Sex Made A Monkey Human Or A New Version Of Evolution

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Sex Made A Monkey Human Or A New Version Of Evolution
Sex Made A Monkey Human Or A New Version Of Evolution

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man and monkey
man and monkey

One can agree or disagree with the theory of evolution, this is everyone's choice, but sometimes it is so interesting to reflect on the topic: why, with many similarities, we are still so different from animals and what went wrong, since man no longer wanted to be a monkey and became the one who he is.

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  • 2 From masturbation palms are not covered with hair, but bald!
  • 3 Monogamy for regular sex

Sex is not the last place in these reflections. Scientists say that only people and dolphins do it for pleasure, all other animals are exclusively for procreation. They are also pleased, but for some reason they did not evolve the way we do. Haven't guessed? Unfortunately, science does not know this.

Let's try to fantasize and imagine that the whole evolution went like this and not otherwise because of the human cravings to have sex all the time, and not just in the short period of the female's hunting.

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But what if the monkey got up on its hind legs and went only to demonstrate to everyone who is the main kid in the area?

All animals hide the genital organ under the belly, only a person proudly protrudes it, demonstrating it to everyone. Moreover, it is so obvious that even now, when all the anatomical details of the body are hidden by several layers of clothing, the expression "measure pussies" has not lost its relevance.

Perhaps this was the very first type of competition invented by our distant ancestors. The winner got the most beautiful and active cheerleaders. This is so deeply embedded in the genetic memory that it haunts, to this day, neither human males nor females.

Why then are the female genitals hidden? Quite simply: even then, the chest was the main attraction. In all mammals, it is no less bashfully hidden below than the penis of the male, and for the woman, the chest has always been a subject of special pride and it was simply blasphemous to walk so that the heartless force of gravity spoiled such a valuable part of the body.

evolution of sex
evolution of sex

Just imagine what the primitive beauty pageant looked like! Yes, quite similar to modern ones, isn't it? The ladies walked about, proudly protruding their breasts, and the gentlemen clapped their hands with delight and proudly demonstrated their full combat readiness. For the complete completion of evolutionary development, only clothes, houses and all the other achievements of science and technology were lacking, the invention of which humanity began immediately after it got to its feet.

Perhaps some brain development compensated for those who were losing the battle for length. Then he could proudly say to the lady of the heart: "Yes, that tough kid, of course, has a bigger penis … But I invented the wheel!" And the lady of the heart melted before the benefits of progress.

From masturbation palms are not covered with hair, but bald

But what if it was masturbation that made our ancestors develop?

This is certainly not what animals do. Some elements, of course, are visible, but no one has reached such perfection. Animals primitively make cages for unsuitable partners (have you seen small dogs and their favorite plush toys?), But only getting excited by the smell of a female or a male during estrus. We, as in everything, went further.

how sex influenced evolution
how sex influenced evolution

Masturbation can be practiced for pleasure, relaxation, rest, relaxation after stress, removal of arousal, but even just out of boredom. Moreover, representatives of both sexes are doing this with equal pleasure. Furthermore! Even in the presence of each other, which certainly no self-respecting animal would think of. Imagine an elephant with a female elephant enthusiastically engaged in self-satisfaction in the immediate vicinity, and even experiencing additional excitement from contemplation of each other. Can you imagine two teenage bears masturbating in a race?

What if our hands became so flexible and thumbs set aside because of this glorious activity? And the hair from the hands disappeared precisely due to masturbation? The genetic memory, again, remained, but the causes and effects got mixed up a little over the years.

Monogamy for regular sex3

What if it was sexual hunger that made people live in pairs?

Just imagine how many problems people living alone have had when looking for a partner! After all, there was no Internet to preliminarily agree that you can meet near the fifth birch from the edge of the forest in order to get fucked once! How to find a girlfriend or friend for the evening in such a situation? Just keep it with you all the time!

And if he also has outstanding dignity, and she has an elastic chest, then jealousy and struggle with rivals are guaranteed. Each of the partners is interested in the fact that his chosen one does not go anywhere, is too exciting, and sex with him is extremely good!


And if good sex is needed both morning and afternoon and evening, not to mention the night, then a good partner must be tied up with something very strong! And the primates growing smarter invented marriage. For added fidelity, gold rings were added. It is they who distinguish the one who is busy. Big problems await those who encroach on someone else's!

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