Who Are Rich Guys Looking For And How Can A Girl Get To Know Them?

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Who Are Rich Guys Looking For And How Can A Girl Get To Know Them?
Who Are Rich Guys Looking For And How Can A Girl Get To Know Them?

Video: Who Are Rich Guys Looking For And How Can A Girl Get To Know Them?

Video: Who Are Rich Guys Looking For And How Can A Girl Get To Know Them?
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rich guy in the car
rich guy in the car

“Marrying a millionaire” is what many modern girls dream about, and rich guys know it very well. Who doesn’t want to secure a successful and luxurious life under the wing of such a reliable companion. But in order to have a rich guy next to a girl, you need to have a number of certain qualities and attitudes. But you need to understand that rich men always have a lot of fans and those who want to jump out to marry him. A guy just needs to beckon such a finger. If a woman puts herself above “such”, then on herself, and possibly on her career, she will need to work long and hard. What kind of girls do rich guys choose and where to find their millionaire?

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  • 2 What qualities will be useful to a girl?
  • 3 Michelangelo effect
  • 4 To be in time everywhere
  • 5 Be a co-pilot
  • 6 Secular manners
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In the right place … _8230

Youth parties and noisy discos are clearly not suitable for meeting a rich and successful guy. Perhaps, at such events, rich boys have a rest, but more often than not they are just majors and daddy's sons. The money they spend on their whims is not earned by him personally, but by wealthy parents. Such a guy most likely cannot make money without parental help.

But expensive restaurants, casinos, fashionable nightclubs, various business conferences and parties, in these places the chances of meeting a millionaire, or at least a beginning millionaire, are much greater.

In general, if for a girl to become a companion of a rich guy is an important goal in life, then with proper inner work on herself, she will be able to meet a millionaire in the most unexpected place. Even in a regular McDonald's. Contrary to stereotypes, not all successful people go to restaurants with every meal.

How to find a wealthy guy
How to find a wealthy guy

Rich guys most often set a fairly high bar for their future girlfriend, or rather spouse. They know their worth and understand that many simply need their money, not their personality.

What qualities will be useful to a girl? I

First of all, a woman needs to change the attitudes of her thinking. If a woman has a “poor” inner attitude, then her life with a wealthy guy will definitely not work out. What does “poor attitude” mean? This is the mindset that makes people spend every penny of money, even if it is the last savings, and there is still a week to pay. This is a kind of mental image that always says - "no money" or "little money". With such thoughts, a girl has nothing to do next to a rich guy. No matter how successful a guy is, he will not want to live with a girl who subconsciously will interfere with his personal development. And also to waste every last penny.

Robert Kiyosaki wrote a lot about the philosophy and thinking of rich people. His book, Rich Dad Poor Dad, is about the difference in thinking between rich and poor. And a woman who is looking for a rich guy is simply obliged to read this kind of literature. After all, being the companion of a millionaire is not just sitting at home and being beautiful. The girl's ability to bake pies and bedding skills does not motivate a man for further success. But business is not only big income, but also big risks. Therefore, the companion of the millionaire needs to be ready for anything and not rely on life “by God outside the door”.

How to find a wealthy man
How to find a wealthy man

Michelangelo Effect2

The Michelangelo effect is a psychological effect that occurs when a person, supporting the beginnings of his partner, makes him better and, as it were, helps him to “create”. A simple example of the Michelangelo effect: an ordinary guy Pasha dreams of becoming the owner of a large company, and his girlfriend Sveta fully supports his endeavors. He does not ruin his plans in the bud, saying that this is impossible, that the business plan will not work, but supports and helps. And after a few years, Pasha really becomes the owner of a large business. Sveta becomes the happy wife of a millionaire, and their union becomes strong and happy.

And this, by the way, is one of the schemes by which you can become the wife of a rich guy. Not just “jump out” as a ready-made millionaire, but inspire ordinary Petya to become a businessman. If, of course, Petya has a desire to be such, forcing a man to become someone against his will is a bad idea. And maybe he doesn't necessarily become a millionaire, maybe he has completely different goals in life.

A happy and well-to-do family is always a work for two. And if a man is engaged in business and earns a lot of money, then a woman's contribution to such a union is to help, support and inspire him for success. There are many examples where an influential and rich husband is the fruit of the faith and support of the woman who was next to him. Nobody believed the mechanic Henry Ford, his ideas for a new engine were considered nonsense and a stupid dream. And only his wife Clara shared long working nights with him in the old barn. What would Ford do if even his wife had turned her back on him at the time? Perhaps the world would never have seen his brainchild, and Henry himself would never have become successful and wealthy.

If the companion is not ready for joint trials, then there can be no talk of any “paradise life”. Such a girl will never become his support, which means that for a man she will forever remain an empty shell and a hunter for easy wealth.

The wives of successful entrepreneurs say their role in the family is like the mate. If necessary, it is important for such an assistant to be able to take over some of the management. The life of a wealthy family is not only about choosing exotic vacation spots and allocating a budget. Sometimes this is a tough economy so that savings can be invested in a business. This is the ability to maintain a positive attitude, even if the husband's business is not going very smoothly. This is the ability of the weaker sex to be a strong emotional support for a man. Only then the family will have a secure financial future.

How to deal with a wealthy man
How to deal with a wealthy man

Be in time everywhere3

The wife of a successful millionaire is not always a “bird in a golden cage”. A common image of a wealthy family is a successful husband + a successful wife. In this case, the woman manages to fulfill several roles. She is the person who will create home comfort, radiate feminine energy, will not forget to praise and admire her man. And her second role is her contribution to the overall budget. She doesn't have to run to work as a cashier in a supermarket. The outlook of such a woman's thinking is much broader. She will be able to run a small business or establish remote work or turn her hobby into a source of income. She will participate in the formation of the general budget, and she does not have to ask her husband for money for a manicure. This she can allow herself. Such a woman will inspire respect for a man and motivate his success.

Be a co-pilot4

A rich man is a strong, adventurous person. In modern business, it is difficult to do without resourcefulness, patience, iron nerves and high demands. Therefore, such a man in a relationship with a woman will strive for order, harmony and a certain system. Naturally, a rich guy will unconditionally consider himself the head of the family. And a woman shouldn't try to be taller than her man. Truly wise women know how to properly manage the family and from the position of the “weaker sex”. The phrase “husband-head-wife-neck” is perfect for a millionaire's family.

When a woman does not include her obvious desire to control and rule everything, then the man automatically feels himself to be the “head” of the family. His inner confidence rises, the leadership skills that are required in business grow. He feels himself the master of the situation and does not waste energy on the struggle for supremacy, as it would be if his wife tried to include “matriarchy”.

Secular manners5

And it's not just a girl's ability to say “thank you” in time and use cutlery correctly. A successful guy is always in sight, always in public. And the wife, who should be able to “show herself in public”, be moderately sociable, smiling.

Many wives of successful entrepreneurs become some kind of business partners. They are successfully engaged in PR activities of the husband's company or, for example, marketing. Having feminine charm, charisma and the ability to negotiate, the companion of a rich guy can find useful connections, acquaintances, be at the right time in the right place.

Find a rich guy
Find a rich guy

So the wife of the famous rock singer Ozzy Osbourne was also the producer of her husband, and generally held the position of a sought-after music manager. Such a couple is the best example of how relationships should develop in a wealthy family.

The Right Investment … _8230-2

Investing primarily in yourself and your family. Investing in oneself means various self-education - books, exhibitions, seminars, trainings. This also includes the hobbies of a woman, even the simplest. A woman who does, for example, mountain skiing, cross-stitching or skydiving will always be one step higher than ordinary housewives. A man will be proud that his companion is self-sufficient and active.

Investing in a family is a woman's contribution to overall happiness. Delicious food, continuation of the family, cozy home environment. Men's investment in a family is protection, financial support.

All these qualities are very important for a girl in an alliance with a rich guy. But before demonstrating these skills directly in a relationship, it is important for a girl to show a set of external data. It is not necessary to have model parameters. All men have completely different tastes. But the main thing that a girl must develop in herself is:

Sense of style. A woman who sees herself next to a successful man should be able to correctly combine clothes and accessories for different meetings. Looks elegant and formal at a business conference or gentle and feminine in the company of your beloved man. Let men understand little about fashion and clothing, but everyone can feel the elusive charm that a stylish girl has.

Elegance and femininity. These two qualities undoubtedly attract all men without exception, but rich guys pay special attention to them. Whoever, no matter how high-status men, wants to show off to their friends a beautiful girl. They are accustomed to being at their best in everything and will choose a companion for themselves based on their high demands

How to attract a rich guy
How to attract a rich guy
  • Positiveness and inner warmth. These qualities will help a girl create coziness and comfort at home, which a successful man needs so much.
  • The right social circle. A successful guy will first of all pay attention to the girl who filters those with whom he communicates. In her close circle of acquaintances, there are no gossips, envious women and those who, with their thoughts and energy, pull her to the bottom. It is unlikely that a guy will like the girlfriends of a girl who lead a "party-club" lifestyle. Wealthy guys tend to think broadly, vacationing in more civilized and prestigious places. Therefore, drunken discos will most likely be unacceptable to him. And he definitely won't want to let his girlfriend go there. Therefore, if you really communicate with such, then it is better to immediately understand which acquaintances (party people who like to drink often, etc.) will pull back with their behavior and interfere with development.
  • Self-love and self-respect. The guy will immediately notice a woman who will demand respect for herself. In a relationship with an ambitious and successful man, it is important to be able to love yourself and not forget about your needs. A rich guy is not a reason to be tight-knit and fully adapt to his requirements. On the contrary, next to a successful man, you can and should show self-sufficiency and self-love.

Regardless of which man will be next to a woman, she needs to remember that it is important to herself and needs to be loved, regardless of which partner is next to her. And you can develop, change your thinking and attitudes not only for the sake of the rich guy, but for yourself. Perhaps, by changing her lifestyle and social circle, the girl will understand that she does not need a rich man. She herself can become rich and wealthy.

How to find a rich man
How to find a rich man

When marrying a rich man or entering into a relationship with a wealthy guy, which in the future may also end in marriage, the girl should be aware that rich guys are different from ordinary office workers, mechanics, etc. Their way of life and thinking may be distinctly different. Successful businessmen can spend a long time outside the home, because a million earned does not promise a calm and prosperous life. To maintain wealth, you need to constantly develop and work. And to be close to such a man, you need to make a lot of efforts.

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