What Is Virtual Love And Virtual Relationship?

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What Is Virtual Love And Virtual Relationship?
What Is Virtual Love And Virtual Relationship?

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feelings online
feelings online

The virtual space beckons and attracts many neophytes, because only in its vastness can you be yourself and someone else at the same time. Someone likes complete anonymity and the ability to talk openly with any person without fear of his reaction, while someone uses modern technology to amuse their own pride. In any case, whatever the purpose of being online, it's hard not to admit - we began to spend an enormous amount of time in computers and smartphones.

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  • 1 Without facts, there is no contact
  • 2 The naked truth
  • 3 Without finance - no romances?
  • 4 Relationships uncensored
  • 5 Long test for strength
  • 6 Personal space is our everything

The phenomenon of virtual love has been known for a long time. Many started innocent chat correspondence, which then grew into something more and more meaningful. There are many examples of happy strong marriages that began with one text message. But still, how to relate to the fact that you begin to feel feelings for a person whom you have never seen in person? And what you need to know in order not to make a mistake and not trust the person for whom online relationships are a game? Below are the main pros and cons of networking.

No contact without facts

Almost anything can be faked these days. You can create a fake page so believable on the web that people will start signing in droves and believing every word. But if you start a romantic conversation with a person on the other side of the monitor, you should not immediately tell him about all the nuances of your life. Better yet, learn all these nuances from him or her.

Of course, scans of your passport and TIN will not be sent to you, but at least you can be sure of the field of the interlocutor. Try to call if possible. Even two minutes of a phone call will be enough to make sure the gender of the alleged soul mate.

Naked Truth 2

No matter how banal it may seem, all feelings begin with ordinary lust. Even virtual ones. It is difficult to imagine how you can desire a set of letters on the screen, but this has become possible. Instant transfer of photos of any quality helps couples in love to find out in absentia what their object of adoration is. And if it seems to you that you are about to explode from desire to charm in a photograph, do not rush to send candid pictures in return.

There are quarrels even between very loving people, and in a fit of anger you can do a lot. And even more so if you have never met with your own eyes. In this case, the level of responsibility of one of the partners may be lower than yours, and indecent photographs will become the property of the entire public. And what is the result? No feelings, only tears, snot and depression for several days, if not weeks. For a start, try to see your interlocutor in life, get to know him better, and only then exchange spicy pictures.

feelings online
feelings online

Without finances - no romances? 3

Another type of virtual "love" is a request to send a certain amount of money, because it is very necessary. In the wake of the romantic mood, many succumb to this trick, being confident in the honesty of their protégé. But being online is not at all the same as in real life. If you have no guarantee that the person to whom you are sending money is real, and that his thoughts are pure, then you can safely send it to all four sides. Not a single really in love person will, after a week of acquaintance, forgive a loan of a decent amount of money. Even if you really need to.

But not everything is so mournful in the VR world. Not every second person here is an extortionist and a scammer, eager to take as much money from you as possible. There are also advantages from this "contactless contact".

Relationships uncensored4

Social networks are truly a fertile place to express your opinion, defend your position and generally show your own "I". This also applies to more personal relationships on the Internet, because here you do not need to be afraid that your voice will tremble or you will forget the words. Each message can be thought out in advance, printed, passed through the editor (otherwise, God forbid, they decide that an illiterate person), add a beautiful poem from the Internet and voila - you are already an ideal partner for life together.

Or you can discuss some pressing problem, without hiding, telling about all its details. The person on the other end will not see your emotions, tears, fear, so everything will look as civilized as possible. It is important in such a pair, after meeting in reality, not to withdraw into oneself and not start to be ashamed, because this will destroy the whole picture.

virtual love
virtual love

Long check for fortress5

One of the main reasons for a breakup is a failed test of distance and time. And when communicating on the network, you are so apart from each other - why not the temptation to find yourself a person from real life for a couple?

As practice shows, many people who started their communication in instant messengers or social networks noted that after the first feeling of euphoria, a very real semblance of depression sets in. You cannot be near, but you want it with all the fibers of your soul, and it makes you unbearable and sick. Some go through this period and reunite with their halves. Others find solace on the side.

But you can absolutely be sure that if a person waits for you from virtual separation, then he really experiences something. And this something can be serious and with long-term plans for the future.

Personal space is our everything 6

It is difficult to deny the fact that when communicating on the Internet, you do not get tired of the constant presence of people nearby. Indeed, even in prosperous couples, partners need a little time to be alone with themselves.

virtual addiction
virtual addiction

Well, if the only option for your connection is the world wide web, then you can disconnect at any time and devote yourself to other matters. This is very useful, because no matter how dear the newfound partner is, you will certainly at one point want to close the message window and just go for a walk or sit down with a book on the couch.

The modern world presents people with many seductive opportunities that allow them to always be in touch and within the reach. This has its advantages, because there is no longer a need to wait for a meeting with bated breath, to be afraid of being late and of your own shyness, when you can just write a message on Vkontakte or in WhatsApp.

But on the other hand, everyone in this two-way contact is deprived of real, lively and close communication, which these days is valued more than any gadgets. And although full immersion technologies are currently being developed only for the gaming industry, this does not exclude the possibility of not only reading each other on the net, but also seeing each other in the future.

virtual relationship
virtual relationship

Whether to use trendy apps on your phone and computer as catalysts for serious relationships and feelings is up to you. Perhaps this decision will give a lot of pleasant and exciting emotions, or, on the contrary, it will only bring total disappointment.

The main question is still - will virtual love be the same as it is in the present, or will the very concept of this feeling lose its charm and mystery once and for all, turning only into a set of numbers from computer code and a bunch of animated emoticons?

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