How To Meet A Rich Man? What Kind Of Women Do They Like?

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How To Meet A Rich Man? What Kind Of Women Do They Like?
How To Meet A Rich Man? What Kind Of Women Do They Like?

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meet rich
meet rich

The question of how to get to know the rich is rooted in children's fairy tales, in which a prince with a white horse and a castle in the form of a dowry awaited little princesses. But who said that a fairy tale cannot turn into reality? All women have a chance to meet a more than wealthy man, some more, some less. There are also several ways to increase the likelihood of such a meeting.

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  • 2 Tastes of wealthy people
  • 3 Inner world
  • 4 Habitats
  • 5 Show attention
  • 6 Show originality

So different rich people

Rich guys can be divided into two general categories:

  1. The heirs of wealthy parents and people who received their capital without much effort.
  2. Men who have earned their fortune with their own minds, or have competently disposed of the start-up capital that their parents gave.

A striking example of the first category will be the so-called "golden youth", or people who in the past belonged to this category. Those who know how to spend, but who cannot make money. This is not the best choice in terms of a life partner. You can have fun with them, given that they are very greedy for a good figure. But it is very difficult to achieve seriousness from these people, because life is perceived as an endless holiday.

Accordingly, the optimal target will be those guys who were able to achieve a fortune on their own. It doesn't matter if you received the base from relatives, or created it yourself.

Tastes of wealthy people2

Women who want to know how to get to know the rich should remember that the times when wealthy men chose women for themselves solely for the sake of "a beautiful and smiling accessory" are already coming to an end. Now the mind takes the leading position in the list of positive qualities of any person.

dating rich
dating rich

As for the appearance, it will be a significant plus to the chances of dating. At the same time, you do not need to have outstanding natural data. Elastic and clean skin, no cellulite on the thighs, neat face and well-groomed hair. A visit to beauty salons and a gym is recommended, but not critical. They are replaced by outdoor jogging and home treatments.

Clothes don't have to be expensive. It is important how she sits on a woman. A moderate amount of cosmetics, a subtle note of perfume, barely perceptible to the sense of smell. It is worth giving preference to original products. It's better to have one quality dress than a dozen gaudy knockoffs.

Inner world3

And if the appearance can be relatively easily put in order, then you should work on your horizons more seriously:

Get basic knowledge in terms of art, history, music. Here's what anyone will like. But the ability to maintain a conversation is among the most important. No need to force knowledge into your head. Maybe one of the topics will get really fun

rich boyfriend
rich boyfriend
  • Read news in the field of economics, business, currencies. Not to memorize quotes and business plans, but to be able to conduct a dialogue on these topics.
  • Optimism and positive thinking. A woman should be the very harbor in which a ship in the form of a man will find peace and understanding. Regular complaints and sour expressions should be shown as little as possible.
  • Show yourself a woman. Competent speech, pleasant and quiet laughter, as little cursing and rude actions as possible.
  • Even rich people love home comfort. And it may well be that a young lady treated by stylists with the skills of professional spending money on shopping, a man will prefer a homemade cake from a sweet and open girl.
  • The girl's hobbies will be a big plus. Creative personalities are highly regarded by smart men.


You can meet a rich young man anywhere. There is no need to look for ways to enter closed elite events or expensive exhibitions. Of course, if a girl wondered not only how to meet a rich man, but also where to find this kind of men, the following places will come to the rescue:

  • It is great if the lady works in such specific places as an expensive hotel, car salon, travel agency or boutique. Bankers and other similar professions have a greater chance of meeting an oligarch.
  • Solid class gyms. The gym is often visited by businessmen and successful leaders. Of course, the level of their income is not written on the visitors, but a guy with an average income will not go to a premium class rocking chair.
where to find the rich
where to find the rich
  • Expensive grocery stores. You can walk through the ABC of Taste, carefully looking at the goods. Or Globus Gourmet, and ask a handsome man without a wedding ring on his finger to hand you that very jar from the top shelf.
  • Quality cafes and restaurants. Entrepreneurs and other wealthy people have very busy schedules, and breakfast is often served in cafes to save time. It is not necessary to impose, you just have to smile and there is a chance that the man himself will sit down at the next table.
  • Pools and tennis courts are among the places that wealthy men visit with enviable regularity.

Show Attention5

An expensive phone and clothes are not yet an indicator of wealth. Often, many lovers of a beautiful life only pretend to be wealthy people. A rich man prefers high-quality, not necessarily expensive, clothing. Here you should pay attention to watches and perfume. The businessman's wardrobe lacks clothes of poisonous colors, ridiculous inscriptions, etc. Suit as a work uniform and casual outfits in a harmonious combination.

We show originality6

When you see a rich guy, it’s best to demonstrate non-linear behavior. The process of dating itself may not differ from the usual dating with other men. It is worth remembering that businessmen are a tasty target for any girl, which means that you should be better than your competitors.

how to interest the rich
how to interest the rich

A person of high income appreciates the erudition, well-readness and comfort of the interlocutor. They have already seen enough of beauty, it is easy to get it. But it is much more difficult to find a reliable and valuable partner who is able to delve into the peculiarities of business, or to harmoniously supplement a man's life with his presence.

Oligarchs are often convinced that all girls are extremely mercantile, and in general, just give them money. The task of any girl is to convince a cynic and show what real female feelings are:

  • If a woman is invited to an elite restaurant, you should refuse and offer a cozy coffee shop for a meeting. This will confuse the oligarch and generate genuine interest. It is worth doing the same when you are invited to a country mansion, offering a walk in the woods. You can explain your behavior by a desire to show the gentleman the places that the girl likes.
  • No questions about the amount of income, the high cost of the car and the amount of real estate.

How to respond to frank confessions about a suitor's income? The best response would be sincere praise for the other person's success. If a girl cannot say anything about his field of activity (she does not understand it), then it is best to admit her incompetence, not forgetting to add respect for purposeful men. There should be no falsehood in words or an attempt to deceive the gentleman.

secrets of success with the rich
secrets of success with the rich

Most importantly, rich men are not fools. People who can make six figures in less than 30 days have enviable discernment. The only way to win over such a person would be disarming honesty and openness. But not affordability.

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