Rules Of Correspondence With A Girl: 15 Basic Questions

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Rules Of Correspondence With A Girl: 15 Basic Questions
Rules Of Correspondence With A Girl: 15 Basic Questions

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There is no doubt that nowadays the most trendy place for dating is the Internet. It has been proven to push boundaries, increase chances, and make it easier to find and communicate. All this is true, but you are still getting to know each other in order to meet in real life. It will definitely happen if the girl is interested. And for this there is a cool tool - chatting. All you have to do is ask interesting questions to the pen-girl and the date is in your pocket. Do you want to meet a girl? Let's tell you how!

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  • 1 Correspondence rules for short-term dating
  • 2 Rules of correspondence for a long acquaintance
  • 3 Have you already understood the principle? You can figure out the rest of the questions yourself

There is one caveat, though. It all depends on what goal you set. I will not lecture and talk about the fact that a serious relationship is much more interesting and far-sighted. It's up to you how you want to communicate - one night or longer, but the rules of dating are a little different.

Whatever your goals, remember the main thing:

  • do not drag out the correspondence;
  • talking about a girl;
  • do not be afraid.

By and large, the goal is one - to arouse the girl's interest and continue communication. Differences start with dating tasks - long-term or not. In the second case, there is no need for non-standard questions.

Correspondence rules for short-term dating

Well, this happens in our age, no matter how parents shake their heads. Short-term connections happen on dating sites: Tinder, Mamba, Badoo, Tabor and others.

Is it worth doing this at all? It's up to you, just remember, there are pros and cons.


  • you pump your confidence;
  • you develop the skill of communicating with the opposite sex (oh, how useful);
  • you learn a lot about yourself and girls.


  • of course, this is not an absolute truth, but many guys are sure that dating sites cannot find a girl for a serious relationship;
  • if you get a lot of rejections, confidence can be shattered. Don't give in! Remember, self-confidence should not depend on the opinions and behavior of others.

The peculiarity of correspondence in this case is that you do not focus on one, but spread the network widely. Interesting questions are not needed here. Start: “Hello! How are you?" works just like any other beautiful cast. Here quantity grows into quality. If you write to 10 girls, at least 3 of them will respond. And if 50 … Count it yourself.

How to interest a girl in a correspondence
How to interest a girl in a correspondence

Do not continue writing if you answered in monosyllables: "Norm", "Ok", "Good" without asking you. Most likely, there will be no continuation.

Do not dance with those who respond. Remember the three rules of initial communication and quickly bring the conversation to the phone number.

On dating sites, girls are also looking for guys, so they are pre-configured to communicate. There will be no special problems. There are many girls, you will get it. But don't tune in to a beautiful relationship.

And to make it work:

  • post cool photos on your page;
  • dont worry;
  • do not stoop to rudeness and insults.

And more confidence, everything will work out. In the end, you do it only for acquaintance, far from thinking.

Correspondence rules for long-term acquaintance2

Where could it be? Rarely on dating sites. Mostly on social media. This is where the pen-girl needs interesting questions. Because it's simple: “Hello! How are you?" she won't answer.

Before starting a correspondence, do not forget to polish your page (photo, status, information about yourself) and view it. This way you learn about interests, hobbies, appearance, it will help start a conversation.

How to write to a girl
How to write to a girl

For example, with such phrases:

  1. You have a very peculiar style of dress. Are you a fashion designer?
  2. I noticed you have one quality that many men consider a disadvantage (advantage). I think differently.
  3. I think you are a very kind person. Am I wrong?
  4. I looked at your photo of the sea (in the city, with a tree in the background, etc.), and I had an interesting proposal.
  5. I think you are an extraordinary person. Tell us about what interests you.
  6. I know your secret.
  7. Today I saw a beautiful girl on the avenue. Was that you?
  8. Actually, I do not meet in the networks, but when I got on your page, I saw something interesting.
  9. I think you are very funny. I'm right?
  10. You have a charming smile. Trained in front of a mirror?
  11. You seem to have a varied life. What event do you consider the most interesting?
  12. I think that every person in this world has already watched "…". I have so many impressions of him. And you have?
  13. Girl, take part in a social survey. What male qualities do you value the most?
  14. They say casual acquaintance is a risk. What do you think?
  15. Your photo can inspire a man to act. What inspires you?

Have you already understood the principle? You can figure out the rest of the questions yourself3

A few more tips:

  1. Never answer a counter question directly and exhaustively, keep intrigue.
  2. If she interested you, interest her too. Tell us about your hobbies, achievements, views. And ask about her, so you will keep your interest in good shape. Use humor, knowledge and skills.
  3. Ask any questions, but it is better if they are open-ended. That is, those that cannot be answered in one word.
  4. Take an interest in the girl, her life and worries, anyone is pleased.
  5. If in the subject, a little intrigue. Girls have a well-developed imagination, while fantasizing, remembering you.
What you need to start a conversation with a girl in correspondence
What you need to start a conversation with a girl in correspondence
  1. Compliment, only sincerely.
  2. Do not be rude and do not insult, so do the unworthy and insecure.
  3. Write correctly.
  4. Do not impose yourself. Pause, it animates the dialogue.
  5. Use emoticons, but don't overload your message with them.
  6. Don't try to try. Be yourself, remember the rules of communication, and everything will work out.
  7. If it doesn't work, step back. If there was just a hitch, she herself will get in touch, if not yours, do not waste time.

Interesting questions for a penpal girl are important, but more important if you are interesting yourself. A person who has a goal, an important occupation, a desire to go forward. Girls communicate with such people without interesting questions.

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