you can grab the girl's attention and make her take the initiative herself.

There are several approaches to getting in touch with a girl:

  • Provide service. You can ask for help in choosing clothes, find out the address.
  • A fun and depraved way. Suitable for guys who can show their sexuality in funny jokes, but so that it looks tacky. For example, "You have such an opinion that I am simply afraid for my virtue", "I so want to sit next to you, but I am afraid that you will pester me."
  • Just short compliments to the girl, or a compliment with a hook. It is better if the compliments do not relate to appearance, this can give them individuality and delight the girl. To apply a compliment with a hook, you must first say something nice to the girl, and then pry about some flaw.
Removal rules
Removal rules
  • The accusation. The accusations must be exclusively in a joking manner. The main task is to embarrass the girl and knock the soil out from under her.
  • Council. This is a good opportunity to show your best side, showing her that you are a specialist in some business.
  • Opinion. In this case, you should not contact directly. You can, as if by chance, ask the girl's opinion. If she keeps silent, then she is not interested in communication.
  • Direct approach. It is considered the most dangerous, since the guy clearly demonstrates his intentions and if the girl does not like him, then she can easily give him a turn from the gate.

Humor. This is the best, but at the same time, the most difficult way, because the joke must be unbreakable and bring the girl to sincere emotions

Tips from "seasoned" guys4

For a girl to want to meet herself, you need to arouse her interest. In this case, it is better to be calm so that the girl does not notice the increased attention to her. You can also dose attention, showing it more or less.

Roll up to the girl
Roll up to the girl

If a girl behaves unapproachable, do not "dance" in front of her. You shouldn't show any special emotions, make compliments or constantly smile.

When meeting a girl, it's best not to tell her your name. If the guy interests her, then she herself will definitely ask about it.

If a guy sees the girl's sincere interest and attention, then he can also show interest.

Like men, girls value the guys whose attention needs to be won more than those who run after them.

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