How To Understand That A Woman Is Cheating? What Are The Reasons And What Are The Signs Of Treason?

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How To Understand That A Woman Is Cheating? What Are The Reasons And What Are The Signs Of Treason?
How To Understand That A Woman Is Cheating? What Are The Reasons And What Are The Signs Of Treason?

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girl with black bandage
girl with black bandage

How many women have suffered from male infidelity! The slogan "All men are goats!" undoubtedly invented by the fair sex, who suffered from the treacherous and frivolous behavior of a brutal reveler. For many years, there has been an opinion that men cannot be faithful, and even strong family ties, deep love feelings for a partner will not keep from walking to the left. However, there are other situations when the pair is a traitor and a traitor - she.

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Lover of “walking to the left” i

Women's infidelity is different from men's. If in the heart of a lady there are warm feelings for the chosen one, who reciprocates, then it will not be so easy to convince her to be on the sidelines. But such things happen: a woman walks away from her husband or lover, while trying to keep the relationship and even help strengthen it.

When men are faced with the frivolous behavior of a young lady, they characterize the weaker sex with a well-known strong word, believing that ladies belong to the category of anti-moral individuals capable of betrayal.

Yes, women are cheating. And not always men who have self-confidence or blindly trust their soul mate are able to see signs of infidelity. According to polls of women, the majority had sexual intercourse on the side, while not raising doubts about their loyalty from partners. And they carefully concealed this fact, without giving themselves away.

How to understand that a girl is cheating
How to understand that a girl is cheating

First of all, it is worth considering the reasons why the presence of a neighbor or employee in bed seems to a woman at some point so tempting.

Among men, there are pathological jealous people who suspect the faithful of all mortal sins, arranging surveillance and tirelessly wondering how to understand that a woman is cheating.

Reasons for female infidelity2

Unlike men, who go “to the left” in most cases, succumbing to the animal instinct to “fertilize everything that moves”, ladies go for treason under certain circumstances or experiences.

  1. Feels unnecessary. In a marriage or relationship, where a woman is in the role of a servant, a nanny, a scapegoat - one day there comes a moment when a woman is tired of the situation. In some cases, a woman leaves the relationship, in others she goes all out. Dissatisfaction with the female ego, lack of male attention, even with daily sex, pushes a woman into the arms of another, naked man.
  2. Cheating partner. A typical case when a woman tries to answer a traitor with the same coin. The pain of the betrayal of a loved one causes despair and a feeling of revenge in the young lady. She decides to take such a step for self-affirmation, out of a desire to take revenge, even if she does not admit her partner in a rash act.
Girl cheating
Girl cheating
  1. New love. Women are romantic and amorous creatures. Routine relationships and everyday life fill the world of an impulsive person with dullness and boredom. A fateful meeting with a new young man prompts you to taste the "forbidden fruit", while not destroying the usual way of life with a constant partner.
  2. Excessive jealousy of the spouse. Here is the situation: a respectable spouse is constantly and unjustly exposed to the suspicions and insults of a rude tyrant. When for the thousandth time a man calls a woman a "dissolute" and "generously - giving away" a person, then desperate to prove her righteousness and virtue, she decides to take another desperate step: to prove to the man that he is right, to deserve the punishment she receives.
  3. Irresponsible partner. When a woman is the main pivot in the family, pulls on herself the yoke of everyday difficulties - she stops a galloping horse, enters a burning hut - and a man watches this, sprawling out on the sofa with a beer in his hand with an expression of childish innocence on his face, patience comes to an end. She remains in the family and continues to shoulder problems and solutions, but at the same time, she finds comfort and relaxation in the caresses of another strong man, next to whom she will feel fragile and tender. And, not a horse, "carrying a cart of brushwood."
  4. Dissatisfaction. Women who love sex, have a hot temperament, cheat on their beloved men if not understood, accepted and not satisfied with their desires. If a man perches on his spouse much less often than she wants, he treats cunnilingus and other caresses with contempt that the chosen one dreams of - expect trouble. Even deep feelings will not keep a woman thirsting for passion and satisfaction. The young lady will indulge in pleasures on the side, while remaining an affectionate and loving wife.
How to calculate a girl's cheating
How to calculate a girl's cheating

Expose a liar - signs of treason_8212

So women are cheating. And they do it cunningly, cunningly and unnoticed. Rare natures trumpet their partners about the committed betrayal, more often it is done secretly, and sometimes men do not notice that a pair of neat horns are making their way through the unshorn or well-groomed hair on their heads.

How to understand that a woman is cheating? There are several signs that indicate infidelity of the weaker sex.

  • Focus on sex. If a couple has been in a relationship for a long time, then they have learned each other both at home and in bed. New poses, presented with confidence and relaxedness, unexpected suggestions, such as: slap, strangle, grab by the hair, - not previously voiced, may indicate that the lady recently experienced a sexual fight with another "fighter".
  • Updating wardrobe, appearance. This fact does not always indicate treason, but if a woman has a new lover, she tries to look 100. A housewife in a greasy dressing gown transforms into a well-groomed beauty, and under no pretext she will not leave the house without powdering her nose, and without changing her slippers to shoes, if a new boyfriend looms on the horizon.
  • Mystery. Under no circumstances will a woman leave her mobile phone or a page on a social network available. She will strain from every call or message, leaving the house. She will have urgent matters after work and on weekends, unplanned trips to her second cousin in a village that had never been heard of before. The woman and her life becomes mysterious and closed.
  • Indifference to sex. Satisfaction on the side becomes the reason for the rejection of marital debt. A passionate tigress in bed transforms into a melancholic lamb, which is mercilessly and daily worried about a headache and "those very days."
How to know if a girl is cheating
How to know if a girl is cheating
  • Gifts, bouquets, sweets. Women love attention, and men indulge in it. If unexpected new things, money, new jewelry began to appear on the wife's table, and an expensive chocolate bar or a box of chocolates often appears on the table of a practical and economical hostess, then men should think about and analyze the behavior of the second half over the last period of time. Perhaps at this moment the naive husband is eating with appetite the delicacies presented by his new lover.
  • Irritation, jealousy. A woman who is absorbed by another man becomes irritated by her usual partner. She screams, makes critical remarks, avoids him. Or, on the contrary, become picky - jealous. The feeling of guilt and the fact of complete betrayal leads to the idea that the husband can commit the same act, and nothing will prevent him from doing so. Like her.

Also, it is worth knowing why women are cheating. Read about this in our article further on the link.

Female infidelity
Female infidelity

They say that both are to blame for treason, as well as in a quarrel. Everyone has the right to make a mistake, and so that the beloved woman does not even allow the thought of betrayal, she must feel: love, passion, satisfaction, understanding and care from the beloved man.

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