Gigolo: Who Is It, How And Why Men Become Gigolo

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Gigolo: Who Is It, How And Why Men Become Gigolo
Gigolo: Who Is It, How And Why Men Become Gigolo

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Despite the fact that it is already difficult to surprise the modern layman with something, there are often cases when people do not see any tangible differences between the definitions of "gigolo" and "gigolo". But at the same time, as if by agreement, almost all of our fellow citizens rank them as marriage swindlers. By and large, this opinion is partially true, since both of them are accustomed to almost completely exist at the expense of wealthy women.

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By the way, few people know the story that the name of the Russian car brand “Zhiguli” was changed to “Lada” precisely because of its consonance with the word “Gigolo”. Such an association caused negative associations in foreign countries and, accordingly, significantly reduced the total number of cars exported abroad, produced by the Russian automotive industry.

By the way, it is worth taking into account the meaning of the French verb "giguer" which became the "grandfather" of the term "gigolo". In fact, it meant a fun, reckless and even somewhat obscene dance. This is where the most interesting thing in the origin of the modern name "corrupt man" begins.

Paris in the mid-19th century was distinguished by a large number of all kinds of hot spots. Their visitors, who came without a companion, could order a dance partner for a very small fee. Simply put, buy it.

Dancing and alcohol taken together contributed to the fact that many of the men were not at all opposed to continuing a pleasant evening and getting to know the girl they liked more closely. To their delight, this was not prohibited in the establishments, they just need to pay a slightly larger amount.

Gigolo as a profession
Gigolo as a profession

It is not surprising that such "ladies for dancing" were not distinguished by either pronounced moral principles or high social responsibility. The French called such overly emancipated compatriots "gigolette".

Now it may seem somewhat strange to our contemporaries that most of these completely immodest dancers had permanent companions in life. It was they who were charged with protecting women from the ill-mannered and rude behavior of the men who "bought" them.

They also “knocked out” money if a man refused to pay for basic or additional services. Such defenders (in our time they are called pimps) were called gigolo.

Gender injusticei

This will seem ridiculous to many, but the brave and very hot temper of the French "macho" of the past, over time, began what is called "raise his head" and be indignant. It seemed unfair to the guys that girls were allowed to make money in such a simple way, but they, handsome men, were not allowed to do this.

K / f
K / f

Without thinking twice, the French changed the state of affairs. And so the first men appeared in high-rise institutions, always agreeing to a paid dance with a lady. At the same time, they did not care much about the woman's appearance and her age. Only her financial capabilities were appreciated.

It is no secret that in addition to dancing, they were quite ready to provide partners with other services. The "continuation of the banquet" included high-quality unforgettable and, quite naturally, paid sexual services. As they say now, whoever pays calls the tune.

Old ladies dream2

This is how “magic wands” appeared in history for women who have entered or have already crossed the line of Balzac age. The female half of the wealthy beau monde received a breath of fresh air and perked up.

Now sexual pleasures with young, beautiful and well-built representatives of the strong half of humanity have become a reality, there would be money. At the same time, gigolo services were popular not only among single widows or “divorced women”. Restless married ladies, whom he could fully satisfy with dull sexual fun with a tired elderly spouse, were also numerous clients of the available guys.

gigolo guy
gigolo guy

Most French women of the 19th century preferred to have constant intimate contact with young beautiful lovers. Casual one-time sex did not suit them at all. Of course, in order to keep an attractive partner near you, one payment for their services was not enough.

The guys were not at all opposed to dressing at the expense of their companions and receiving paid gifts from them and some semblance of what is now called a monthly allowance. So, over time, the first paid dance partners transformed into those macho, whom our generation boldly calls gigolo.

The origin of the word "gigolo" 3

The modern word gigolo appeared in everyday life with a light hand, again, by the French writer Alexander Dumas, the son. It was he who wrote the play "Mister Alphonse". Its main character was named Alphonse. He was known as an incorrigible hero - a lover. By the way, the direct origin of the name itself is quite interesting.

In the language of the ancient Goths, Hildefuns stood for a noble warrior always ready for battle. Without betraying the traditions of the Goths, they gave a frank preference to black. After the word migrated into the spoken language of the inhabitants of Spain, it was transformed from the reduced Alfons into a slightly pretentious Ildefonso. Over time, the name began to sound like Alphonse and became a household name for corrupt men.

Who is a gigolo
Who is a gigolo

Gigolo from the Internet4

In order to most clearly demonstrate the entire "evolutionary path" that the inhabitants of ancient France and the gigolos of our days went through, it is worth considering the most common "type" of their contemporaries. And these are no less swindlers and "rogues" operating on the Internet.

Skillfully bypassing the notorious feminine logic on turns, gigolo virtuosos skillfully use the fantasy of lovely ladies, forcing her to work against their will. More precisely, they simply "block" the ability of women to reason logically.

Getting acquainted with naive "beauties" in the Internet mode, they prefer not to arrange real meetings and "bred" them with the help of SMS messages or letters to e-mail. Compliments, affectionate compliments of an intimate nature, sooner or later do their job, and the female subconscious simply melts with lust.

How gigolos behave
How gigolos behave

In addition, this is facilitated by photographs of a macho in love with incredible beauty. By the way, in most cases they are always not real, the appearance of a guy can be quite ordinary, and the photo is simply borrowed from the sites of guys whom nature has awarded with a gorgeous appearance.

So, just a few compliments and words of love confessions, which, by the way, do not mean anything to a man, in the eyes of a woman who is smitten with him look like a confession of eternal love. The deceived woman already at this stage imagines herself leaving the registry office with a wedding ring on her right hand.

It is at this stage that the culmination of all previous events begins. One "beautiful" (in fact, a very unfortunate day for poor women), an unprecedented danger lies in wait for a lover. It doesn't matter what kind of misfortune happened to him - a car accident, an attack by bandits, an unexpected fatal illness, what is important is that he urgently needs money.

Moreover, all the gigolos "working on the Internet", as if by agreement, do not become impudent and lure out of lovely women relatively small amounts of money for many of them. Someone will think that this is a very small amount. But, do not forget that such a "mode of work" allows a man to simultaneously hold several women on the hook, ready to pay the unforeseen expenses of their lovers.

How gigolos work
How gigolos work

In general terms, this behavior of a gigolo is understandable. It is unlikely that any of the ladies will run with a statement to the police after luring two or three hundred dollars. In addition to the fact that the amount itself is insignificant, the elementary feeling of awkwardness also restrains them, which prevents them from admitting to the police that they were deceived like fifteen-year-old girls. Here, in spite of the fact that gigolos operating on the Internet do not “strip” their victims to the skin and do not completely ruin them, one cannot fail to note the deep wounds of the heart left by them to deceived women.

Escort for rich ladies5

Not all gigolos prefer to work on the Internet. This behavior is rather typical for those macho who prefer not to show their appearance in real life. Probably, many of our compatriots met on the streets of their hometowns a couple, at first glance perceived as an elderly mother and a handsome son, who, as they say, is in full bloom and excellent physical shape. However, both the guy's face and his wardrobe - everything looks as if the man had just stepped off one of the pages of a glossy magazine.

But, looking closely, you can pay attention to the explicit gestures, looks and movements that betray the fact that the couple is not at all related, but quite "adult" sexual interest.

How to recognize a gigolo
How to recognize a gigolo

What pushes guys on the path of gigolo6

Oddly enough, such pairs are found more and more often. Women of Balzac's age more and more like to "acquire" a beautiful young companion for personal and indivisible possession. And the number of guys who readily earn their bread with caviar in this way is rapidly increasing. But, if aging women can still be understood, then what pushes healthy guys with a sexy appearance to such actions.

Firstly, many of them are not allowed to sleep peacefully by the fact that if women are allowed to earn a living in this way, then why can they not afford to “ride like cheese in butter” without doing anything? By the way, it is worth noting that gigolo services cost almost one and a half times more than similar services for beautiful women. Probably, this is directly related to the fact that there are much more “priestesses of love” than “working men” in this area.

At the same time, the difference in the “work” of both sexes speaks for itself. If the "night butterfly" receives payment for its one-time services, then the gigolo not only gives his companion hot nights of love, but also constantly accompanies her, always and everywhere amazing those around him with his unearthly beauty. It is quite natural that the woman completely assumes all the financial costs of her man. In return for passionate sex, especially successful gigolos receive not only branded clothing (watches, shoes, accessories), but also apartments, cars, yachts and even airplanes. It all depends on how well-to-do lady "bought" his love.

Gigolo as a lifestyle
Gigolo as a lifestyle

What do women see as meaning7

It may seem strange to many of our compatriots that self-sufficient and financially independent women, instead of finding a worthy life partner, prefer the "paid love" of a gigolo. So, no matter how strange it may look from the outside, many ladies sincerely believe that their companions really like them. They believe, or prove to themselves and those around them that they believe - the essence of the matter does not change. One thing is certain, all of them are united by the fact that they are confident that the ardent feelings of young men are caused by their experience, which gives young lovers an unforgettable experience during sex.

True, there are exceptions to every rule. So here, not all women who use the services of a gigolo tend to deceive themselves and others. A small percentage of them are quite realistic about their age and the number of new wrinkles that appear daily.

How gigolos behave
How gigolos behave

This type of women tends to realistically assess their capabilities and, starting a "paid" relationship, they perceive them as a means of increasing their own self-esteem and a way of psychological satisfaction. Remaining in the depths of their souls gentle young beauties, they want to be loved and heard even in old age. It is in this that professional gigolos help them, who, in fact, are high-class psychologists.

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