How To Find A Wealthy Man: Requirements For A Kept Woman

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How To Find A Wealthy Man: Requirements For A Kept Woman
How To Find A Wealthy Man: Requirements For A Kept Woman

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to find a wealthy man?
to find a wealthy man?

A woman's desire to be cared for, to be cared for and cared for is natural. She knows that a real man will provide her needs, and she can be beautiful, always in shape, to give him affection and warmth. Do you think this is a pipe dream? Are rich princes only in fairy tales? Have successful businessmen and oligarchs already been snapped up? But no. So how do you find a wealthy man?

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  • 1 Requirements for the candidate
  • 2 Where do respectable suitors live, and what they look like
  • 3 Rules of conduct and some mistakes I will give

Requirements for the candidate

Hunters for millionaires know that a really worthwhile specimen cannot be picked up with a bright appearance and "expensive finish". Successful serious people are experienced in business and in life, they know what they want and look deeper. What women are they interested in:

  1. Get interested in those who are interested in career and business - attends master classes, trainings, courses, business lessons.
  2. Fascinated by art - there is something to talk about with ladies who are literate in this sense, their spiritual world is richer in comparison with the flat consciousness of an uneducated nymphet. Indeed, in high circles it is customary to talk about high.
  3. Those inclined to self-development - love to read, watch the chronicle, news, scientific, documentaries, keep abreast of all current events (and this applies not only to the secular chronicle).
  1. Those who are optimistic are a serious earner and are so busy with serious business, where they cannot do without negativity, so they do not need a constantly crying and lamenting "woman". You need to stimulate him with witty jokes, good ideas, sincere conversations, etc.
  2. Feminine - here we are not so much talking about the ability to walk in heels, knowledge of makeup, hairstyles and dresses, the attention of rich men is attracted by gentle and graceful persons, and not a swearing collective farmer with a cigarette in her hands and a can of beer in her hand.
rich woman
rich woman

Where do respectable suitors live and what they look like?

How to find a wealthy man? Do not forget about the habitat: at the bus stop you are unlikely to find a tough businessman, or in the cheburek shop, and they do not go to libraries either. In the modern world, rich grooms meet:

in elite restaurants - the institution should be truly fashionable, and with a dress code

at expensive resorts - travel to Europe, famous places, check into an expensive hotel, avoid economy class

at business trainings - responsible people never stand still, improve their management and business skills, especially in this rapidly changing time

in stores of environmentally friendly goods - healthy lifestyle is considered an expensive pleasure, you can meet a wealthy person in a healthy food store

in sports clubs - the favorite sports of the rich: auto racing, horse racing, tennis, golf, yacht racing, alpine skiing

at a prestigious job - in a branded clothing or accessories store, in a luxury car salon, in a healthy lifestyle store, in a travel agency, bank, other large financial organizations, investment companies, etc.

elegant woman
elegant woman

in marriage agencies and on dating sites - the easiest option, and with the ad you posted is even easier - they write to you themselves, you can choose a rich foreigner from the USA, Canada, Europe, and as for the sites, everything happens right there: a sponsor can search a kept woman or a girl only for intimacy, offering money or expensive gifts for this

Surround yourself with influential people, get a prestigious job, keep an eye on your appearance and work on your inner peace.

Rules of conduct and some mistakes I will give3

You should not jump from one extreme to another: you will only alienate a rich man if you are fixated on money, and vice versa, a complete ignore of his capital and wealth will be too suspicious. A woman should value a successful man and strive to match him.

Continuous conversations about celebrities, show business gossip, shopping, their own appearance and fashion automatically puts the girl in the status of an empty-headed doll. Girls who are only about flirting and content will look artsy and silicone. A truly sophisticated lady is far from all this pop, and she definitely has a better chance.

kept woman
kept woman

To go headlong into a relationship with this man, forgetting yourself, your needs, hobbies, means not leaving yourself a path to retreat. The mistake of modern girls who think how to find a wealthy man is sex on first dates. Such relationships are often not serious; there is usually only a consumer context.

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