What Women Are Looking For: 7 Types Of Mistress Behavior In Bed

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What Women Are Looking For: 7 Types Of Mistress Behavior In Bed
What Women Are Looking For: 7 Types Of Mistress Behavior In Bed

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7 types of mistresses' behavior in bed
7 types of mistresses' behavior in bed

Each person is unique, but you can always systematize and deduce certain categories in a particular area of ​​life. It's the same with sex. Not every girl behaves like a passionate tigress. Not everyone takes the initiative, and you always need to be ready for this.

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  • 1 Schoolgirl
  • 2 Warrior
  • 3 Queen of the night
  • 4 Princess
  • 5 Slave Izaura
  • 6 Entrepreneur
  • 7 Icicle

Today we'll talk about how mistresses behave in bed. Let's highlight the main 7 types of behavior. This is just a general outline that can help you establish contact. It is much easier to enjoy sex when both partners understand each other's needs.


Do not be intimidated by such a name. Girls from the "schoolgirl" category can be either 18 or 50 years old. Its defining trait lies not in appearance or biological age. Such a candy simply refuses to take the initiative and responsibility for what is happening in the bedroom.

The student always seeks to shift the heavy burden of obtaining pleasure onto her man. In her opinion, it is he who needs the reins of government more, and she will somehow adjust.

Interestingly, a schoolgirl woman can be in an outwardly happy marriage or long-term relationship for years. The permanent chosen one will think that this is her view of sex. And this quiet man will regularly look for a larger and more interesting male for herself in order to diversify her sex life.


This passionate Amazon is desired by a crowd of fans. She attracts men with sheer self-sufficiency and determination. In business, he often becomes a leader, is not afraid to make responsible decisions.

Even in clothes, he often imitates a domineering man, preferring trousers to a short dress. It would seem, what is sexy here? But it is the warrior who can boast of a huge list of victories on the love front. If she sets herself the goal of getting a man or woman into her networks, he simply has no chance of escaping.

Mistresses' behavior
Mistresses' behavior

In bed, he behaves relaxed and confident. He never deny himself the pleasure of trying something new, even if it is something that is condemned by public opinion. Between a brutal and an obedient intellectual, he will choose the second option. She loves all her whims and desires to be fulfilled instantly.

Queen of the night3

Monogamy for this type of woman is a terrible punishment to which she will never agree. The main point of the nighttime pleasure servant is as much sex as possible.

She doesn't care with whom and where. Such a fighting friend will not refuse to indulge in passionate games on the roof of a house on a moonlit night, or with two men at the same time. Sexual energy guides and leads the queen of the night through life with the bright light of new impressions.

The priestess always takes the initiative and frankly declares her feelings and desires. Men like her relaxedness and passion in bed. Unfortunately, a skillful mistress cannot tell herself to stop and stop choosing a single partner.

What do women desire
What do women desire


Most often, young nymphs have impeccable facial features and a chiseled slender figure. Men fall in love with princesses at first sight, subconsciously relying on children's fantasies and the image of a lovely lady.

Male disappointments often occur with such women. Seductive and well-groomed outside, she demands initiative from a man in sex. Shyness and stiffness lead to the fact that even the most beautiful eyes of a princess are not able to keep a partner with a high level of libido next to them.

They are beautiful but boring. Princesses are attractive, but quickly get bored with their monotony and passive attitude to sex.

Slave Izaura5

The average Russian woman who loves sex but doesn't put it first in her life. Can reach the peak of pleasure only in tandem with a beloved man.

If a slave of love has to have sex with a new partner, feelings for whom are not strong, she is very disappointed. For them, heart-to-heart communication is more important, although they never push aside family debt to the last roles.

What girls want in bed
What girls want in bed


Most often, it is this type of girl who annoys and oppresses men. Interestingly, in percentage terms, this is the rarest type of ladies. Their main opponent is the Queen of the Night. There is an eternal struggle between them.

The queen is given to the man only because of the desire to have sex. A woman entrepreneur expects to receive material rewards for her work. Sex with them rarely translates into long-term relationships. In bed, they completely give in to the wishes of the partner, confirming their readiness for any of his sophistication.

True, for this, the chosen one will have to pay for the purchase of a new phone or a vacation in the southern resorts.


The top is the most boring and least favorite type of most sexually active guys. This girl is too modest and well-bred.

For her, it is not sex that is important, but building a strong traditional family and having children. These young ladies are chosen as wives by the military and sailors. She will wait for her beloved from a flight or a business trip, without even thinking about the lack of sex.

Desire of mistresses
Desire of mistresses

Any man will find a girl to his liking, it's just a matter of time and experience. Through trial and error, the strongest and most harmonious alliances are formed.

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