Girls From Social Networks: How To Choose So As Not To Regret

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Girls From Social Networks: How To Choose So As Not To Regret
Girls From Social Networks: How To Choose So As Not To Regret
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social media girl
social media girl

It is difficult to imagine modern society without phones, tablets, gadgets and a social network. Networks are pulling in everyone who has access to the Internet and are becoming the main habitat of all ages and genders. The first thing that every regular of a couple of social networks does every morning is to come in to write a smart status, attach a photo from a coffee or a selfie, and go on duty or to school.

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  • 1 The phenomenon of network life
  • 2 Who can be found on a social network
  • 3 Star
  • 4 Bore in love
  • 5 Alcoholic
  • 6 Exhibitionist
  • 7 Teacher
  • 8 Girl from the last century
  • 9 Normal
  • 10 What should be alert in the profile

Girls from social networks and in life are two different personalities and it is difficult to figure them out even before inviting them on dates, but it is possible. Who to avoid on social networks and what lies behind smart statuses and endless photos - further in the article.

The phenomenon of network lifei

The social network is both good and evil. It helps to quickly promote a product, sell services, find the right person, but at the same time sets a high rhythm of life and requires you to be successful and active so that you do not look like a loser against the background of others.

Everyone strives to acquire crowds of subscribers by all available means in order to become an opinion leader and broadcast daily to a large audience what he ate, drank, with whom he walked, how was the day. Sometimes the storyteller's life is really interesting and rich, but more often it all comes down to banal statuses and stereotyped photos.

The imperfection of their lives is especially painful for beautiful girls who every morning, looking at photographs of fellow students, girlfriends and just acquaintances, understand that somewhere out there life is in full swing, and she sits in front of the monitor in her pajamas, disheveled and chewing sandwiches with sausage instead of a vegetable smoothie.

Many girls on the net take only the desire for a showy life and try to show that everything in their life is not so bad: there is a boyfriend, flowers, walks, gifts. They are not banal and gray mice, but fatal beauties and sexy babes who prefer to spend time actively and fun. The social network influences their choice and dictates the model of behavior.

The girl looks at the tape in the morning, and there is "fashionable manicure 2019" and op, there are no more classic tones, only a fashionable and new photo with a hashtag. Or advertising of a salon and reviews of an idol or an influential friend that you can get the best procedures in it that will help you lose 15 kg per day and tighten, everything that hangs flabby. And already today the girl flies to the salon to get everything she was told about.

But in fact, this is an ordinary hairdresser with an exorbitant price tag and did not really want to have procedures … But what to do, so fashionable, everyone is doing, and what am I worse? The desire to show the perfect picture drives you into depression, the inner voice constantly repeats in the girl's head that she is ugly, not successful, mediocre and uninteresting. The vicious circle with work and home is not interesting to anyone, and there are no new experiences that would help diversify the news feed.

It is good if there is an understanding that all retouched photographs are staged and behind them there are hours of quarrels and tears, scandals in a photo studio and constant stress. And in the photo, all 32 happy couple with children are smiling, playing on the playground, running cross-country races with the dog and eating super-foods together. No one will take a picture of how he drags a pig's head to jellied meat on a holiday, or how he helps plant potatoes in the mud in the garden, or how he looks with a red face and a sweaty T-shirt after a real workout. This is a simple life and nobody is interested in it.

Social media girl with retouch
Social media girl with retouch

Psychologists have long proven dependence on the network, which requires the help of a specialist. The already existing complexes are superimposed on the idea that life passes by and there is no diversity, the figure is not good enough, the children are not so talented, and the husband is simple and dull. Fortunately, everyone corrects visits to a psychologist and the correct perception of oneself in life.

Who can be found on the social network2

In order not to be mistaken with the choice of a possible girl for the evening, guys just look at the profile and understand what kind of personality is hidden behind the photos. Girls from social networks, who have been swallowed up by the invented ideal world, post every step and, after analyzing the latest publications, it becomes clear what to expect from a new acquaintance, and whether it is worth getting to know her at all. Our article will help you easily find an available girl on the network.

Star 3

Beautiful and bright, any ordinary girl will feel bad from her photos. Too good, too well built, too much self-tanner and too much lash volume. She always has impeccable styling, her teeth are whiter than white, she does not eat ordinary food, she leads a healthy lifestyle and gives fashion advice on how to become as perfect.

She will not agree to a meeting with an ordinary man, the rogues from the nearest entrance do not suit her. Upon meeting, it causes horror and discrepancy with the photographs. If you start dating her, there is a risk that one day an Alien will come out of the bathroom instead of a girl, when she rinses off a ton of cosmetics and removes everything that is glued and built up.

professional girl photo
professional girl photo

Bore in Love4

Heavy type of girls from the network. It will not be possible to distinguish it immediately, it successfully disguises itself as normal. He studies at the university, walks with her girlfriends, lives an active life, but after falling in love, he loses his human appearance and turns into a formless thing. A substance that seeks to absorb the object of love and parasitize on it.

Closely admitting such a person is fraught, she will endure the brain and her page will be replete with sad rhymes and statuses and unrequited love and about her ideal companion. Takes out SMS-kami, tracks all movements. Strange and sticky, she will feel sick on the first date.


A passionate lover of adventure and alcohol. A zealous champion of morality to the first glass of wine. He gives her a feeling of euphoria, and all the photos speak of the girl's passion for alcohol. She is not yet a full-fledged alcoholic, but when meeting her, you will have to measure that there is no happy life without a glass. She drinks everywhere, in all the photographs with her friends, believes stories of love and every morning in bed with a new boyfriend angrily hisses to herself that all men are goats. Mom won't like this girl. And it will be difficult to live with her.


Doesn't hesitate to show himself naked. From the word at all. She is frank with all her subscribers, and all her photos are reduced to a demonstration of her breasts, priests, back, abdomen, legs. Not a news feed, but a brief illustration for erotic stories. She is for free love, no guy will tolerate her, if a stripper or a supporter of free love, then there is a chance to arrange a boring pastime with her. She must be loved, praised and encouraged, admired and adored. She does not know how to love in return and does not want to build anything with men.

girl makes up
girl makes up


Not necessarily a diploma. She is boring and always knows how to create an aura of expertise around herself. He advises on everything and happily writes a long post under each photo about his opinion and scientific facts confirming it. Smart, but not fit for life. At least with mere mortals. She has no pictures with a boyfriend, from clubs, fashion resorts. Nature, animals, long stories and discussion of scientific discoveries.

Girl from the last century8

A languid and slow-moving young lady who reads books and constantly repost quotes and phrases about unrequited love. A perfect child suffering from a misunderstanding of the modern world with arguments about cruelty and injustice. She was raised as a princess, the dragon in the form of parents is waiting at home, even she is already 30 years old. She sleeps in lace pajamas in her arms with a doll and dreams of a handsome prince.

Sweetheart, modest in the photographs, gentle, perhaps stupid, loves nature and cooking, as reported by endless photos of recipes. The mother goes to the girl's set, as does the library of toys and fairy tales.


Stable and emotionally stable, sarcastic posts are replaced with simple smart words and reasoning. No retouched and staged photos, no countless selfies. There are no 12D eyelashes, and you won't find any hawk-claw hair extensions to boot. The perfect image of a girl from social networks, but very rare. Looks great without makeup, will gladly go on a hike or to an exhibition of nanotechnology. Not stupid, interesting, desirable for men of all ages.

how to choose a girl
how to choose a girl

What should be alert in the profile10

Acquaintance on the Internet often pushes a man to rash acts, and beautiful photographs stir up interest in a person. Girls from social networks make an ideal platform for self-promotion, choosing only the best angles and popular hashtags. But there are always points that psychologists recommend paying attention to before scribbling a message with an invitation to meet.

  • Selfie overdose. Each new post is accompanied by a selfie and if this is not a star or a fitness model, then this is really strange. Scientists from Mumbai conducted a series of experiments and surveys and proved that fixation on self-love and a passion for taking pictures of themselves is a disease that needs to be treated. It is about attracting attention and compensating for self-doubt. Suitable for evening and night together, but will not pull the relationship.
  • Run as far as possible from those who speak of themselves in the third person or prefer to speak of themselves as a goddess, the chosen one and the best. If a man is smart enough to immediately see this, then the recommendation to run away from such a person is not needed. He himself knows what to do.
  • Inadequate little ones who regularly post that a man is not worthy of a queen, a real father, not the one who gave birth and other stereotyped reflections on the topic of relationships and all men are wrong in relation to her. It will not be possible to build a relationship with her, there are clearly reasons why partners are replaced at the speed of daylight. An adequate person does not lay out problems for everyone to see.
  • Foreign women from the village. A separate category that should be alarming. It is not clear at what moment the awareness of one's own importance and deliberate emphasis on the knowledge of the language at the level “with a dictionary” comes. Her friends speak Russian, and she paints everything with simple phrases in a foreign language. She lives in an ordinary Russian city, she does not have a foreign husband, just the desire to emphasize the dissimilarity blocks common sense.
girl's choice
girl's choice
  • Florist with experience. An abundance of flowers in one post is acceptable if she works in a flower shop or this is her profession. There are two points: either she has a lot of fans or she pretends that she has a lot of fans and takes pictures of all the flowers that come across on the way. Delicate, feminine, light silly girl. She always takes pictures of nature, admires sunsets, animals, children. Suitable for those who dream of an airy girl who will not be bothered by war, hunger, conflicts and everyday issues. She is above it all, far beyond the clouds.
  • It is not worth saying that a girl using a mat or distorted language is inadequate. This is overkill for a normal man. But the lover of non-standard women will appreciate her vocabulary.
  • Insanely smart. The feed contains all the latest events, follows the news, ardently discusses and proves his opinion, writes posts with quotes, understands everything. She is well-read, with high intelligence, often sadness about the fate of the Motherland, uses English words, emphasizes the dissimilarity to the herd and unwillingness to belong to the majority. Non-standard. It is difficult to morally endure a relationship with her.

Social media gives you choice and makes it easier to find like-minded people. Girls are no exception, and there is always a chance to see what a person is interested in, what his way of thinking is, what he puts in first place. Any inner experience of the girl is formalized into a status or a beautiful hashtag and signature. There is a wide choice, the opportunity to assess the adequacy of a person and his attitude to life even before meeting.

Social networks open the door to a previously closed world. Who knew that a former classmate is already a mother of many children or a work colleague sleeps in pajamas with bears? Previously, such information was received only from the culprit of the event himself, but now new photographs give a complete picture of the other person's world. Modest and gray is not the place here, only bright, bold, desperate will win the audience. And the quiet and gray sit and analyze their pages.

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