Family Or Career? What To Choose And How To Combine

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Family Or Career? What To Choose And How To Combine
Family Or Career? What To Choose And How To Combine

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money rain
money rain

Careerists: These guys look successful and always busy - they seem to be sitting across from you at a table sipping caramel raff, but their thoughts are far beyond the walls of the cafe. While you are sitting imposingly on the couch with a pizza, enjoying a legal weekend, they rush around the city, doing additional errands.

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While you regularly keep silent in meetings and count the tiles on the ceiling, they regularly spout ideas and offer various workflow improvements - whether it's dealing with foreign corporations or roasting fries. While you enjoy the follies and joys of an idle lifestyle, they devote all their free time to work. As long as you live life, they live by work.

It looks really scary. But is it really creepy? Perhaps someone is trying to justify their laziness and passivity?

Careers are more likely to see a doctor slap a breakdown record into their medical records. They have more stress and less time for family, friends, and loved ones. But do you know what they have more? Awareness and clear goals for which they get up in the morning.

It's so wonderful - not to rush anywhere, to somehow sit out a working day and run away on a date or a fashionable party and not remember until Monday that the necessary documents have not been sent, calls have not been made, but for some reason the shortcuts on the desktop are arranged alphabetically (although this was not on the to-do list for the day).

Most careerists know how to manage time and know its value. This is if we talk about those girls and boys who really do business, and do not cherish the rosy dreams of "working not for an uncle, but for yourself." While the romantic avidly watches TV shows and TV shows, the careerist climbs higher and higher on the social ladder.

While the romantic becomes more and more passive and aggressive every day, going out less and less often, getting angry from constant lack of money and taking out his anger on his other half, the careerist buys himself more and more expensive goodies, which his romantic friend only dreams of in his wet fantasies …

The constant race for money, success, and promotion is a dangerous game. But betting on a career can bring very good results, including self-respect, pride in the other half, and just a comfortable existence.

man in threesome
man in threesome

Pros of a career-oriented life:

  • Self-realization
  • Self esteem
  • Constant change of environment and social circle (depends on the specific profession)
  • Comfortable financial situation
  • Very limited time for boredom and accompanying self-digging

Cons of a careerist life:

  • A loved one flashes before your eyes somewhere between breakfast and bedtime.
  • Children / parents / kittens grow, age and learn to use the litter box, but you do not notice it
  • Stress, excessive amount of social contacts and responsible decisions
  • An irresponsible and weak person can easily give up halfway and become depressed, and a hyperresponsible person with a gambling thirst for success will not be able to stop in time and catch overwork
Are you a careerist or not
Are you a careerist or not

"Free Birds" 171_171

Men admit that to some extent they envy women - when a businesswoman gets tired of running a corporation, she can become a housewife and start running only her small family corporation of her husband, children and two St. Bernards. For a man, the question "family or career" in fact does not stand at all.

Of course, in the modern world, in which a cocktail of patriarchy, matriarchy, equality, remnants of sexism and the beginnings of feminism reigns, there are more and more families in which partners change roles - she kills a mammoth, he cooks broth from it. But such a family model is still rare, and most men find the thought of settling at home with diapers unbearable and starting an Insta-Daddy blog on Instagram. The question “to give birth to a child or try to take the director’s chair” is a privilege of the weaker sex.

Many former careerists enthusiastically talk about how, walking home from work in the evening, they suddenly heard birdsong and realized that spring had come, but they did not notice it. Calendar months have ceased to be associated with tangerines and Christmas trees, beaches and picnics. Each month of the year is just one more time period for which you need to have time to do the maximum of useful things.

The “relaxed” rhythm of life definitely has its own charm - outside the office you forget that you have obligations, for which you just get this money, which you are going to spend now on beer and a couple of pizzas. You are talking to your child not on Skype, sitting at the other end of the world, but in the old fashioned way - in front of the TV, once again watching Peppa Pig.

You are not chasing the director's chair, you are not afraid to lose in the race for promotions, and you are only worried about not being late for a movie screening a new film. Life flows slowly, and while careerists are swimming on their last legs to an unattainable finish, you sway on the waves to the songs of Coldplay.

Why is it good to be content with little?

  • Less position - less responsibility - more management of your own time
  • Ideal lifestyle for conservatives
  • More time for loved ones
  • Work does not occupy your mind outside the office / cafe / factory / strip club (well, you never know)
  • The less you hold on to your workplace, the easier it is to change your place of work / place of residence / go to conquer Hollywood (again, you never know)

Why is it bad not to strive for career growth?

  • There is a great risk over time to realize that achievements by a certain age are negligible
  • Monotony
  • Lack of development
  • There is time to meet with friends in the bar, but there is no money for this meeting

Relationships - money and love

It's one thing when the choice "to go for a promotion or not" you set yourself. It is completely different when romantic relationships intervene here and you get a love triangle: you + other half + work.

Relationship of love and money
Relationship of love and money

Needless to say, the relationship between a careerist and a “free traveler” is, if not doomed to failure, then certainly to certain difficulties.

At first, one partner may admire the other's ambition and determination. A careerist can be grateful to his half for the ability to cheer, distract from worries and pull out to unwind. But then (especially during periods of crisis for all couples, which begin immediately, as the candy-bouquet period comes to an end), serious disagreements will begin and both people will notice that their worldview and attitude to life are very different.

What can we say about mere mortals, if even world celebrities chose a family instead of a career! Someone abandoned the emerging popularity, someone, having had time to enjoy success, decided to retire, while others decided to take everything from life - they plunged headlong into the family, but occasionally pampering the public with their appearance. If you decide to prefer a family, know that Grace Kelly, Carla Bruni, Twiggy, Katie Holmes and others are also on your shelf.

Career or love what to choose
Career or love what to choose

When is the urge to sacrifice a career justified?

  • Work is not fun and you are only held back by the fear of not finding a new job.
  • Promotion is impossible in principle
  • You have realized that you are not interested in promotion
  • Work takes more than it gives
  • The relationship is strong and trusting, the partner is ready to support you both morally and financially
  • You are afraid of losing this person more than your job.

When should you choose a career?

  • Quarrels with the other half happen all the time, not only because of your busyness
  • The partner is ready to accept your sacrifice, but he does not intend to sacrifice anything himself
  • You love your job and cannot imagine life without it
  • Life has given you a unique chance to build a dream career, and you will definitely have no luck anymore.
  • At the workplace, even on a busy schedule, you are calmer than with a partner

Family business? 2

And if you try to combine such significant parts of your life together? A family business is not a bad idea. Let everyone do what they do best, and let the other support and contribute. Whether it's baking cakes or a travel blog - if you're both passionate about something and you know you can make money from it - go for it!

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