Why Get Married? Or How To Be Happily Married?

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Why Get Married? Or How To Be Happily Married?
Why Get Married? Or How To Be Happily Married?
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is it worth getting married
is it worth getting married

A long-term worldview about the way of life has become firmly rooted among humanity: born, studied, shaved, married. From generation to generation, men and women smoothly flow through this system: they become adults, work, have families. Who deviates from this scheme acquires the title of the White Crow in the eyes of society, and becomes a victim of constant annoying questions: and when will you get married? are you thinking of giving birth to babies? girl's age is short, aren't you afraid to remain an old maid?

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  • 1 "Is there a groom already?"
  • 2 You can't get married …
  • 3 And there will be two - one flesh
  • 4 With a purpose in life

The young maiden is encouraged, and the young lady lives with horror, chastising her years, and looking at the men passing along the path of life: maybe this one, or is it better? Obligatory marriage weighs an obsessive burden over the porch of every young (or not so) woman, and they jump out to marry the first person they meet. Because it is necessary. Love is an incomprehensible thing.

Not philosophers, not scientists have not fully figured out what this feeling is, whether it exists in the world, or it was invented by adults to watch serials. And life goes on. All her friends and classmates have long been married ladies, and she is still waiting for something, she can’t wait … So you can stay on your own. I looked around: here he is, employee Ivan, not a bad guy, and hard-working hands, not a bad husband. And the usual scheme flew.

But is it really necessary to follow such a generally accepted path? This is worth understanding.

“Is there a groom already?” I

Modern society is teeming with divorce. It is not so important to preserve family relations as to put a stamp in the passport at a certain period of time. There is a joke on social networks: “I got married, gave birth to a son, got divorced … Phew! Now you can live in peace. " The debt is fulfilled. All done well. Indeed, humanity is so accustomed to living in a formulaic way that it never occurs to anyone to act a little differently.

Among the crowd of people, several individuals come across, ready to throw a challenge to society and behave differently from the people around them. But such lucky ones are few. And yet, marriage is not the main key to human happiness. Marriage, like its absence, does not make a person happy.

To understand - whether to get married, you need to abandon the templates
To understand - whether to get married, you need to abandon the templates

You can't get married … 2

The main thing is to have a healthy understanding of family life. Why do women get married? Most often, most of the reasons converge on the following list:

  • Have a husband. Just to be, to eat together at the same table, snore in unison at night, and groan at each other in old age.
  • Give birth to children. Alone, purely biologically and financially, this process is difficult to deal with.
  • Because all the friends are married. A very serious reason. No comment.
  • To please parents. A serious habit since childhood is to have parents praise and pat on the head: make the bed, pass Math grade, wash the dishes, get married.
  • To be accepted in society. Indeed, a single pretty lady is not a welcome guest at a party where married couples gather.
  • Don't be lonely in old age. It's scary to be left alone with your sores and complaints in old age. It’s boring to moan alone, it’s better to listen to the grumbling and groans of an aging grandfather, go to the pharmacy for medicine, forgetting that she herself has arthrosis, osteochondrosis and scoliosis.
You need to get married so that together until old age
You need to get married so that together until old age

And there will be two - one flesh

There are plenty of reasons, as it turns out, for a future marriage, but every woman (as well as a man) needs to remember the main idea and goal for which the first family was created. Ardent religious people with a sense of superiority will answer with the words of the Old Testament: "It is not good for a man to be alone" or "Be fruitful and multiply."

True to the truth, but the real reason for marriage must be "the halves stuck together." This is the very moment when you live with a person not because it is bad “alone”, but because it is impossible “without him”.

Souls (and bodies) stretch, cling, and do not see the happiness of being separate. But such a person cannot be met by a wave of a wand, because: the age has approached, or "I am 18 already." True love does not count the year and bides its time, which it sees fit. And marriage without real tender feelings makes no sense. A loveless marriage is a deal in which there is a clear calculation, misunderstanding, emptiness, disappointment.

You need to marry only for love
You need to marry only for love

With a purpose in life4

In order not to fall into the network of "compulsory marriage", a person should remember the following principles:

  • Understand what he really wants from life. Indeed, in childhood, rarely does anyone dream of their own family. Boys want to become astronauts, girls - ballerinas. They draw a bright, beautiful future, which most often breaks down under a heavy yoke: "it is necessary" to marry, work, provide for a family, a mistress, raise children …
  • Outline a clear plan for the future. Set priorities, fill your life with desired events that bring you closer to clearly set goals and desires.
  • Does not treat marriage badly, do not sweep away such questions with aggression. Marriage is wonderful, but absolutely not the most prerequisite for a happy life.

Most people live unhappily and lonely for a long time in marriage. They were not made happy either by the stamp, by the unfulfilled duty to "parents, Motherland, humanity." But, after all, each of the people is looking for one main goal: to be happy. And, happiness really exists in this life, and it doesn't matter at all whether a person is married or not.

If you are a supporter of the position of marriage, we will tell you how to successfully get married so as not to regret your decision.

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