Causes Of Homosexuality And Lesbianism: 10 Most Likely Causes

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Causes Of Homosexuality And Lesbianism: 10 Most Likely Causes
Causes Of Homosexuality And Lesbianism: 10 Most Likely Causes
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Causes of homosexuality
Causes of homosexuality

Homosexuality, and indeed not a traditional sexual orientation, is now quite widespread. Even in the last century, this was considered not normal and immoral, but after a while, this will not surprise anyone.

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  • 1 Not congenital disease
  • 2 A stormy and varied past
  • 3 Post abuse syndrome
  • 4 Social circle
  • 5 Paternal authority
  • 6 Mother instilled a dislike for women
  • 7 Mother hen
  • 8 Mother wanted a girl
  • 9 Same-sex marriage
  • 10 Single-parent families

Homosexuality means a violation in the psychosexual development of a man, in which he begins to take an interest in people with the same sex. And no matter how rude it may sound in relation to such individuals, but homosexuality is a disease that belongs to the varieties of sexual identification disorder. Carriers of this disease do not consider it as such.

Moreover, for them this is a completely normal state, and they cannot understand why it should be differently (in most cases). In psychology, it is considered on a par with phobias and depression. This means that special therapy will be required to prevent it. But, as a rule, few people use it.

Homosexual relationships cannot be called long-term. In most cases, partners are constantly changing, as same-sex relationships cannot provide everything you need than traditional relationships could. As a rule, such people do not look for a mate for themselves for life, but only try to satisfy their sexual needs.

But why did such a deviation appear at all? What are the causes of homosexuality? How do you become gay? Answering this question, there are several main parameters that scientists have identified in their research on this topic. As a rule, it is possible to enter each of the representatives of non-traditional sexual orientation under these items.

Not a congenital disorder

Scientists, through repeated research, have found that they are not born that way. All attempts to isolate the gene responsible for this abnormality simply failed. Therefore, it is simply not possible to be born that way. This is confirmed by the experience with identical twins. They had exactly the same set of genes and developed under identical conditions. But, in the end, it turned out that they have different sexual preferences.


A stormy and varied past2

Sometimes experiences of this type from the past become the reasons for the development of homosexuality. As a rule, because of the propaganda of homosexuality, people made such contact on a voluntary basis. Someone just wanted variety, or wanted to experience new sensations, while someone was just wondering how sexual intercourse with a person of the same sex goes. If there was such a contact, then, most likely, the person will return to it in his life.

Post-abuse post-abuse syndrome3

This happens not only on a voluntary basis. The reasons may lie in the rape. Maybe, sometime in the past, a person was sexually abused by a man, which broke his psyche. Many are silent about such incidents, but in vain. People who have gone through violence always need outside help. And it's better if it comes from a professional psychotherapist.

Social circle4

Fertile ground for the development of homosexual inclinations is the environment in which a man lives. If there are enough people around him who support such a lifestyle, then sooner or later, he himself will begin to think about homosexuality. This becomes a fairly common and normal phenomenon, and over time, a person who has not previously been seen in such contacts expresses a desire to check on himself what it is.

causes of homosexuality
causes of homosexuality

Paternal authority5

The father's status in the family also influences the reason for becoming homosexual. If a boy grew up in a family where his father did not have much weight, and was perceived by his relatives as too hostile, then on a subconscious level he feels disgust for the female sex. Also, the disease progresses in families where the father is an alcoholic, or commits violent acts against family members.

Mother instilled a dislike for the female sex6

Homosexual signs also appear in children, whose mother is rather negative towards other women in the family and society. Thus, in the boy, the concept of disregard for the female sex is formed, as his mother demonstrates. Children often copy the behavior of their parents, so they should be more restrained in the presence of children.

Mother hen7

Hyperbolic maternal custody has a considerable percentage in the analysis of the causes of homosexuality. Many moms make the big mistake of preventing their sons from interacting with girls. Therefore, they are considering options for building relationships with boys, due to the fact that they have no experience in communication with anyone else.

preconditions for homosexuality
preconditions for homosexuality

Mother wanted a girl8

It also happens that the mother wanted to give birth to a girl, but it turned out to be a boy. In this case, they make a big mistake, shifting their desires onto the child and instilling in them interests that are not characteristic of their gender.

Same-sex marriage9

Homosexuals often exist in families where gender misidentification is initially inculcated. Now we are talking about same-sex families.

Single-parent families10

It can develop in boys, in whose family one of the parents is absent for any reason. There are a lot of such families now. Often the mother brings up the child alone, since the family has gone through a divorce, and the father is no longer interested in the child's fate.

same sex marriage
same sex marriage

If at least one point coincides, then this does not give full confidence that the child will definitely grow up with problems of this kind. If you approach the upbringing of a child correctly and follow his life, then you can notice homosexual inclinations during the time.

The most important thing at such moments is to immediately stop their development by means of communication with psychologists. Do not put pressure on the boy, or humiliate him. This will not lead to anything good. In the meantime, guided by the above reasons for homosexuality, it is better to pay attention to a child, teenager or just a person nearby.

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