Girls From Europe. What Are They? Should You Start A Relationship With Them?

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Girls From Europe. What Are They? Should You Start A Relationship With Them?
Girls From Europe. What Are They? Should You Start A Relationship With Them?

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Foreign women
Foreign women

Many people living in Russia are interested in the life of people in other countries. Particular interest can be seen in foreign women, because for a Russian person, the life of an ordinary Western lady seems to be something mysterious and surrounded by a mass of stereotypes. Indeed, most Russians are familiar with the life of foreign citizens only from films, TV series, rumors and their own speculations. And they very rarely turn out to be true. Therefore, this portrait of the average resident of European states was compiled.

The content of the article

  • 1 Independence
  • 2 Freedom
  • 3 Work
  • 4 Rationalism
  • 5 Self-confidence
  • 6 Children
  • 7 Clothes
  • 8 Sports


European girls or Western women value and cherish their independence very much. This feeling is instilled in them from a very early age, and it accompanies them throughout their lives. They are taught to sensibly assess their life and their capabilities, set and achieve goals, achieve some success and develop the ability to self-study.

At the same time, it does not matter what profession the girl chooses and in what wealth she grew up. In Europe it is considered very bad form to use parental funds after reaching adulthood.

Young foreign women are looking for opportunities to earn a living on their own. Already at the age of 21-22, they have a part-time job or full-time job, rent a separate apartment or a room in a hostel. They achieve everything on their own and do not wait for manna from heaven or a prince on a white horse who will come from nowhere and solve all their problems in one evening.

In a relationship, they do not seek to lay all the responsibility on their partner - their upbringing inspired them that there is nothing worse for a woman than dependence on a man. They rarely choose life partners for economic reasons, much more often those people with whom it is really easy and pleasant for them to live become their husbands (or even wives).


Any Western woman is free. And in many ways at once. First of all, they are free from unnecessary and impractical "troubles". European girls do not feel the need to choose clothes and cosmetics for hours, do not wear those clothes and shoes in which they will experience discomfort, even if they are very beautiful.

They don't pretend for the sake of other people that they like something that they really don't like. They are not in a “low start” position - they don’t live just to meet their loved one.

A very small percentage of European women suffer from an urgent need to waste money, fanaticism from diets and proper nutrition. Among European women, there is no such general desire for ideal forms and appearance in general.

Of course, most of them manage to eat the right and healthy foods without it. But they do this not in order to become beautiful for the sake of others, but in order to be healthy and happy for themselves.

what a western foreigner she is
what a western foreigner she is

Europeans are free from most complexes about their appearance. Yes, there are ladies who suffer from self-doubt, but they will consider their nondescript outfit or not the most attractive facial features to be absolutely normal.

They are also free from thoughts of the following content: "Oh, I am almost 30 years old, I am already old, I have no family, what a horror, I urgently need to give birth to someone, or I will not be needed by anyone." Foreign women from European countries very rarely put family, children, and specifically marriage in the first place in their lives.


No European woman can imagine her life without professional employment. At the same time, they have the opportunity to choose exactly the job that they will like even at school. Already in adolescence, thanks to an excellent education system and a high level of self-awareness, they have an idea of ​​what they will do in the future.

They will not be caught off guard by the question: "What will you be when you grow up?" At the same time, Europeans by all means strive to achieve equal working conditions and pay with men.

Labor for European ladies is not only a way to earn a living. The place of work is a woman's position in society, her meaning of life, a way to develop and realize her potential. Sitting at home and playing the role of cook and cleaning lady is a terrible dream for any European woman.

Even after the birth of a child, these women will look for an opportunity to return to their workplace as soon as possible, so as not to lose the opportunity to live a full life, not to degrade within four walls and not turn into domestic servants. Most often, the question of who will play and sit with the baby is solved by equally sharing time with a partner.

life of a western foreigner
life of a western foreigner

Such a desire to independently equip their lives and work on an equal basis with men takes roots from the Middle Ages, when all women were, in fact, hostages and slaves of their husbands. All they did was take care of the children, prepare food and keep the house in order. Particularly unlucky people also worked in the field, without receiving any gratitude or encouragement for this.

Just a few centuries ago, they had no right to get an education, work, express their civil position, and even simply could not object to their man. That is why European women in our time so hate this fate.


Without a rational, sober and pragmatic outlook on life, it is difficult to achieve success in European realities. And women living in this part of the world are well aware of this. While working, they simply have to be cold, calculating and restrained. Of course, many men are repulsed by the prospect of a relationship with such an insensitive person.

Therefore, they have a special interest and warmth towards the inhabitants of the states of Eastern Europe, where traditional and conservative views on family life are still strong. In the first place with a European woman she always stands, in the second - their family and relationships, and only in third - the man himself. For women, especially of Slavic origin and upbringing, this scheme works exactly the opposite.

what does a western foreigner do
what does a western foreigner do

But not all Europeans suffer this way in a society of cold and rational women. This character trait is inherent not only in girls, but also in men. Not everyone wants to find a feminine spouse for themselves, so that she would keep their home, give warmth and love to a man. Even if they secretly desire it, the strength of the progressive and modern views that "everyone is equal" will not allow them to change this value system.

Still, a considerable part of men are satisfied with such relationships in which calmness, order, trust reign, but there is a place for personal freedom. Many foreigners still do not want to conduct a whole educational course for their potential "oriental" darlings so that they successfully enter the modern European society. It is too tedious, costly, and not always successful.


Most of the inhabitants of Europe have a sense of their own dignity and value themselves sufficiently. They are well aware of their rights, they know how to behave in a world that was completely "masculine" quite recently. They are able to resist natural instincts that tell them that "a girl should be weak and driven."

They never make concessions, they are truly ready to fight for their place in this life, they insist on equality in all spheres of activity. They do not spend time in empty conversations, because they always have something to worry about and talk with friends and colleagues.

features of a western foreigner
features of a western foreigner

European women do not want to accept expensive gifts from their gentlemen. And the men living in this society are in no hurry to do them. After all, this will mean that the representative of the "stronger" sex declares his superiority over the representative of the "weaker" sex and tries to impose any obligations on the woman with the help of an expensive gift.

It would not be shameful for a European woman to pay her part for dinner, or even pay in full if her partner does not have enough money. This is normal practice in all European states.


Of course, you can meet a foreign woman from Europe who got married at a young age and gave birth to a child to her husband. But to meet another the same will be almost impossible. Most of the European girls are able to combine all types of activities - work, and their hobbies, and raising children, and travel, and recreation.

And they manage to do it easily and naturally, without worry and stress. How? They are just rational realists. And in the family next to the girl there is always a reliable partner who will easily and murmur take on part of the general family responsibilities, because he knows that she herself will do the same if he asks.

Often, European women completely refuse to bear and raise children. There can be a huge number of reasons for this. The most common ones are:

Portrait of a western foreigner
Portrait of a western foreigner
  1. Europeans do not want to start a family before they manage to create conditions suitable for children and family life.
  2. European women can prioritize their careers rather than children if they are confident in their professional success.
  3. The practical benefits of having children in Europe are not as many as we would like. If earlier the child was obliged to support the parents when they lost their legal capacity, now there is no need for this - all these functions are assumed by the state.

Children are as independent as their parents. As soon as it is time to leave the family nest, they do it and begin to live their own life. And only on major holidays everyone gets together.


There is an opinion that European women do not know how to dress. Most often, this opinion is based on the experience of people who saw young Europeans in rather gray and unattractive things. But this is only part of the picture, which is easy to explain - most of those who dress “not well enough” for the sight of a newcomer, live independently and do not have extra funds for expensive clothes, jewelry and cosmetics. Yes, they simply do not need it, because they have a huge number of problems and responsibilities.

Western foreign appearance
Western foreign appearance

There is a tendency that the older a European woman is, the better she dresses. You can often meet a lady aged 50-60, whose appearance will be so perfect that any young "beauty" will envy him. But most of the younger people rely on the most important qualities of clothing - convenience, comfort, lightness.

Europeans do not consider it necessary to spend a huge amount of time every day applying makeup, styling hair and choosing an outfit. After all, their day is scheduled almost by the minute.

But when the time comes to visit any celebration, holiday or just go to dinner, then European women are transformed beyond recognition. They know how to dress beautifully, they just don't need to do it in a professional and everyday environment.

Separately, it is worth noting the tendency of European ladies to natural beauty and lack of makeup. Most of the residents of European countries do not buy cosmetics at all. And those who do this rely primarily on price, natural ingredients and environmental friendliness. And no European woman spends more than half an hour putting herself in order.


No matter what age and wealth a European woman is, in 9 cases out of 10 she will definitely go in for sports. In any country in Europe there is a huge number of girls and women with a beautiful, toned figure. Even if they are not very neatly dressed, they are not wearing makeup or they are not beautiful in themselves.

Sportiness is a must for a European woman. Someone attends fitness clubs, someone is fond of heavier sports, someone commutes to work or study on a bike every day, and someone runs around in the morning.

what does a western foreigner look like
what does a western foreigner look like

Taking care of your health and self-confidence simply does not allow Europeans to ruin their health by hours of sedentary work or fast food. Each of them is well aware of the effect this can have on the body. It is worth noting that most European women have a rather modest figure.

Not all of them have a wasp waist, a pumped-up ass and a huge bust. Quite rarely, someone turns to plastic surgeons in order to make some part of their body more voluminous. Yet Slavic girls are considered the most beautiful. As a confirmation, we recommend reading our next article about the most beautiful Ukrainian women.

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