Pakistani Created A Dating Site To Find A Second Wife

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Pakistani Created A Dating Site To Find A Second Wife
Pakistani Created A Dating Site To Find A Second Wife

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Azad Chayvala
Azad Chayvala

Polygamy has always been a source of heated debate - especially when discussing the possibility of this option for citizens of European countries. However, in recent years, in view of the widespread migration of the population, it has become especially important for Muslims. Do not rush to argue about having two or more wives. After all, it is quite possible that for women in vulnerable segments of the population, the chance to become a second wife will be life-saving. In the end, it’s better than taking the easy woman’s path out of financial need.

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The brainchild of an inventive Pakistani i

This is the opinion expressed by Azad Chayvala, the creator of the English dating site Secondwife, where you can find a second wife for yourself. Azad is a migrant from Pakistan. And according to Muslim canons, there is nothing illegal in its development. An excerpt from the Quran can be seen on the home page of the site. These lines call on Muslims to marry two or more women - on the condition that the man can provide for his wives financially.

Yes, polygamy is illegal in the UK. But who can prevent unofficial marriages from entering into a religious ceremony? Of course, in Western countries, Muslim traditions are surprising. However, in the East, there is nothing strange about polygamy. Men who wish to maintain a relationship usually do not remarry. And sometimes the relationship with the first wife is already only formal, and they want to keep the family for the sake of the children. In this case, marriage is concluded with the second wife.

What service opponents say 2

I must say that Azad has a lot of opponents. “How?” - disgruntled opponents are indignant. “It’s contrary to women's rights.” Jina Khan, a member of a social organization called "The Law is One for All", spoke radically about the resource, calling it "disgusting." Activist Yasmin Reman believes that the site is "dangerous for society."

But, contrary to all the canons of feminism and the protests of its eternally indignant followers, the site continues to function successfully. And now the number of users on the portal has reached more than 100 thousand people.

One of the reporters working for the Daily Mail created a fake account on the site in order to investigate the specifics of his work. Disguised as a young girl, he managed to get a lot of messages from users. Most of them are men, whose age ranged from 30 to 60 years.

Potential benefits3

Polygamy is alien to both Western society and the desires of most girls. But still, it is worth recognizing that there is a rational kernel in the idea of ​​Azad Chayval. After all, many women who, for one reason or another, ended up in the social lower classes, are not able to meet their needs. And becoming a second wife is better than joining the ranks of prostitutes.

Even with all the desire, the activists Yasmin and Gina are unlikely to provide financially for all the residents of England who need it. They will not be able to protect them from unwanted pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases, HIV and other dangers associated with prostitution and poverty. And a rich husband, even if he already has a wife, can.

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