All About Questions To Ask A Penpal Girl

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All About Questions To Ask A Penpal Girl
All About Questions To Ask A Penpal Girl

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what questions can you ask a pen-girl
what questions can you ask a pen-girl

Dating on the Internet is very popular today. This kind of acquaintance, when two people are at a distance and communicate only through a computer, is convenient for those who are very shy and timid. And in some situations, this is a good way to combine business with pleasure. At the same time, it is important for men who decide to take such a step to understand what questions can be asked to a pen-girl and what not.

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  • 1 Features of online dating that men should remember
  • 2 Why the questions asked are very important when dating
  • 3 List of interesting questions permissible when meeting by correspondence

Features of online dating that men should rememberi

Today it is possible to get acquainted with a girl via the Internet not only thanks to social networks and regional forums, but also to specialized dating sites. The first thing to remember is that you should not believe every printed word and throw yourself headlong into the pool. The World Wide Web is very often the ideal platform for fraud. At the same time, it is not entirely justified to consider this type of dating as a complete deception. On the Internet, there are a lot of single people who do not mind making new acquaintances, starting to communicate or meeting interesting people.

The effectiveness of dating by correspondence has been noted by leading psychologists in the UK, one of whom Jeffrey Gavin even conducted research on this topic. The results of his studies showed that today more than half of men and women in the age range from 16 to 35 are ready for this kind of communication and acquaintances. Even after the end of his experiment, more than 76% of couples who met through this project continued to communicate in real life. Accordingly, it is quite possible to get acquainted with the second half on the Internet, it is only important to know what questions to ask a girl when meeting.

Why Asking Questions Are Important When Dating2

It’s not just that we are talking about what questions you can and what should not be asked when meeting. Questions are a means of dialogue and an opportunity to get to know a person better. Based on what questions are asked, the opponent can understand what worries the person the most.

Meeting modern girls is a rather delicate and delicate procedure. The option - came, saw, won from the point of view of social and psychological surveys, works only in 8% of cases.

Correspondence questions
Correspondence questions

Cases with impudence and pressure on a girl are also ineffective and bear fruit only in isolated cases. Psychologists say that today many girls pay attention not at all to the Apollo appearance and the thickness of the wallet. Modern women and girls lack warmth and cozy conversations. Here's just the problem - many men have forgotten what it is. How do these conversations begin? Of course, with the questions asked. That is why, it is extremely important to ask the girl when meeting the "right" questions that will not alienate her, but, on the contrary, will awaken her interest in the man on the opposite side of the computer screen.

A list of interesting questions permissible when meeting by correspondence3

The first thing that every girl pays attention to when dating is what questions a man asks her. Questions about the color of her underwear and her favorite sex position should be postponed until better times. The moment of acquaintance, especially if it occurs by correspondence, is very subtle and here it is important that the man does not screw up. Otherwise, you can forget about both further communication and meetings in real life.

Psychologists identify several acceptable topics for communication in such a situation. You can ask the girl:

What actions of friends or loved ones are the most terrible for her? Which of these things could she not forgive? Today, every person faces problems in the friendly sphere. Someone does not understand them, someone betrays them. Nevertheless, everyone really wants to talk about it, but this does not always work out. A conversation on this topic can also be called “Soul Outpouring”. When a girl talks about something intimate, but not intimate. Such closeness in communication is very important for the start of a serious and interesting acquaintance

What past events would she like to change if a time machine existed? Each person has something to regret in the past: innuendo, bad deeds, loss of dear people. Such a question is one more step down to the depth of the unknown Soul. Having understood what a person regrets, it is very easy to find out what he is trying to protect himself from in the future

What to ask a girl
What to ask a girl

Is she ready to try to reconnect with her ex-boyfriend and on what conditions? This question does not contain a catch, but it opens up a lot for a man. First, he will find out if the girl still has any feelings for her ex-boyfriend, and what conditions need to be created for her so that she agrees to a relationship with him. In addition, the answer to this question also contains a clue about her requirements, which she unconsciously makes to men

What house or housing she dreams of - stories about a dream house will help a man understand how much a girl delves into the household part of life, how practical she is or lives with illusions and is not at all ready for a serious relationship

Who in the family should take care of the budget and monitor it. This question has a hidden meaning. It lies in how powerful a woman is and whether she will try to control absolutely everything during a relationship. Also, such a question helps to expose too greedy and greedy girls who do not think about anything in a relationship except money

What questions to ask
What questions to ask

A properly delivered conversation when meeting over the Internet helps men get rid of many problems and deception in the future. Knowing what questions you can ask a girl when meeting by correspondence, you can not only attract the attention of an interesting person, but also guarantee yourself a continuation of the acquaintance in real life.

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