Fun Facts About Online Dating You Didn't Know About

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Fun Facts About Online Dating You Didn't Know About
Fun Facts About Online Dating You Didn't Know About

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smartphones with a picture of a guy and a girl
smartphones with a picture of a guy and a girl

There are more and more fans of dating apps. Researchers are focusing their attention on this phenomenon more and more often.

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  • 2 Love affairs
  • 3 Love with eyes
  • 4 Racism?
  • 5 No guarantees
  • 6 Don't leave the room, don't make a mistake …
  • 7 Promotion of alcohol
  • 8 Support group
  • 9 End of the novel
  • 10 Divorce and maiden name
  • 11 Savings

Catch 11 interesting (and funny) facts.

Liar, liar

Eighty-one percent of people who use dating apps lie about their height, weight and age.

This interesting fact was discovered by researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. They measured the height and weight of the subjects, checked their driver's licenses (for real ages), and then looked at their online questionnaires.

The women downplayed their weight by about eight and a half pounds (about four kilograms). Men "shed" a little less - about two pounds (an innocent kilogram), but embellished their height. The majority rounded this figure up.

As for age, they lied less here.

Love affairs2

People who mentioned the word "Love" in their profiles were more successful in finding it.

In 2014, a study was conducted that involved about 1.2 million profiles. It turned out that this word really magically increases your chances of finding love. It also found that men who use the words "heart", "children", "romantic" and "relationship" have a number of advantages over their competitors.

Love with eyes3

Men spend 50% less time reading information in a profile than women.

This study was conducted in 2012. Using special sensors that capture the smallest eye movements, the researchers wanted to find out where users are actually looking when scrolling through someone's profile.

The guy is surprised
The guy is surprised

Bottom line: Men spend 65% more time looking at photos. Surely, they began to deny that they were not looking at the girl in a bikini in the photo herself, but an interesting tile in the bathroom.

Racism? 4

Race and class are what interests users the most.

In 2014, one of the BuzzFeed contributors created a Tinder account with stock photos uploaded there. She found out that the "working class" can count on swiping about 13% of the time. The "middle class" can count on reciprocity in about 36-39% of cases.

It also turned out that users would rather prefer a mixed race partner than someone who is completely different from themselves.

The results of the study were published with the note that "it's not all bad."

Most of the users of the applications made quite successful acquaintances and kept in touch with representatives of a different race.

Girl with phone
Girl with phone

No guarantees5

Algorithms cannot predict with certainty whether two people are compatible or not.

A group of American scientists collaborated on a paper describing the disadvantages of online dating. The site owners refused to reveal to scientists the secrets of the algorithms on their platforms.

Nevertheless, the scientists stood their ground: well, the algorithm cannot predict whether the relationship between two people will be long, relying only on the similarity of their interests.

“We can confidently say they don't work,” says one of the scientists, Eli Finkel.

Don't leave the room, don't make a mistake … 6

A third of online dating apps (those who use dating apps) never meet those they chat with online.

Amazing? This fact surfaced at the end of 2013. What's interesting is that there is a positive trend.

In 2005, about half of the users did not dare to meet their Internet acquaintances.

The girl thought
The girl thought

Alcohol promotion7

Women who do not drink alcohol receive 24% fewer messages than those who sometimes want to pamper themselves.

It was also found that a woman is more likely to succeed if she is Catholic, has a dog, earns more than $ 25,000 and does not have a master's degree.

A man has more chances if he is a Christian, brunette, earns good money and is a candidate of sciences.

Support group8

30% of women consult with their girlfriends, filling out their online questionnaire. And only 16% of men bother with the same.

In general, about 22% of users resort to “help from the audience”. They ask friends to help them design their profile, view it, and rate it.

End of the novel9

Online couples break up more often.

Not long before this, a study was published that showed that couples formed by the Internet were less likely to separate. This information began to spread quickly and attract attention.

Guy and girl on the couch
Guy and girl on the couch

Researchers from the University of Michigan and Stanford University surveyed 4,000 people and concluded that the opposite is true. Online lovers split up more often than those who met in the traditional way. This applies to both married and unmarried couples.

Divorce and maiden name10

Partners who meet online are less likely to get divorced.

Scientists have yet to study this phenomenon. A 2013 study found that 35% of the 20,000 surveyed found their partner online. In addition, the study highlighted that online dating is less likely to lead to divorce.

By the way, the study was sponsored by one of the dating sites.


Online dating can save people up to $ 6,400.

If you believe that online couples get married faster, then you can accept this information too: Online dating saves you money.

Girl with a bank of money
Girl with a bank of money

It has been estimated that online dates are getting married after 18.5 months. But those who prefer to meet the old fashioned way get married after 42 months. How much money do we spend during courtship? What about dates? What about gifts?

If, on average, people spend about a hundred dollars a week on dates, then over the entire period of the novel, the former will spend about $ 12,803, and the latter, an impressive $ 23,660.

The difference is obvious.

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