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What If A Man Offers An Open Relationship?

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What If A Man Offers An Open Relationship?
What If A Man Offers An Open Relationship?

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free relationship
free relationship

Time changes everything. Even the relationship between a man and a woman. Even if nothing needs to be changed in this relationship. There was a completely stylish fad - an open relationship. When a loved one offered an open relationship, not every lady will be overwhelmed by this, but it happened, and you have to put up with it. Or not necessary, now we'll find out.

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  • 1 What does it mean when you are offered an open relationship
  • 2 Should I agree to this?
  • 3 Don't make mistakes
  • 4 What to do if a man offered you an open relationship

What does it mean when you are offered an open relationshipi

First of all, it is worth considering what an open relationship is. No one has yet given a precise definition of this, but it is customary to think that in such a relationship, a man and a woman can spend time not only with their partner, but also with anyone they like. Partners can hide the events of their lives from each other, plan events without taking into account the opinion of their partner and be around only when it is convenient.

If you notice, the word "favorite" is never used here. Because, most likely, in such a relationship, love is excluded.

It should be noted right away that if a man proposes to make the relationship free, this means that he has not yet quite decided how important his woman is to him. Obviously, when a young man is crazy about his beloved, it would never even occur to him to share her with someone else. But when the young gentleman does not want to lose this charming girl, and is already fascinated by the next charm, and at the same time he wants to remain honest (?!), He puts his legs in the third position and offers an open relationship.

Should I agree to this? 2

Most of the women will immediately wave their hands "No way !!", "What else !!", "On the count of this villain!" And yet, maybe you shouldn't be too categorical? In any case, there are several more women who love “this scoundrel” so much that they are ready to do anything just to be near at least someday. You should not write off those chanterelles who agree with their beloved in everything, but do it in their own way.

Loose relationship
Loose relationship

This is why we offer our advice. We really hope that they will help create a real strong union.

Don't make mistakes 3

You can sincerely accept an offer of an open relationship only if you are indifferent to your partner, if you are not afraid of losing him, if you have nothing to lose in your relationship. Then, yes, agree and naively believe that life will change dramatically for the better.

In fact, while agreeing to such an offer, a woman should be ready to cook, wash, iron and please a man as before, whenever he wants. But at the same time, she should expect that at any moment when he needs his help, he may have a meeting with … someone, he was invited somewhere, he is too busy, at the moment he is in the last stage of fatigue, he has a job, and he just doesn't want to help you - the relationship is free … from you !!

What if a guy offered an open relationship
What if a guy offered an open relationship

With all his attitude, if you do not want to lose your loved one, do not try to "buy" his offer and bring a new acquaintance to the house to "fix the TV". There will never be forgiveness for this. Your bleating “but you said it yourself” will immediately be followed by an angry cry “but I didn’t offer to drag him home!”, “But I didn’t allow you with the first comer!”, “And you just waited for this !!”, "Yes, I just saw that this is all you need!" (further you can think of yourself).

If you want a man to stay with you, he should never know that his lady cheated on him. A real man will never forget this. Offering an open relationship, he clears the way for his free adventures, but not yours, this is important!

What to do if a man offers you an open relationship4

If this man is dear to you, you need to mobilize. Such a proposal suggests that the romance in your relationship has already passed away, and the relationship itself is bursting at the seams, they just need to be “darned” by any means.

  • If you refuse such an offer, the man can simply leave, so for a loving young lady it is best to agree. Agree and start a complete redesign of yourself.
  • Take a critical look at yourself. Maybe you have already stopped looking after yourself and turned into a dimensionless aunt? Or maybe you keep your eyes on your idol, and your love has become cloying? Or maybe you "tightened the screws" too much?
What to do if a guy offers an open relationship
What to do if a guy offers an open relationship
  • In any case, something needs to be changed. Let the man be in the sweet delusion of an open relationship, you have a lot of work ahead of you.
  • Of course, changing a blue robe to a green one is a serious step, but you will need more global changes. Have you worn long hair for years? You need a bold haircut! Are you a naive blonde? Why not become a fatal brunette? Do you love to embroider and bake donuts? Try diving and extreme driving.
  • You have to get busy. Now you have to call all the time. Moreover, it is very important that the loved one does not know who is calling. He must see - he himself releases the genie from the bottle! He's not the only one who needs you! It turns out that you are in great demand! And… well, of course, “you need such a cow yourself”!
girl in fishnet gloves
girl in fishnet gloves

Your beloved should doubt all the time, but never know exactly where you are, who you are with and what you are doing. At any moment, when the severity of a free relationship drives a loved one into a rage, to his “and you were with this !!”, you should naively round your eyes and exhale “how could you think !! I used to wear pies for your mom! " and still prove that you wore pies to his mother (it doesn't matter at all, when exactly)

  • You should always be ready to get your relationship back on track and prove that you have not been touched by any free relationship. After all, you are not at all
  • want to be free from your loved one.

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