How To Become A Model For A Girl In Moscow? Work Tips

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How To Become A Model For A Girl In Moscow? Work Tips
How To Become A Model For A Girl In Moscow? Work Tips
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work as a model in Moscow
work as a model in Moscow

Working as a model in Moscow seems very tempting, everyone who considers himself worthy can go to sites collected on the Internet, fill out a resume and wait for an answer. This option is more suitable for non-local people, but it will probably be safer to personally visit the agencies to make sure for yourself that the answer is correct.

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  • 2 Requirements for models
  • 3 Model type
  • 4 Next steps
  • 5 Conclusion

The work associated with the modeling business did not leave anyone indifferent, but attracted a considerable number of boys and girls with its flashlights and brilliance. There are a large number of agencies in the capital, but you need to choose the most popular ones, which will help you rise higher.

Unfortunately, the capital is no exception, and in it you can find agencies that “cheat” those who want to become models for money. Using prepositions for which it is necessary:

  • learn the art of how to walk the catwalk correctly;
  • make a new portfolio.

In such agencies, they pump out finances from clients, although they do not do much work. Therefore, read the reviews about the offices you will contact.

Also, do not rush to attend dubious parties, to which unscrupulous agencies may be invited, under the guise of casting. After all, it may be a completely non-model agency, but an elite brothel in Moscow, be very careful when searching.

Real agencies teaching modeling in their ads always indicate what they need, this: type, age, gender, pay for work, date of viewing, filming, and other data. Agencies dealing with scams try to lure "suckers" into their networks as much as possible in order to siphon off a lot of financial resources from them, for any dubious training that will not be useful to anyone.

First stepsi

For many, working as a model in Moscow means achieving such successes as the models of the world catwalk have achieved. Therefore, this dream takes possession of the minds of young boys and girls who come to conquer Moscow every year. But not everyone can achieve high results.

Working as a model in Moscow
Working as a model in Moscow

Only a select few can work hard, work a lot, and no one ever thinks about this, only when faced, you understand that the whole extravaganza of the catwalk is not easy, and sometimes thankless work.

However, if there is a strong desire to conquer the modeling business in Moscow, well, then we must act, go to the capital. They start a career in this field at the age of 14, of course, it is possible earlier. For this, there are special schools that teach young children from 5 years old.

Requirements for models2

Those who dream of walking on the catwalk need to meet certain standards:

  1. Age limit. Ideally, boys and girls can become models from 14-19 years old. After 21 years, models of other requests are in demand.
  2. Growth. The maximum is 170 cm, but the most popular in the modeling business is 170 - 185 cm.
  3. Weight category. There are certain parameters that must be met. But in reality, most models weigh a couple of three kilograms more.
  4. Required size hips - 90 cm, waist 58 - 60 cm, bust 88-90 cm.
Requirements for models in Moscow
Requirements for models in Moscow

The most popular in Moscow are female models with small breasts, the maximum allowed breast size is S.

Male models are also in demand. External data is not particularly important, it can be:

  • skinny guys;
  • pumped up macho.

However, in this case, the parameters still need to correspond:

  1. They should be 180-190 cm tall.
  2. Clothing size not exceeding 44.
  3. The waist in volume is 77 cm.

Of course, for a sports figure, but without a lot of muscles, the demand will be higher. Otherwise, classic clothes on such a torso look ugly. Qualities that are needed in modeling:

  • the model does not have to be too beautiful, but a photogenic face is welcome;
  • figure and height must meet the requirements;
  • have energy;
  • mind;
  • cunning;
  • easy to get used to change;
  • have patience.

Models are mostly skinny, so a specific diet must be followed. Eliminate sweets, smoked meats, spicy and sour dishes, sweet soda from it. Do not forget about going to the gym, because movement is life. Even if you feel tired and you want to rest, you still need to work continuously, not only on the body, but also on the appearance.

How to become a model in Moscow
How to become a model in Moscow

Now in the modeling business, small people can try themselves, usually they take part in photo shoots of catalogs, magazines, advertising goods.

Model type3

The types of models are defined, by looking at their description, you can independently determine your own:

  • teen model (adolescent mannequins). Usually boys and girls 12-17 years old. They advertise printed goods (clothing catalogs), television advertisements. On any set they are accompanied by their parents;
  • high fashion model (high-fashion models). This is an elite type, used by the age group 16-21. Their height is 175-185, clothes are 40-42, bust and hips - 86, waist circumference - 60 cm;
  • glamor model (glamorous model). Age limit 16-25 years old, chest and hips 86-91 cm, waist 56-61 cm;
  • runway model (models for the podium). Models of this rank are 175-185 cm tall, chest and hips 86 cm, waist 61 cm;
  • plus size model (plus size). Models with a height of 157-184 are used here, their clothing size is 46-54;
  • part model Girls of this type must have beautiful hair to show shampoos and have nice fingers to show jewelry.
What a model should look like in Moscow
What a model should look like in Moscow

For models demonstrating underwear, the parameters meet the following requirements: they must be at least 21 years old, bust 86-91, waist 58-63, hips 86-90 cm.

Next Steps4

Each novice model needs a portfolio with which to come to Moscow. Photos must be taken by a professional from several angles:

  1. Full-length shot.
  2. In a bathing suit.
  3. Clothes.
  4. Portrait.

The resulting photos are printed in large size and saved on an electronic medium. Then they look for suitable agencies, send them a portfolio, describe their parameters, what you like to do in life.

A novice model needs to remember that the competition in this field is very huge. An invitation to casting from agencies does not come immediately, sometimes the wait lasts several weeks, or even months. You also need:

  • do not lose heart after received refusals;
  • take criticism calmly, sometimes it is not superfluous;
  • move forward no matter what.
Model appearance
Model appearance

A lot can be achieved by adhering to these norms. Self-education plays an important role in achieving the goal of being a model in Moscow. Exist:

  1. Special books.
  2. Fashion magazines.
  3. Video tutorials.

You should get acquainted with all this, starting with the basics and the theory of modeling. This will help you learn how to correctly represent yourself in the right light, choose beautiful poses in photography, and also maintain a conversation at social events.

Conclusion 5

Future models should remember that in self-realization in this business it helps:

  • outstanding appearance;
  • firmness in character;
  • the ability to relax in front of the cameras;
  • knowledge of foreign languages;
  • hard work;
  • careful grooming.
Model parameters
Model parameters

If all the "fighting" qualities are present and there is no intention to pass, there is a willingness to win first places on the podium, apply all the above tips, and of course you will achieve success in this matter. Remember patience and work will grind everything.

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