Who Are Kept Women And How Do They Become? Interesting Lifestyle Facts

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Who Are Kept Women And How Do They Become? Interesting Lifestyle Facts
Who Are Kept Women And How Do They Become? Interesting Lifestyle Facts

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brunette with lips
brunette with lips

Why do girls go to kept women? The reasons for the milestones are different, but, definitely, none of them dreamed about it in childhood. The most innocent - “I will be a princess” already implies personal exclusivity and living at the expense of someone. Content is not prostitution, as many people think, and an elite escort assumes it. A bit of history and interesting details:

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  • 1 How and why kept women appeared
  • 2 Why do rich men prefer communication for money?
  • 3 Rules of a successful mistress
  • 4 Why girls, women choose this path
  • 5 How a beautiful fairy tale of a kept woman ends

How and why kept women appeared

Earlier, in the 18th-19th centuries, living on the full support of a man was very popular. This was considered normal. Such girls bathed in luxury, traveled abroad, but were never respected members of high society. However, they were not very embarrassed by this. Usually the woman who agreed to the maintenance belonged to one man. She did not need anything, she had expensive clothes and jewelry. All that was required was loyalty and complaisance. There were many cases when a woman “turned” from a kept woman into a lawful wife.

At the end of the nineteenth century, this social phenomenon was widespread in Russia. By that time, it had already accumulated a rich history. The origins come from the French royal court. In the 15th century, the royal lady considered it normal to have an official mistress. This position was not hidden from the subjects. Such women were called favorites. They were in a special position, which they used a lot, and aroused the envy of the court ladies. The content of the favorite “cost a pretty penny” to the treasury, but they were afraid to discuss it.

The woman understood that she was dear to the king, so she resorted to the favor of the ruler. It was from here that various intrigues came, the fate of people and possibly states was decided. There were a lot of people who wanted to improve their well-being or enter high society with the help of a kept woman. The court lady had her own small entourage, the so-called state, influencing many political moments. Any example is contagious. So in the 17th century, aristocratic persons and other wealthy men gave birth to an official mistress.

Agnes Sorel
Agnes Sorel

Agnes Sorel

A lot of asocial girls strove to be contained. It is convenient, many doors and opportunities were opened. Often, it was enough to have a beautiful face. The first official kept woman was Agnes Sorel. The puritanical times have passed and the kept women began to be tolerated. Modern Russia has become a part of this fashionable phenomenon. "Profession" - an elite escort takes place in big cities. Today the kept woman is not only beautiful, she is also smart, has a higher education.

Why do rich men prefer socializing for money? 2

The reasons for the kept girls are clear, they want travel, a rich life, entertainment. What do men want, why should they buy a relationship? Maybe you are tired of family obligations or there is no desire to get married at all. It is difficult to understand here, each sponsor has its own reasons:

  • Workload. This is probably the very first reason why men take on the burden of maintaining a pretty, sexy girl. They don't have too much time for romantic dates. No time to write love messages, hang on the phone. At the same time, without having access to the body of the beloved. A good alternative to "mustache-dogs", fish, bunnies is a kept woman. Fewer questions, fewer conversations and sex on demand.
  • Boring. Lonely evenings and nights need to be somewhere for bachelors? Some men consider themselves to be polygamous, a good excuse to run away from their wife. They like to have an alternate airfield, pleasant company in all respects in the form of a mistress. There they will listen to him, feel sorry for him, he can be 100% liberated. It's not a shame to go to a party, to a club with a beautiful woman.
kept women
kept women

Self-affirmation. The strong and the rich of this world have thoughts of completely different categories. Their life is constantly making money, spending big and small. They know for sure that everything has to be paid for. Even a certain status is acquired from the amount of investments. The content of a spectacular blonde for them is a sign of male identification in their environment

Emotional deficits. People with the condition are often closed in their emotions. It is not customary in society to show off mental suffering. The rude, harsh men inside turn out to be small, defenseless children. It can be a difficult childhood, the example of your own parents does not allow you to build a family. And such people seek solace in the arms of paid mistresses, without obligations and feelings. Being a good lover is not easy, and there are many things to learn

Rules for a successful mistress3

Kept women are essentially predators. It doesn't take a genius to realize that these women need financial well-being. So they have their own laws, they are not vowels, but they are passed from mouth to mouth:

Appearance is the main magnet. A man sees a beautiful picture first. For a woman seeking this type of relationship, this is the main commodity. Lots of spas are just packed with beauties with a specific intention. Keeping your body in perfect condition is a huge job. Not everyone can withstand such a load

rules for a successful kept woman
rules for a successful kept woman

The competition is so high that the contenders for the kept woman grab any offer. The galaxy of courtesans is younger today. The arrogant and beautiful know what they want from life. At 17, they have several sponsors behind them. Maintaining a presentation requires a lot of money, rich daddies are willing to pay as long as there is interest.

Intelligence is a great advantage of a woman. Rich men, turning to an elite escort, want to see next to them not only a beauty, but also a smart lady. True, young nymphs are not burdened with intelligence, this is the privilege of mature, wise women. For everyday communication, a man will most likely choose a young girl. Excessive boring clever speeches tire, this is enough from the wife at home

And why talk, the main thing in the meetings of the sponsor and the kept woman is quality sex. Although, this does not mean to be ignorant. You need to read, be interested in world news. You can ask what he loves, what the object of passion is interested in. It doesn't hurt to look at the Internet and get ready, show off your knowledge. To do something pleasant, to surprise, for example: knowledge of the language, knowledge of hockey or car brands.

Keep the brand. This means that the mistress is not forgivable for mood swings, hysterical fits. A rich macho will not tolerate and will quickly find a replacement. He pays money for peace of mind, pleasure, but not for scandals. All problems should go away when a loved one crosses the threshold. If there are any, a gentle voice and flapping eyelashes will instantly be solved

kept woman lifestyle
kept woman lifestyle

It won't work here - “my head hurts”. The scheme is simple, every woman knows it. The trick has not stopped anyone yet. A good mood even if a neighbor or friend enrages you, there is slush on the street. A smile is put on, the image of a charming, sweetheart is kept. It will be calmer and more comfortable for the woman herself. Do not hesitate to ask for forgiveness for any mistake. It is pleasant for a man to see an agreeable and respectful mistress.

Respect yourself. Everyone knows what that means or thinks they know. If a man is married, then his wife has no choice to swallow humiliation or not. She knew what she was doing. Stamping your passport is expensive. The kept woman is basically a free person. You don't have to endure the insults. Even if the sponsor paid for everything, he bought it with giblets. Respect and dignity should be in every woman

Of course you can say bear with it, for that kind of money. The rich have their own quirks - a crisis in business, a scandal in the family, all this pours out on the kept woman. Criminal cases with cruel treatment are not uncommon. Better to retreat gently when a man is angry. And then draw conclusions whether to stay with this person or not. By the way, it's worth saving up just in case.

Don't fall in love with the sponsor. If a relationship with a wealthy man is just a way to improve the financial situation, then it is better to abstract from feelings. It is necessary to immediately prioritize: there is no love for this person, but there is life around with various temptations. And this method is not the worst. Different things happen, suddenly the relationship will develop into something serious. In any case, many girls hope for such an outcome of the case

best mistress
best mistress

In the meantime, it's stupid to be jealous, worry, stay awake at night, wait for a call. The beginning of a relationship is just commerce, nothing personal. So what if he has several kept women? No one has the right to it. Arranging scenes of jealousy for him is a stupid idea. It is better to think about yourself, go to rest, relax. Also, do not be overly concerned. Do not take on household chores.

Be a trusted friend. It is not possible to take away from the family, or to marry oneself. Then you have to go the other way. Love is good, but there is also friendship. Of course, you need to love your benefactor, purely humanly. After all, he helps, cares. Material well-being also has a price. Yes, you have to sleep with this person. It is worth remembering: you need to become necessary for this person like air

Gradually accustom to yourself. It is considered a great achievement if a man trusts his secrets to a kept woman. This is of course nonsense, but nothing is impossible. In most cases, businessmen do not even trust family and friends. It is not necessary to get into the soul every time. Over time, he gets used to the woman, becomes more confidential. That's when the secrets learned are expensive. The sponsor protects such a kept woman like a precious box, sparing no expense.

The art of love. When a sponsor chooses a kept girl, indefatigable sex is naturally planned. Only he knows what is in his head, what fantasies. Being a goddess in bed is a great gift. Sex can really hold back men, especially if it is sophisticated adultery. In any case, as the man thinks. Bright sensations can attract like a magnet

art of love
art of love

A satisfied man, a generous sponsor. It doesn't take much to give that closeness. A little affection, cunning, relaxedness. How to dissolve in it, to feel like oneself. Or it is good to create visibility. It doesn't matter that there is no love, to love the process itself. Forget everything and get pleasure. Create a picture of complete bliss.

Why girls, women choose this path4

I would like to understand the motives of young beautiful girls and wise women. What prompts such a choice. Usually everything is predictable:

  1. Girls do not want to work, they are trying to find an easier way to a rich and beautiful life.
  2. One of the goals is life in a big city, a capital. Almost always it succeeds.
  3. The reason to become a kept woman can be a difficult financial situation. The need for money for the treatment of a loved one.
  4. There are such persons for whom rich gentlemen are a hobby. A kind of trophy for which the girlfriends can boast.
  5. There are very young girls who perceive the courtship of wealthy men as a game.
  6. She doesn't want family relationships, sex, money, no obligation. There is no need to farm, live together.
how to become a kept woman
how to become a kept woman

It only seems from the outside that the kept women live a carefree and happy life. It's hard work every day to be on top. Many are jealous of them, joining the ranks of those seeking an easy life every year.

How the beautiful fairy tale of the kept woman ends5

Everything ends sooner or later. Although some moments may not change for centuries. Alexandre Dumas and Balzac were interested in the fate of the favorites at one time. Since then, little has changed. Someone is very lucky, like the mistresses of kings. They stay with palaces, apartments, yachts, diamonds. Some people marry their sponsors.

There is an almost win-win option for a stable income - to give birth to a child from a lover. The rest hope for their happiness. The most popular sequel is moving from one rich man to another. This situation often suits the girl. Women are also happy to work in elite escorts, accompanying sponsors to various events.

elite escort
elite escort

Life is like a big train. Everyone decides for himself which carriage to sit in and where to get off. The main thing is not to make a mistake and come exactly where you want.

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