The Most Beautiful Girls: TOP Of The Sexiest Actresses And Models

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The Most Beautiful Girls: TOP Of The Sexiest Actresses And Models
The Most Beautiful Girls: TOP Of The Sexiest Actresses And Models

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The sexiest women in the world
The sexiest women in the world

Every year, there are many ratings from various sources about the sexiest women in the world, which put certain famous beauties on the list and rate them. Ratings like these can cause heated debate. Since people may have opposite ideas about which of the famous women is considered beautiful. Consider the recognized beauties, who from year to year fall into various tops.

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  • 1 Beauties with beautiful voices
  • 2 The sexiest women in the world among actresses
  • 3 Hottest and Sexiest Models

Beauties with beautiful voices

Women these days often try to combine several directions in their activities. To structure the list, we will agree that we will take a priority lesson for such girls.

Nicole Scherzinger

The girl's full name will be Nicole Praskovia Elikolani Valiente Scherzinger. She was born on June 29, 1978 in Hawaii. The second name Praskovya is not surprising, since Ukrainian blood flows in her veins. Her grandmother is from Ukraine, and her mother turns out to be half Ukrainian. She is named after her stepfather. But she has no German roots.

The girl's career began with participation in the show, which was analogous to the Star Factory. A group called Eden's Crush was formed there. The world famous one was brought to her by another group - The Pussycat Dolls. In 2006, she entered the rating of Maxim magazine, taking 20th place in the Top 100 Hot 100, and a year later 21. Then she focused on her solo career.

In addition to her singing career, she took part in The X Factor show. In terms of personal life, the most famous romance was with Lewis Hamilton. This is the driver of the Formula 1 car, the world champion. After 8 years, the couple broke up. Now she is dating the athlete Grigor Dimitrov. Nicole also has experience in the acting profession.

Nicole Scherzinger
Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole was born into a family of different ethnic backgrounds. This can explain that she has a very exotic appearance. In Hollywood, Scherzinger has the nickname Body, since she is the owner of a gorgeous body and owns it perfectly, one has only to see her movements in all her favorite videos. Therefore, her beauty tips are primarily aimed at shaping a beautiful silhouette:

  1. Give up sugar (not only in pure form, but also contained in products);
  2. No caffeine. It is permissible to consume one cup of coffee a day, but no more;
  3. In everything, observe the measure, eat in small portions;
  4. Do not overeat at night;
  5. The singer used to suffer from bulimia, so now she strictly monitors what she eats. She has three meals and several snacks;
  6. Exercise regularly. If there is no time for training, then you can just arrange a run.

The main advice is that you need to learn to accept yourself, abstract from the negative. Thanks to a good mood, everything else becomes less important.


Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter. She was born on September 4, 1981 in the USA, Texas. Since childhood, she has participated in various song and dance competitions. Fame brought her participation in the popular group Destiny's Child. Her own father was engaged in promotion and management. As part of the group, she won a Grammy.


Gradually, Beyoncé realized that she wanted to move on as a solo actress. In 2010, she set a world record, receiving the largest number of Grammy awards at a time. In her personal life, she is doing well - she is married to producer and rapper Jay-Z. They have three children.

Sexy, far from fitting into the model parameters, she sets her own beauty standards. She also has something to advise women:

  1. “Be confident in yourself! Believe that you are special and exceptional”;
  2. She always uses perfume, even when she comes out of the shower;
  3. Bright makeup for the stage, in life you need to give your skin and hair a rest;
  4. Constant hydration of the skin;
  5. Don't forget to smile no matter what.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lynn Lopez was born on July 24, 1969 in New York. She can boast not only of a good singing career, but also a very impressive list of films in which she starred. Jen is also a talented dancer. She is constantly on the lists of the sexiest women in the world.

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez

Her buttocks have been the subject of discussion for many years. Jen herself even insured them for a decent amount. Known not only for hits, but also for numerous novels and several marriages. She has two children. Jennifer Lopez's beauty secrets are also worth listening to:

  1. No smoking and alcohol;
  2. Always protect your skin from sun and cold;
  3. Achieves a tanned skin tone not only through its genes, but also through the use of self-tanning;
  4. Try to eat only healthy food;
  5. To drink a lot of water;
  6. Sleep 8 hours a day;
  7. Regular training and stress on the whole body;
  8. She applies funds for the skin strictly as much as necessary, she is not zealous in this;
  9. Moisturize the skin. Coconut oil works especially well with this;
  10. Be sure to remove makeup and cleanse your skin;
  11. Doesn't forget about hair. Masks, massages, vitamins.

Jen didn't discover America. All this can be called common truths, but many still manage to forget about them! So repetition is the mother of learning.

We offer a list of the sexiest Russian women in our next article! Follow the link further!

The sexiest women in the world among actresses2

Jessica Alba

Jessica Marie Alba was born on April 28, 1981 in California. She has starred in a large number of films, both successful and not so successful. At the same time, those around her have always noticed her beauty. In 2006, she was at the top of the list of "99 most desirable women" according to the ASKMen portal.

FHM awarded her the title of Sexiest Woman of 2007. She is happily married and has 3 children. At the same time, she is always fit, smiling and there are practically no signs of fatigue on her face.

Jessica Alba
Jessica Alba

What to take note of regarding beauty is worth taking from Jessica:

  1. No diets, the main thing is that the diet is balanced. More than half should be devoted to fruits and vegetables;
  2. She has no time to engage in training fully. Therefore, she tries to arrange jogging, cycling and rollerblading;
  3. Monthly facial cleansing by a beautician, otherwise, she uses available means, everything that is and is suitable for a mask in the refrigerator;
  4. Contrast shower for skin elasticity;
  5. Moisturizing hair with coconut oil;
  6. Be in love with life and your family.

The secret of the beauty and love of people for Jessica lies in the fact that she does not run for standards, she is very simple in communication and behavior. Like she's your girlfriend or neighbor.

Monica Bellucci

Perhaps no top list of the sexiest women in the world is complete without mentioning the beautiful Monica Anna Maria Bellucci. She was born on September 30, 1964 in Italy. An actress and model, she is already 54 years old, and recently she introduced the public to her new lover, 34 year old Nicholas Lefebvre. She is a recognized icon of beauty.

From an early age, according to her stories, men began to pester her, moreover, older in age. They were attracted by a face, with very regular features and her, beyond her years, gorgeous body. Monica has never hesitated to show her body completely naked, she equates female beauty with art.

Monica Bellucci
Monica Bellucci

The sultry Italian also has a lot to learn:

  1. Contrast shower - every morning;
  2. Cleansing and scrubbing the skin;
  3. She uses olive oil to care for her luxurious hair;
  4. Monica loves her shape, does not go on diets and almost does not resort to sports. The only thing, with age, she improved her diet, supplementing it with more vegetables and fruits;
  5. She loves natural eyeliner, natural makeup, if you don't need to go out on the red carpet. There she will definitely emphasize her beautiful lips with bright lipstick;
  6. Monica loves a predominantly feminine style that emphasizes the silhouette;
  7. The actress truly loves herself and never forgets that she should be happy no matter what.

Margot Robbie

Margot Alice Robbie was born on July 2, 1990 in Australia. In recent years, fashion and secular magazines are full of pictures of Margot. She quickly rushed to the top and is not going to leave it. Her facial features, as they would say now, "in trend." A combination of blonde sexuality and lightness comes from her. She is a brilliant chic woman and, at the same time, a sweet friend with a devil in her eyes.

Margot Robbie
Margot Robbie

What can she tell about her appearance and the secrets of caring for her:

  1. Sports, sports, sports. Including outdoor activities. As a true Australian she adores surfing;
  2. The actress loves to eat deliciously and very badly, but with an effort of will, she can force herself to lose weight by going on a diet, if required;
  3. She is a fan of skin care, uses a variety of professional creams;
  4. Margot prefers not to overload her hair with styling, relying on natural and natural beauty;
  5. Almost never "weighs" her big and mouth-watering lips with lipstick, preferring gloss.

Whom the magazine "MAXIM" named the sexiest woman of 2018, we read in our next article on the link.

Hottest and Sexiest Models3

Adriana Lima

Adriana Francesca Lima was born on June 12, 1981 in Brazil. The girl is a Victoria's Secret angel. The face of cosmetic brands. She has two children, but this did not stop her from staying in great shape. It has a wild mix of roots. This gave her an amazingly beautiful face.

Adriana Lima
Adriana Lima

The famous model is a hot Brazilian woman with mesmerizing eyes. At the same time, thanks to her smile, she is able to instantly turn from an unapproachable queen into a sweet girl, to whom she is drawn to come closer and communicate.

Despite her excellent genetics, the way Adriana looks is the result of everyday work and some secrets of personal care:

  1. The girl loves boxing and other sports. He devotes a lot of time to this activity;
  2. Moisturizing and care. Only natural brands;
  3. Drinks at least 2 liters of clean water daily;
  4. Separate meals with constant control of portion size;
  5. In everyday life, she gives her face and hair a break from makeup and styling;
  6. If inflammation occurs, tea tree oil is ideal;
  7. Compulsory rest and healthy sleep.

Bar Rafaeli

Bar Refaeli was born in Israel on June 4, 1985. Mixed blood flows in her veins: Italian, Lithuanian, Polish. What advice can this gorgeous blonde give us?

Bar Rafaeli
Bar Rafaeli
  1. Outside of filming, she wears a minimal set of cosmetics;
  2. Loves eyelash curlers;
  3. Using blush in makeup is a must have, according to the girl;
  4. Be sure to cleanse your face of makeup every day;
  5. I found my image and tries not to experiment with appearance anymore;
  6. Chooses argan oil for hair;
  7. There is a minimum of fried and fatty in her diet. Prefers to eat healthy foods;
  8. Like most famous beauties, the Bar spends a lot of time playing sports. There is nothing without it;
  9. She loves to smile, does not lose heart and accepts herself the way nature created her. She always tries to be herself.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Another Victoria's Secret angel is Rosie's model Alice Huntington-Whiteley. She was born on April 18, 1987 in the UK. She is the owner of an interesting and memorable appearance.

She has insanely sensual lips and an alluring look. Like all Victoria's Secret models, the girl has a beautiful body. She is the owner of breathtakingly beautiful legs. A long romance with the famous actor Jason Statham adds to her popularity. They raise a son together.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Like many famous beauties, the secrets of her beauty are not complicated:

  1. To drink a lot of water;
  2. Get enough sleep
  3. Regular sports activities;
  4. Organic food;
  5. She carefully monitors her skin, preferring not to hide flaws, but to treat them with proper nutrition;
  6. Uses special models of lingerie to make the breasts a little more voluminous and sexy;
  7. Loves bronzer and facial contouring;
  8. Of aromas, he prefers the obligatory presence of the scent of a rose;
  9. Monitors the shape and color of the eyebrows;
  10. He considers his lips to be his calling card. She pays a lot of attention to them in the care, permanent balms and scrubs.

Summing up, we can say that the sexiest women in the world are those who carefully monitor their diet, exercise regularly and take care of themselves. They sincerely love themselves, try to be smiling and positive. Of course, without the perfect combination of genes, it is not always possible to achieve the same beauty.

But that is why the world is beautiful, absolutely different people with different looks can live here. After all, the most important thing is happiness in the eyes! We read about the top of the most beautiful women in the world in our article further on the link.

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