How To Build A Dating Site And Make $ 750 Million?

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How To Build A Dating Site And Make $ 750 Million?
How To Build A Dating Site And Make $ 750 Million?
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Dmitry Volkov
Dmitry Volkov

Can't you buy love?

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1 Dating as part of life

Try to sell it.

The story of how dating service helped its creator become richer by $ 750 million.

Dating as a part of life

Dmitry Volkov is the founder of Thanks to his brainchild, Volkov was included in the list of 200 richest Russian businessmen according to Forbes.

According to the same Forbes, Volkov already owns a solid capital. And he is not going to stop there. He is confident that even more success awaits his company in the future.

It is worth noting that his service is multifunctional. Here you will not only sigh under the moon and romantic dates, but also search for useful business connections. Group is a company formed through the merger of assets of Dmitry Volkov and Alla Gubenko. They own not only, but also a number of sites like ChinaLove, AsianDate, Amolatina, etc.

In 2018, the revenue received from all sites and applications amounted to about two hundred million rubles.

Volkov claims that the audience of all sites and applications of the company is more than seventy-three million people.

In an interview, Dmitry draws attention to how the approach to marriage and relationships has changed in the modern world. This is how he explains the success of his business - modern people do not seek to quickly tie the knot. Dating has long ceased to be a formality preceding a wedding. And the younger generation enters their first marriage much later.

In other words, there is a huge demand for the services of dating sites and applications.

Dmitry intends to conquer new heights. He is already considering expanding his business and planning to conquer the international market. At the end of 2019, he already made a knight's move - he acquired an American service for expats from India.

The purchase cost the company fifty million rubles.

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