How Dating Sites Are Driving The Baby Boom

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How Dating Sites Are Driving The Baby Boom
How Dating Sites Are Driving The Baby Boom

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baby and gadgets
baby and gadgets

By 2037, there will be more babies born to parents who meet online in the UK (compared to those who met offline), according to a new study.

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Electronic babies

According to a study by Imperial College Business School, 40% of children born in the next decade will be "e-babies", meaning those born to parents who meet on a dating app or website.

Interesting fact: the terms "e-boys" and "e-girls" are currently popular on the Internet. But these are by no means the children of Tinder's love. These terms are called guys and girls who become popular, literally without leaving home. They take pictures and shoot simple videos, post them on the Web and collect thousands and millions of likes. They have their own style of dress and hair. Most often they live on the TikTok platform.

Looking into the future2

Predictions for the future of the dating industry are published in the Future of Dating report, which was compiled using data from the dating platform eHarmony and current fertility projections from the Office of National Statistics.

It found that a third of all couples who met and started their relationship between 2015 and 2019 did so thanks to the Internet. More specifically, apps and dating sites have matched about 32% of couples.

In the period from 2005 to 2014, “electronic pairs” were only 19%.

The researchers predict these numbers will skyrocket by 2030, when they estimate that more than half of all relationships will start online.

Dr. Paolo Taticci, Principal Lecturer at Imperial College Business School, said: “In today's world, it's easy to meet online. It has become easier to find a partner that meets your criteria."

And indeed it is. Modern dating apps allow users to search for a match not only by age and gender, but also in relation to monogamy and polygamy, sexual preferences, eating habits, etc.

Researchers say 2035 will be critical as a new era in online dating literally begins.

The industry is likely to reach a new level. We can only guess what features and applications await us in the future.

It is worth mentioning an important study on online dating by Badoo dating app that looked at the types of people who are most successful on the platform.

About five thousand user profiles were viewed. It turned out that honesty is the most attractive trait of a person when it comes to finding a partner online.

Another interesting fact: the phrase "I live with my parents" in your profile, and everyone who comes across your profile will make a confident "swipe right".

Yes, live your life - design your profile in Tinder according to all the rules.

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