Do You Love Trump? Then Visit This Dating Site

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Do You Love Trump? Then Visit This Dating Site
Do You Love Trump? Then Visit This Dating Site

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Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Donald Trump is a controversial figure, to put it mildly. He is criticized, hated, ridiculed. But David Goss decided to build a business on this. What's the connection between dating sites and the scandalous US president?

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1 Common interests

The most straight line.

Common interestsi

We all know that common interests are important.

But let's not dwell on food, music, or pastime preferences.

Let's talk about politics.

David Goss created a dating site for lovers of … Trump.

A few days before Trump's inauguration, more than twenty thousand people were already registered on the site. These people supported Donald's candidacy and wanted to find a partner with similar political convictions.

Further more. The site began to gain popularity. And then an interesting fact came to light: the site has a lot of users who are not US citizens.

The scandalous president of America was supported by the inhabitants of Foggy Albion and … Russians.

As soon as David noticed that his site was popular with residents of a distant cold country, he decided to take the bull by the horns.

In 2017, in an interview with Life, he said that he was going to adapt the site for Russians.

An unusual dating site at that time had already brought together several British people with Americans. And after the adaptation of the resource for Russians, he could already connect lonely hearts from America and Russia.

TrumpSingles used the words of Trump himself as its slogan - "Make America Great Again". A dash of creativity and we get the resounding slogan "Make dating great again".

Gross himself did not expect his brainchild to be so successful. To run the site, David had to leave his main job.

Of course, it was not without the negative. People, to put it mildly, do not support Trump, unleashed a flurry of criticism at David.

Did this upset Gross himself? Unlikely.

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