How To Find A Wealthy Man In Moscow? Step-by-step Instruction

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How To Find A Wealthy Man In Moscow? Step-by-step Instruction
How To Find A Wealthy Man In Moscow? Step-by-step Instruction

Video: How To Find A Wealthy Man In Moscow? Step-by-step Instruction

Video: How To Find A Wealthy Man In Moscow? Step-by-step Instruction
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Finding a wealthy man
Finding a wealthy man

Moscow is the center of concentration of the wealthiest, respectable and successful men who guarantee a bright, beautiful, comfortable life for a potential darling. Many girls want to get such a boyfriend, but finding a wealthy man in Moscow can cause some difficulties.

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  • 1 What kind of lifestyle should you lead?
  • 2 The first stage is "preparatory"
  • 3 Second stage - "Search stage"
  • 4 Where to look for such a man?

What kind of lifestyle should you lead? I

Having started looking for a wealthy man in Moscow, you need to be prepared for the fact that not only the list of visited places will change, but the whole lifestyle in general. This is due to the fact that you need to accept the lifestyle of a wealthy person in order to subsequently correspond to a rich boyfriend and feel on par with him (or at least close to it).

As in any more or less worthwhile project, you will have to invest financially here, so if so far this side of life has been "beyond the line", then you will first have to tackle the solution of elementary material wealth. Since getting "everything at once" can be overwhelming, you will have to divide your actions to achieve your dream into two or more stages.

The first stage - "preparatory" 2

This includes elementary preparation: tidying up your own appearance, perhaps figure or health, visiting beauty parlors, forming a wardrobe of new, expensive and high-quality things, taking courses to acquire the necessary skills, attending trainings on personal growth, perhaps getting a psychologist's advice.

Also, if the level of previous income left much to be desired, you will have to change your place of work; perhaps, to undergo accelerated training in a new type of activity, or to improve qualifications. Try to move to an elite metropolitan or Moscow region: Rublevka, Arbat, Tverskaya, Patriarch's Ponds. If this task is too overwhelming for you, then at least often visit these places, walking alone or with your friends.

Thus, we can say that the preparatory stage is the improvement of the existing way of life, the correction of its shortcomings for the transition to a new level of life and the next stage is the “search stage”.

wealthy man
wealthy man

Second stage - "Search stage" 3

This stage provides for a direct search, assumes active actions and versatile approaches.

You can:

  • take advantage of the experience of friends who have relationships with wealthy Muscovites, how they managed to achieve their goal. Try to get hold of really worthwhile information, for example, where these men are, how to get to a private VIP party, and ask to introduce you to a wealthy bachelor. For a start, perhaps it will be a simpler option, the main thing here is to get used to a new habitat to find a real "goldfish";
  • register on elite marriage sites (paid, as a rule), post an interesting, bright profile, spectacular and high-quality photographs taken by a professional;
  • use the services of VIP matchmakers;
  • study the gossip column in order to understand the interests of wealthy young people, their habits and living environment;
  • go to resorts, preferably abroad;
  • visit places of concentration of the capital's elite.
luxurious life
luxurious life

Where to look for such a man? 4

The answer to this question is very simple: you should look where such men are found. As a rule, these are:

  • business centers;
  • expensive cafes and restaurants;
  • lobby bars of the best hotels in the capital, where you can not only have a drink and a snack, but also communicate informally in a comfortable, friendly atmosphere and fully relax;
  • cafes located near the State Duma and business centers;
  • fitness - clubs of the VIP - class;
  • expensive boutiques of elite men's clothing, footwear and underwear;
  • elite metropolitan racetracks (Izmailovo, Central Moscow and Pradar);
  • fashionable car dealerships;
  • cultural centers of Moscow - theaters, thematic exhibitions, museums;
  • eco - shops, since only wealthy people can provide a healthy lifestyle;
  • elite cosmetology clinics, massage parlors, SPA, since modern men of the VIP class look after their own appearance no worse than women;
  • charitable events in the capital, at which, as a rule, the entire secular elite gathers;
  • gala - concerts and festivals of a wide scale (Song of the Year, Golden Gramophone, MTV Awards, etc.);
Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie

C / f "Tourist"

  • events dedicated to the presentation of various awards in the field of business, art or scientific achievements;
  • trainings, coaches, seminars on personal growth;
  • elite antique shops of the capital (Elite - Antique, etc.);
  • sports clubs of predominantly elite sports (golf, tennis, equestrianism, sailing);
  • board games club;
  • various men's courses, for example, extreme driving;
  • quests.

The search for a wealthy man in Moscow can take quite a long time, because, despite the abundance of such men in the capital, the "market" of hunters is also large. Applying proactive actions, working on oneself and creatively solving search issues, a potential darling significantly increases her own chances of achieving what she wants as soon as possible.

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