On Which Site To Meet People For Friendship And Relationships

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On Which Site To Meet People For Friendship And Relationships
On Which Site To Meet People For Friendship And Relationships

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On which site to meet
On which site to meet

On which site to meet interesting people is a question that worries many single people. Unfortunately, it so often happens that smart and interesting people are alone in real life, so they often resort to dating via the Internet in order to find interlocutors, friends and love as quickly as possible.

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  • 1 What precautions to remember
  • 2 Where to look for love?
  • 3 Linkyou
  • 4 Teamo
  • 5 EDarling
  • 6 Love Planet
  • 7 Badoo
  • 8 Smski
  • 9 Mamba
  • 10 Mylove
  • 11 Tinder
  • 12 Fotostrana
  • 13 Friend Around
  • 14 Where else can you meet people?

Today, in the vastness of the global network, there are many sites where you can meet interesting people, look for partners according to the necessary parameters and regularly go on dates.

What precautions to remember i

Before you figure out on which site to get acquainted with your soul mate, you need to take advantage of some security measures. Unfortunately, today more and more swindlers appear on the network who want to enrich themselves at the expense of naive people or disseminate personal information. Therefore, quite often a pretty blonde or a handsome man in an expensive car turns out to be not at all the people for whom they claim to be. You should not rush into the abyss of feelings headlong, even if you are looking for dating girls for a serious relationship or with guys.

One must be vigilant when communicating online. Of course, within the limits of what is permitted. If a person has several photos in their profile, there is no information about themselves, and when searching for a picture, a dozen accounts with the same image are shown, then most likely the case is with an ordinary fake, which is not worth wasting your time on. To maximally protect yourself from fraudsters, you should use the following rules:

  • Do not talk about your financial situation, do not tell strangers about your place of work, the name of your boss. There is no need to talk about any shenanigans carried out within the company.
  • No need to throw off your personal and intimate photos.
  • You should beware of suspicious links sent by users, do not participate in any social polls.
  • If it is a question of a possible meeting, it is better to first communicate with the person. Make an appointment in a crowded place, for example, in the city center. You should not agree to a tempting offer to go on a visit, out of town, on a trip.

If the user shows suspicious activity, distributes prohibited information and photos, it is better to immediately contact the technical support of the site or complain about the profile.

Where to look for love? 2

On which site to meet a girl or a man for serious relationships and meetings? Caring users have compiled a rating of the most popular dating sites today.


This is an unusual service for dating, where they are looking for partners by profession and preferences in life. It is quite easy to use the service, here many functions are free, however, you can subscribe to the “premium” service to raise your profile to the top, view private profiles and select interlocutors by the criteria of height, weight and hair color.

dating site linkyou
dating site linkyou

This service helps you find like-minded people, friends, and a soul mate. It is worth noting that the site is regularly staffed by administrators who solve conflict situations and ban impolite users. The only drawback of this resource is its lack of popularity and the opportunity to get acquainted only with the residents of Russia.


Teamo is a free dating site for finding serious relationships and intimate encounters. According to research, people who are in the 25+ age group are most often registered on this resource. Teamo is a proven dating site with over ten million users. Here you can undergo psychological testing during registration, find partners of a similar psychotype, view the profiles of people from other cities.

However, there is a significant disadvantage: in order to fully use the site's services, you need to activate a premium account, which costs about 500 rubles. Without it, you will not be able to view profiles, reply to messages and likes.

site for dating teamo
site for dating teamo


This is an international dating platform that allows you to find partners who match your psychotype. During registration, a person undergoes a psychological test that determines temperament, character and personality type. After that, the system offers people with similar views and worldviews. EDarling is a great opportunity to communicate with people from other countries, improve your language and find love.

The platform also has its drawbacks. First, the site is not very popular in Russia. Secondly, in order to fully enjoy the services of the site, you need to buy a vip account. Thirdly, during registration, you need to fill out a detailed questionnaire, which will take about 30 minutes of free time.

dating site edarling
dating site edarling

Love PlanetLove_Planet

Love Planet is one of the most popular dating sites in Russia and the near abroad. There are about 19 million registered users on this platform. Very impressive numbers. The registration process on the site is simple, you just need a phone number and an email address. However, in order to use all the services of the site and communicate with an unlimited number of interlocutors per day, you must purchase a premium account.

Of the minuses of this site, we can note annoying advertising that interferes with enjoying communication. In addition, on the network there are too fake reviews about this Internet site, which speak of the prospect of getting to know each other and creating a relationship within a few days.

love planet dating site
love planet dating site


An international site that allows people to meet both from the same city and from different countries. About 350 million accounts are registered here, which is very attractive for those who want to get acquainted. In addition, there is verification of photos and phone numbers, which reduces the chances of stumbling upon fake profiles.

Despite its popularity, this site has some drawbacks. On Badoo, the selection of candidates is rather strange, and a resident from Kaliningrad, for example, may be offered to meet a resident of Vladivostok. It is not known what criteria are used to select acquaintances, but very often this site brings people from different parts of the country together. In addition, Badoo is popular only in large cities, there are few residents from villages and small regional centers, which greatly complicates the search for a soul mate.

In addition, you also need to activate a vip account on the site in order to be able to respond to messages, view guests, likes. You can buy a vip account for a week, a month or for an unlimited period. Newly registered users are given the opportunity to use the free version of the site for several days in order to understand what they need to pay money for.

dating site badoo
dating site badoo

Although some users shared a useful life hack: if you delete a profile on Badoo for a few days, then after it is restored, the user's vip account is automatically activated.


This is a relatively new dating site that was founded in 2016. Today about 2 million people are registered here. However, the site's functionality is negligible. Some functions are still in development and cannot be used yet. In addition, the site also further assumes paid use of its functions.

All you need to register is a phone number and a mailbox address. Everything is easy and simple. But residents of small towns will not be able to find a company here, since most of the registered users are located in Moscow.

dating site smski
dating site smski


Mamba is one of the very first dating sites on the Runet. Today, Mamba has about 35 million accounts located in Russia and the near abroad. Only 5 years ago, the platform was quite popular for finding meetings and relationships, but today more and more scammers, perverts and girls of easy virtue appear here.

According to numerous user reviews, sponsors, kept women and one-time meetings are most often looked for here. But there are also adequate people who want to find their love. Recently, the functionality of Mamba began to decrease, today the work of moderators leaves much to be desired.

mamba dating site
mamba dating site


Russian platform with about 30 million registered users. Initially, it was an anonymous site for finding one-time meetings, but today you can put your photos here and get to know people nearby. Most often, people who are in the 30+ age group are registered here.

Registration on the Mylove service is simple, it doesn't even require a mobile phone number. Because of this, the site is dominated by a large number of fake accounts, perverts and scammers.

dating site mylove
dating site mylove


A popular youth application with an interface similar to Badoo. The main audience of users is individuals from 16 to 30 years old. Here you can find a serious relationship, meet for meetings without obligations, friends and a pleasant company for the evening. The service allows you to search for people nearby, filter users by age, height, weight, eye color.

To meet in Tinder, you need to verify your photo and number, so there are not many fake accounts here. The only drawback is that the site is dominated by young people who are looking for vivid sensations and adventures, but not serious relationships. Therefore, it will be difficult to find a soul mate here.

dating site tinder
dating site tinder


Fotostrana is a popular entertainment dating site that combines elements of the game. Today the site has about 45 million registered users. Here you can play games, receive bonuses, and use additional options.

This platform is suitable for those who like flirting and easy communication, since the main audience of users is young people from 16 to 25 years old. It is unlikely that you will be able to find something serious here, but you will definitely have a good and exciting time.

dating site photocountry
dating site photocountry

Friend around4

This is perhaps the most controversial dating app. User reviews differ: some consider the platform suitable for finding love, while others criticize the moderators for a large number of fake profiles and perverts. It is worth noting that recently a photo verification function has appeared on the site, the ability to indicate age and personal data only once. And if earlier a man's account could turn into a woman's in a couple of seconds, now this will not work. The moderators began to fight fakes and unwanted persons.

This site is suitable for those who live in remote regions of the country, a large number of residents of small towns and villages are registered here. There are also disadvantages - to write messages on the general air or raise your page to the top of the search, you need to pay an additional fee. But despite this, using this platform is much cheaper than the above-described sites.

Dating on Instagram is also gaining popularity, read more about this in the article at the link.

dating site around
dating site around

Where else can you meet people? five

According to surveys, the most popular dating sites are the sites listed above or the top 10 dating sites. But today there are cases of acquaintances, for example, on thematic forums, on instagram, on VKontakte. You can find friends on sites of interest, for example, on various sports resources there are forums where users are looking for each other. Usually people from different cities gather there, which greatly complicates the search for a soul mate, but it's worth trying your luck.

In the popular social network Vkontakte in recent years, many communities have appeared that help find love and relationships. Moreover, these groups are created for each city and village, which allows you to find geographically close people for friendship and communication.

However, searches can get complicated here too. Indeed, people sit on social networks most often for entertainment, listening to music, news, photos. These sites imply dating, but not in the original place. But dating sites are designed for a specific purpose, they allow you to find a soul mate many times faster.

However, there are no rules in dating, because sometimes true love comes unexpectedly, when you don't expect it at all.

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