Golddigersha: Who Is She And Why Is It Dangerous For Men?

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Golddigersha: Who Is She And Why Is It Dangerous For Men?
Golddigersha: Who Is She And Why Is It Dangerous For Men?

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If you translate this set of letters literally, then the golddiger is a gold digger. But she does not walk around the field with a metal detector and is not interested in archeology.

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I'm going to look for you

This person is really in search of gold. Or rather, the one who owns gold bars.

Are you familiar with the term "kept woman"? A lady who is not particularly eager to work or get an education. Career, financial independence and independence for her are feminist nonsense. She dreams of turning around a wealthy sponsor and living without caring about anything.

Golddigersha is a professional, if I may say so, a seeker of wealthy guardians. This is her hobby, profession and vocation.


The profile of the gold digger is replete with pictures of her in lingerie, tight-fitting dresses, swimsuits and no clothes at all.

The fair sex likes to show off extremely successful photos in bikinis, or upload a selfie that favorably emphasizes the chest peeking out of a deep neckline. But ordinary users pore over a beautiful picture in order to raise their self-esteem and wipe their nose with the ex / new passion of the ex-boyfriend / ex-girlfriend of the current one, etc.

The hero of our article uses her Instagram page in order to show the product, so to speak, with her face.

Goldigersha who is she
Goldigersha who is she

You probably won't find any funny or silly selfies on her. This is not for her. In addition, if a digersha invests exclusively in her appearance, her sense of humor is most likely either poorly developed or absent.

Luxurious hotels, restaurants and only the most luxurious resorts. Our heroine will not post on Instagram a photo from the dacha, where she, happily squealing, devours a kebab and pours brandy.

Her task is to look and live “Instagram”, that is, deliberately luxurious, beautiful and flawless.

It will not be difficult for you to find thousands of girls in the vastness of the above-mentioned social network, whose faces and figures are sharpened to the standard - they have large breasts and priests, thin waists, and magnificent hair. The eyebrows, noses and lips were as if made in bulk, by one master for all.

Some girls are so addicted to the pursuit of the perfect Instagram appearance that they forget about the sense of proportion. But there is a merchant for any product, so you don't have to worry about these dolls with hypertrophied lips, breasts and eyelashes.

What Goldigers Do
What Goldigers Do

Invest in yourself2

Kept women and golddiggers can be very, very thoughtful and intelligent.

While some girls thoughtlessly squander the money received from the daddy, others are actively investing their savings in themselves and their development - if there is nothing more to improve in appearance, the Goldigersha takes on her intellectual self-development.

Yes, don't be surprised! Girls know how to skillfully pretend to be fools when it suits them.

Well-groomed girls have time to attend blowjob courses, read books, and view business news. As we already said, finding a profitable man for them is a lifelong business. And in any profession you have to constantly improve and gain knowledge. Especially when young people are rapidly stepping on their heels.

Think for one3

Escort agencies are thriving and growing. Is there a demand? There is! Anyone willing to sell their company for a hundred green? Enough!

Working in an agency through a manager, you can count on a certain "formality" and security of the transaction. But the agency will have to unfasten a considerable amount.

What goldigers look like
What goldigers look like

Therefore, many "professionals" prefer to wield alone.

It is more complicated, more energy-consuming and more dangerous - but how will an oligarch turn out to be not very promising?

But, belonging to herself, our individual entrepreneur is free to meet with whom, how and where she wants.

Through the mouth of a rapper he speaks the truth

Listen to a Kanye West song at your leisure. It's called "Gold Digger".

“Now I ain't sayin 'she a gold digger

But she ain't messin 'wit no broke niggaz"

These lines translate as follows: "I'm not saying she's a golddigger, but she doesn't hang out with the poor."

Golddigersha is a well-groomed and sleek lady who dresses expensively (or tries to) and is not going to waste her time on men who cannot provide her.

Suspect # 1_1

Miranda Kerr was also suspected of self-interest when ordinary people found out that she intended to marry billionaire Evan Spiegel.

Miranda Kerr and Edward Spiegel
Miranda Kerr and Edward Spiegel

Miranda, of course, is not an easy bride - after all, for many years she was the top "angel" of Victoria's Secret. And in general, she achieved great success in the modeling business, managed to be married to Orlando Bloom and even launched a cosmetics line.

But the billionaire groom is still spicy news.

Spiegel was one of America's youngest and most promising billionaires. He is the founder of the Snapchat platform. This is where all those dog filters came from that flooded your feed a few years ago.

The public did not believe that Miranda had fondness for Evan.

It is not known what influenced Spiegel - his own reflections or gossip of the public, but he set out to protect himself from possible losses.

Miranda Kerr and Edward Spiegel
Miranda Kerr and Edward Spiegel

No, he did not cancel the wedding. But with the help of his lawyers, he drew up a harsh prenuptial agreement. In the event of a divorce, Miranda gets absolutely nothing.

The celebration took place, the couple had a son. By the way, the groom had another quirk - before marriage, he and Miranda decided to arrange a period of "abstinence".

In general, one can only guess how true the envious speculations are. We hope that complete understanding reigns in the Kerr-Spieger family.

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