How To Avoid Awkward Silence When Talking To A Girl?

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How To Avoid Awkward Silence When Talking To A Girl?
How To Avoid Awkward Silence When Talking To A Girl?

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with a kiss
with a kiss

Now the 21st century is in the yard - the time for communication on any topic, the time when intimate questions are not taboo, and communication skills have become preferable to hunting skills. But even today, nothing can replace real communication, especially between young representatives of different genders. And awkward silence with a girl can disrupt all the pleasure of the process. Every young person needs to find the reasons for this behavior and remove this defect. After all, this will help to experience positive emotions from a pleasant conversation, and perhaps it will lay the foundation for something more. In addition, successful dialogues are extremely beneficial for self-esteem.

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Reasons for embarrassmenti

It is possible to feel embarrassed in a conversation, especially with a representative of the fairer sex, only in two cases: during voice or video communication by phone (messenger), or during a live conversation. But, since this very conversation took place, it means the situation is much better than that of the guys, who find it difficult even to get to know a lady. One way or another, the reasons for such situations are as follows:

  • Lack of confidence in your appearance or mental abilities.
  • Overly modest temperament and shyness.

The above two qualities are serious signals of a lack of self-esteem or, even worse, the presence of complexes. Both must be removed by all available methods.

  • Lack of experience in dealing with the fair sex.
  • Lack of initiative from the “opposite side”.

But in any case, with the silence, the guy begins to feel uncomfortable. This provokes even more insecurity and prevents the brain from concentrating on creating an interesting topic of conversation.

And in the rarest cases, the reason is the banal lack of common interests, and the girl's interest in the conversation. It so happens that a man clearly understands that his hobbies and knowledge cannot attract the attention of the interlocutor. Usually, such ladies have a rather narrow outlook and are not suitable as a pleasant interlocutor.

Correcting bugs2

Since in most cases awkward silence with a girl causes not the most pleasant feelings in a young man, he needs to get rid of interfering factors. You can increase your self-confidence with the help of good clothes, going to the gym and other improvements in appearance, but it is better to start from the psychological side of the issue, that is, learn to communicate.

Awkward silence with a girl
Awkward silence with a girl

And it is worth starting with telephone conversations, and then switch to video communication (if during a real conversation the brain refuses to help the owner at all). Gradually, you will need to move from calls to one-on-one dialogues.

Universal instruction3

  • It's a good idea to think about the development of the conversation in advance. Particularly good ideas are worth memorizing or even writing down. It is very good if a man knows the hobbies of the interlocutor, it can be music, books, drawing (whatever). The conversation should have a goal - an attempt to get to know the person better, tell about yourself, provide interesting information or get an opinion.
  • Even if the guy is very savvy in many areas (cinema, art, history), you should not get too carried away and demonstrate the full depth of your knowledge. Phrases should be of moderate length and relate exclusively to the chosen target. And only if the beauty herself asks to change the subject and tell her about something more, then it is worth shining with erudition.
  • Speaking is important. But the ability to listen to your interlocutor is much more important. It is best to build a conversation in the form of a dialogue, and not a monologue of one of the parties. After each girl's answer, it is necessary to answer: “Very interesting, but I think …”, “And I think so …”, “My opinion is …”. This will make her listen to the young man's words.

At the very beginning of the "internship" the third point can be neglected. It is enough to give an interesting topic while the girl is "carried". Absolutely all ladies love to talk, but only a small percentage know how to listen correctly. Therefore, for the first time, it is worth giving the interlocutor plenty to say. This will remove the awkwardness and endear the beauty to the man. The main thing is to guess with the subject of the conversation.

How to talk to a girl
How to talk to a girl

Silence is not a sign of lack of interest or unwillingness to continue the conversation. If after your proposal there is only silence in response, then it is worth provoking the woman to answer: “What do you think…”, “Do you know…” etc. It also happens that the interlocutor simply does not know what to answer (and she herself sits, feeling uncomfortable). An awkward silence with a girl can be broken by interesting questions that will make the beauty think: "Do you like outdoor recreation or discos more?", "How would you act in a situation when …" Do you think you could become an artist? - countless options

It is interesting questions that allow you to break the harmful silence.

Listen to the answers correctly. You just need to listen attentively to what words the lady focuses on, what situations described she emphasizes especially. This will help you better understand a person's worldview. But you should not listen thoughtlessly; at the right moment you should nod or express an exclamation, or shake your head sympathetically. In pauses, you can insert short remarks: "That's right," "That's right," etc. Every woman will appreciate this attention to her words

During the conversation4

With each new conversation, the guy will receive life experience that will show that the girls are to some extent very similar to himself (with the exception of logic), they can also be shy and try to keep the conversation going.

It is very useful in a dialogue to pay attention not only to the interlocutor, but also to everything around (sitting in the park, you can observe wild animals or other people, and comment on what is happening at the right time). If there is an awkward pause, it will help neutralize the silence. But here it is important not to get carried away, otherwise the lady will feel that she does not arouse interest in the interlocutor at all.

An awkward silence with a woman
An awkward silence with a woman

Gradually, from neutral themes, you can move on to light flirting. This is by no means an attempt to seduce and drag a woman into bed. It's just a very pleasant form of communication between two different sexes, which helps to get to know each other's character. Just don't praise the unusual eyes and figure, it's too commonplace. You can focus on manicure (if any), beautiful hair, voice. Yes, even praise some of her answers.

If the silence is caused not by the constraint on the part of the guy, but by the excessive tightness of the girl, then the young man must first of all relax, make it clear that the situation does not bother him at all. Ideally, you can continue to tell something interesting, this will give the shy guy time to collect his thoughts and overcome shyness.

There is a special form of communication between loved ones, friends or a couple - it doesn't matter. It's called silence. This is not the kind of silence in which both interlocutors feel out of place. Such silence makes it clear that people are good with each other and without words, it causes not awkwardness, but real relaxation and empathy. After all, everyone has heard more than once that it is good to have a person with whom you can just keep quiet.

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