A Beautiful And Modern Image Of A Japanese Woman - What Does It Mean?

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A Beautiful And Modern Image Of A Japanese Woman - What Does It Mean?
A Beautiful And Modern Image Of A Japanese Woman - What Does It Mean?

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Beautiful japanese
Beautiful japanese

Using the example of Japanese women, you can see how the concept of beauty among people can change dramatically. For a long time, a deeply traditional society, developing in conditions of almost complete isolation, independently established the rules and standards of beauty. At that time, beautiful Japanese women simply did not exist as a phenomenon. It took tens and even hundreds of years for the appearance of these women to finally be appreciated.

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  • 2 Russians look at oriental beauty
  • 3 The path to the image of a modern Japanese woman
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  • 5 Where can you find a large number of beauties?

By the way, it is noted that men are more and more attracted by Asian appearance. And we propose to look at the most beautiful Chinese women in parallel (after all, they have a similarity with Japanese women).

The path of Japanese women to their beauty

In order to find out what Japanese beauties were like at least 100-200 years ago, you need to try very hard. All this is due to the fact that, due to the peculiarities of culture and worldview of the appearance of people, a very negligible amount of attention was received. It is reliably known that it was a traditional phenomenon to create the same look for all Japanese women.

The same procedures were carried out with each of the girls - they plucked out eyebrows and drew the same for each, whitened the skin of the face, blackened the teeth. For a European person, this may seem like real wildness. Every married woman was obliged to wear modest clothes of pale shades that did not distinguish their figure in any way.

In sum, all this gave the fact that visiting foreigners could not distinguish one woman from another. The individuality of the appearance of Japanese women has been destroyed since childhood.

Over time, the development of the Japanese state and its individual subjects led to the fact that men from all countries came to the largest city, Edo, and spent a long time in each other's company away from their families. This happened for many political and economic reasons.

The ruling elite was aware of the need for entertainment and recreation for representatives of the highest ranks. Rulers and nobles from all over Japan also brought their own armed escort with them. And he, too, consisted of only men. As a result, a social institution was created in which geisha were trained. Who they are and what qualities of a geisha should be adopted by modern women, we read in our next article.

Geisha were specially trained girls who were obliged to entertain and please the princes and other nobles in every possible sense - from sexual services to small talk. The massive construction of special institutions and institutions began, where geisha could provide services. These were both innocent baths and official state brothels.

Geisha of this period can be called the first documented beautiful Japanese women. Due to their duty, they had to look attractive not only for local clients, but also for visiting people from other countries. They were allowed to maintain their individuality, to avoid all the terrible and unpleasant procedures that awaited married women.

images of beautiful Japanese women
images of beautiful Japanese women

Since the majority of foreigners arriving in Japan were men, there have been many laudatory records of Japanese geishas. Whether this was objective judgments, or simply the happiness of the sailors who spent more than two months sailing after a night with a skillful and submissive geisha is unknown. All the sailors willingly took advantage of the entertainment offered by the Japanese government.

Such an increased interest in young Japanese girls was due to the fact that a period of mass emancipation began in the European states of that time. Western women tried their best to throw off their patriarchal shackles and frames, and live on an equal basis with men. And the Japanese women were very polite, calm, submissive and never contradicted the representatives of the stronger sex. This drove the visiting sailors crazy, among whom there were already Russians.

Russian look at oriental beauty2

It is a historical fact that several Russian writers of the beginning of the last century visited Japan and left their comments about beautiful Japanese women. One of the "lucky ones" was Konstantin Balmont, who visited this country in 1916. He was very impressed with the grace, gentleness, grace, calmness of Japanese girls.

about beautiful Japanese women
about beautiful Japanese women

The writer praised their unusual beauty in every possible way, said that after that he considered European and Russian beauty boring and gray. Especially Balmont praised the Japanese dancers, who, in his words, were real professionals in this art. There was no vulgarity in them, only elegance, expressiveness and wonderful fragility.

Another Russian cultural figure who visited Japan was Boris Pilnyak. In 1926 he came to this country and recorded many vivid events and images that came across to him on the journey. He also did not ignore the young geisha, of whom there were already a very large number at that time.

Despite the fact that each of them was to some extent individual, they dressed up and behaved in a similar way. Mandatory elements were floor-length kimonos, a wide painted belt and wooden sandals.

What was especially remarkable in the opinion of the Russian traveler is the changes that have occurred to women under the influence of a strong and difficult patriarchal culture. The girls changed psychologically: shyness, timidity and submissiveness were the only qualities that they could and wanted to demonstrate.

Beautiful Japanese women who are they
Beautiful Japanese women who are they

Physiological metamorphoses also occurred to them - they were unable to move quickly due to the fact that from childhood they wrapped their feet with bandages so that they would remain small and "childish" even in adulthood. Of course, Boris Pilnyak described all this with real delight, as if it should be so.

The public left Balmont's reviews without criticism, but Pilnyak, who lived in the Soviet state, had a hard time. He published the book "Roots of the Sun", in which he described in detail and in a positive way everything that he was able to see.

The content of this book has been severely criticized for his praise and admiration for the oppression and exploitation of Japanese women, and for his cruel rituals and traditions as correct and beautiful. He had to write another book in which he criticized his own words.

The path to the image of a modern Japanese woman3

European culture began to penetrate into Japanese culture at the beginning of the last century. Geisha schools receded into the background. And this significantly influenced the way the women of Japan became. A particularly illustrative example is the period when advertising spread en masse across the country.

Beautiful Japanese women what they are
Beautiful Japanese women what they are

The vast majority of advertising posters contained a female image. Even in this European technology, the Japanese tradition of turning women into service personnel has been preserved.

If alcohol was advertised, then a Japanese woman was portrayed who poured a drink into a glass. If there was an advertisement for watches or jewelry, then again there was a Japanese woman on the image, who held out these same jewelry to the viewer. The only exception was the male sake ad, which featured images of male sumo wrestlers.

First of all, under the influence of Europeans, the appearance of Japanese women changed. They gave up skin whitening, instead using blush, which foreigners really liked. Imitation of Europeans and the desire to please them led to the fact that girls began to paint a second eyelid for themselves so that their eyes did not look too Asian.

They even had to break the age-old tradition and smile broadly, showing others a dazzling snow-white smile. Although the demonstration of teeth in Japan has always been considered a sign of rudeness and aggression towards the interlocutor.

Over time, Western culture has almost completely replaced traditional Japanese outfits from the wardrobe of Japanese women. Already in the 70s of the last century, it was difficult to find a woman in a kimono on the street. But such rapid changes did not occur on the psychological side.

Beautiful japanese
Beautiful japanese

Even modern Japanese women cover their mouths when they smile, so as not to show the interlocutor their teeth, move slowly and measuredly, although the long hem of the kimono no longer constrains them. They wear European clothes - knee-length and shorter skirts, trousers, shorts, jeans. In general, everything that for a long time had nothing to do with their culture.

Modern Japanese women4

Any modern Japanese woman will definitely follow her appearance. But, despite this, there are much fewer truly naturally attractive women among them than among Europeans. However, this judgment is based only on the views of the inhabitants of Western countries. Despite this, there are quite a large number of beautiful Japanese girls and women, and most of them are concentrated in the professions of culture and art.

Where can you meet a large number of beauties? 5

First of all, it should be said about Japanese musicians. One of the criteria for getting on the big stage, not only in Japan, but also in other Asian countries, is the ideal appearance.

image of beautiful Japanese women
image of beautiful Japanese women

Japanese pop stars do not hesitate to use a large amount of cosmetics, many of them undergo plastic surgery in order for their image to acquire ideal (in the opinion of the audience, of course) features.

They not only look stunning, but with all their appearance they demonstrate charm, cheerfulness, happiness and self-confidence. Eastern pop culture is now spreading more and more around the world, and this is due not only to their excellent vocal abilities, but also to memorable and vivid images.

Secondly, the bulk of the beauties in Japan are fans of anime and cosplay - dressing up as cartoon characters and games. These girls have an ideal physique, dress up in beautiful, bright and unusual costumes, sometimes even very frank ones, pose for photographers and even just walk the streets in them.

Especially successful cosplayers, as well as pop artists, use the services of plastic surgeons. And, of course, not a single transformation into a hero of a computer game or anime takes place without a huge amount of cosmetics.

perfect image of beautiful Japanese women
perfect image of beautiful Japanese women

Thirdly, there is a whole category of actors who appear in special Japanese TV series - dramas. The stars of these long-running TV shows can achieve unprecedented heights. They are extolled, adored and idealized. Of course, to get into the cast of such a show, you need to have considerable talents, luck and, of course, excellent appearance.

All Japanese women who play in dramas are idealized manifestations of the audience's fantasy. For every taste and preference among the actors, there is someone who can embody it on the screen.

Fourthly, one cannot fail to mention such a phenomenon as the idol subculture. Idols are cultural figures - singers, actors, models, who are the objects of real and sometimes fanatical worship of the Japanese. These idols are the standard and ideal for any inhabitant of Japan, they personify purity, innocence, angelic beauty, modesty and cheerfulness.

They are the ones who inspire the Japanese to imitate their image and their lives, and this is a very effective mechanism for influencing the population. They adore Japanese idols so much that they are ready to take their words as a guide to action. If an idol leads a healthy lifestyle, plays sports and does not drink alcohol, then his fans will do the same.

about beautiful Japanese women
about beautiful Japanese women

The main criterion for an idol is precisely the appearance and the ability to behave nicely and innocently. They are considered (primarily by the Japanese themselves) the most beautiful Japanese women in the world.

All this gives rise to a lot of stereotypes and funny situations all over the world. Most people are familiar with Japan only from their creativity - dramas, j-pop groups, idol singers and models. And there is a false impression that every Japanese woman has an angelic, sweet and innocent appearance.

In fact, many travelers who have visited this country often experience disappointment and resentment that ladies of a model appearance do not walk the streets. The average Japanese woman does not always suit the taste of a person who has watched the best and most beautiful representatives of this society for a long time.

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