Couples Who Meet On A Dating Site Are Less Likely To Separate

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Couples Who Meet On A Dating Site Are Less Likely To Separate
Couples Who Meet On A Dating Site Are Less Likely To Separate

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happy couple

Researchers from the University of Chicago decided to smash the arguments of opponents of online dating to smithereens.

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  • 1 Vaccination against separation
  • 2 Another explanation

It turns out that online couples break up less often.

The research was based on the results of a survey conducted (ta-dam!) By one of the largest dating sites.

Coincidence? Tricky marketing ploy?

We'll find out now.

Vaccination against separation

The survey was conducted by eHarmony, one of the most famous and largest dating resources in the world.

The researchers had to analyze more than nineteen thousand voices.

They found out the following:

  • 35% of respondents found their other half thanks to the Internet;
  • Only 45% used the services of specialized dating sites (although others met on the Internet, but in other ways).

John Kakkiopo, one of the study's authors, emphasizes that online dating is the lot of wealthy, mature and educated individuals. That is, among those who prefer online dating, the percentage of wealthy and successful individuals is higher.

Another interesting fact: spouses who meet online are less likely to get divorced than those who met in traditional ways (4% of divorces versus 8%).

The authors of the study believe that education, consistency and maturity are the factors that affect the success of a marriage.

Scientists believe that not everything is so simple. But for the purity of the experiment, they decided to conduct polls on other dating sites.

Like, suddenly eHarmony just got lucky with the audience, but on other platforms everything is much sadder.

But the results have remained the same - online dating does turn out to be stronger.

A number of experts were skeptical about the results of the study. It turned out that not all subjects completed the questionnaire to the end.

Cornell University specialist Giles Hooker says this is understandable - only the most patient participants in the experiment completed the questionnaire to the end.

Thanks to their remarkable patience, they were able to build a happy and strong relationship with a partner.

Another explanation2

Dating apps and sites have long since ceased to be fun or the last chance for desperate singles.

Dating resources are really used by mature (including psychologically) individuals with wealth and a good education. For many, this is the only way to find a second half - busy businessmen and business women simply do not have time to languidly stroll through the park or shoot their eyes at the bar.

In addition, numerous studies show that dating apps are used not only by yesterday's schoolchildren, but also by people in their late forties.

The success of online dating can also be explained by the fact that users have the opportunity to meet as many people as possible in a unit of time. The more "matches" (coincidences), the higher the chance of finding a suitable partner.

The more often you interact with people, the more clearly you understand what kind of partner you are looking for and what kind of relationship you want.

When you go on your tenth (twentieth) date, you realize that you've found exactly what you need.

It's simple.

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