Biography Of Mae West: Gorgeous Blonde And Inimitable Actress

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Biography Of Mae West: Gorgeous Blonde And Inimitable Actress
Biography Of Mae West: Gorgeous Blonde And Inimitable Actress

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Mae West
Mae West

Twentieth century sex symbol, scandalous actress with platinum curls.

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Who comes to your mind?

Marilyn Monroe is undeniably a movie legend. Until now, at the mention of her name, the public is divided into two camps - some admire her, others say that such a dissolute person, to put it mildly, is not a worthy example to follow.

Do you know the name Mae West?

She, by the way, left an equally bright light in the history of cinema.

Take a moment off your worries and get ready to travel back in time.

Next stop is the twentieth century!


The full name of the actress is Mary Jane West. During her long enough life (she lived 87 years), she managed to try out the role of an actress, playwright and screenwriter. She got the status of a sex symbol and one of the most scandalous stars of that time.

The baby was born in Brooklyn. It was August 1893.

Mary Jane's father managed to be both a boxer and a detective.

Now it is clear in whom little Jane was so versatile.

And mother Mary West worked as a model in her younger years. So the girl was not deprived of beauty and photogenicity either.

Even if you were not familiar with her work, you have probably seen her photographs at least once. Platinum curls, thin arch eyebrows, revealing neckline.

Standard set for a movie star of the last century. Yet Mae West has been an innovator and pioneer in many ways.

Road to glory2

World-class celebrities are often divided into two types - some start their careers in early childhood, others find themselves at the right time and in the right place.

Mae West
Mae West

Mae West was of the first type. She began her path to fame at the age of five, participating in amateur productions.

When May was twelve, she began to actively move up the career ladder, playing vaudeville.

The first significant date is 1911. Eighteen-year-old Miss West makes her first Broadway appearance.

Later, the girl appeared in the music publication "Ev'rybody Shimmies Now" - they published her photo.

Our reader is waiting for scandal, dirt and debauchery.

“What is its scandalousness? Where are the novels with married politicians, presidents, just scoundrels, after all ?? " - you ask.

In order to be known as a scandalous woman, she would not even have to have an affair with some dandy.

Mae West was the epitome of scandal. She was much bolder and more relaxed than it was then.

Looseness was her middle name. Undisguised sexuality shone through in all her appearance and was expressed in her dances.

If you want to do well, do it yourself. So Miss West wrote the script for the play herself. And she herself played the main role in it.

Mae West's life
Mae West's life

The play had a short and capacious title - "Sex".

How does it feel?

The play raised an important topic at all times - the right of women to express their sexuality. To hell with bigotry, to hell with morality!

This was too new for 1926. Too bold, too shameless, too vulgar … Everything turned out to be too much.

The abundance of criticism did not prevent tickets from being sold. Apparently, this angered the bigots even more - in the end, the showing of the play was stopped.

Mary Jane West and her theater company were arrested and sentenced to ten days in prison.

Thanks to exemplary behavior, she was released earlier than the offended haters desired.

By the way, it is possible that she simply charmed the head of the prison - some sources claim that everything was exactly like that.

This theory looks very plausible - this woman knew how to treat men.

The imprisonment did not affect the popularity of little Mary Jane in any way. More precisely, it did her good.

May West's fate
May West's fate

Then there was another play. And again a scandal! "Interference" raised an absolutely unthinkable topic - it talked about homosexuality! Mary laughed at conventions. She hated hypocrisy and did not hide it at all.

"Interference" became a hit. And this is not surprising - people are attracted by everything vicious and forbidden. Broadway wanted nothing to do with this play, so it was only possible to get to the performances in New Jersey.

Needless to say, Interference and the accompanying scandal did not interfere with Mary West's career?

Film career3

  • 1932 Mae West is offered a contract to shoot the film. Baby Jane did not miss her chance and agreed. During this period, Miss West moved to Hollywood.
  • Mae West's first film was Night after Night. This is the story of how a lonely and sad stranger ruins the peace of a former boxer who has everything a man could want.
C / f "Night after night"
C / f "Night after night"

Or not all?

1933 Mae West stars in She Was Wrong. Her own play was taken as a basis. Mae West's company was just right, because Cary Grant starred in the film with her. Apparently, the film came out well - it was nominated for an Oscar

Mae West, without a doubt, has reached tremendous heights. She was very rich, very famous and very … shocking.

The sexuality of her films has been severely criticized. Plays and scripts were censored, edited, and titled more appropriately.

This did not stop Jane West from writing a bunch of successful scripts and saving the Paramount film company from ruin.

Gone to the people4

Do you know the authors of all those aphorisms and catchphrases that you use in everyday life?


Therefore, it will be useful to conduct a small educational program.

"Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?" - yes, yes, this phrase belongs to this scandalous actress.

Mae West's career
Mae West's career

You've probably heard this phrase in one situation or another, in one form or another. But they didn’t even know that this sharp-tongued brawler had invented it.

And the following phrase will probably be remembered by those who went to the movies on Deadpool: "My left leg is Christmas, my right leg is Easter, why don't you come to me between these holidays?"

Now do you understand why May is known as a brawler and a sex symbol?

Her sexuality was not limited to a deep neckline. And in order to become famous, she did not need to shine at social events with famous men.

She coped with everything without these obligatory attributes of a socialite.

But we will still talk about the personal life of the actress.

Mei and her men5

At the age when many girls have their first boyfriend, May had their first husband.

As a seventeen-year-old girl, she married Frank Wallace. He played in vaudeville.

How was the fate of actress Mae West
How was the fate of actress Mae West

The newlyweds were not destined to meet a peaceful old age by the fireplace - after a while, May and Frank "parted like ships at sea."

But they did not bother and file for divorce.

The marriage was concluded in 1911, and in 1935 (after the couple managed to live separately) Frank met with his wife again.

No, it’s not a sudden outbreak of passion or sweet nostalgic sadness. Waving his marriage certificate, Wallace demanded from his wife his half of the property.

The divorce process was difficult and long - the marriage finally broke up in 1942.

There is also information that the former Mrs. Wallace was married to a musician of Italian descent. Guido Deiro became Mary Jane's husband in 1913, and the union broke up three years later.

May's men also include a wealthy lawyer named James Timoney.

There are many rumors about May's marriages and their length. Some say that her marriage to Timoney lasted for many years. Others argue that she had the longest relationship with her young lover Paul Novak, and she never married Timoney.

Actress Mae West
Actress Mae West

Be that as it may, one thing is clear - baby Mary Jane has never suffered from a lack of male attention.

Last years of life6

In 1943, May took a break and stopped appearing on screens. She continued her theatrical career.

She toured with her theatrical production about Empress Catherine, and then came up with her own show "Mae West and Her Adonis" - she sang surrounded by half-naked bodybuilders and acted out funny sketches. With one of the bodybuilders, by the way, she was in a relationship, although she did not admit it for a long time. That bodybuilder's name is Paul Novak. They say he was thirty years younger than his girlfriend.

She attended the Oscars and managed to release her bestselling autobiography. She appeared on TV shows and even recorded rock and roll albums.

In the seventies, May again appeared on the big screens, but critics smashed the films to smithereens.

Mae West
Mae West

In 1980, Mary Jane West suffered two strokes. On November 22 of the same year, at the age of 87, she passed away.

Facts and rumors7

  • Mae West has her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
  • Travesty and homosexuals took part in the scandalous play "Interference".
  • Due to the fact that Miss West defended the rights of drag queen, there were rumors that May herself was one of them.
  • According to various sources, May West signed her contract with Paramount either at the age of 38 or being forty. Be that as it may, she looked quite Hollywood.
  • May's last film was released in 1978. "Sextet" failed at the box office.
  • May denied and hid her marriages. If it were not for the official testimony, she would have continued to deny the fact of her marriage when her first husband came to her demanding the division of property.
  • May dropped out of high school to tour with a theater company.
  • West was witty and didn't hesitate to talk about sex. What her contemporaries were afraid to even think about, she calmly discussed in public.
  • It is said that May herself proposed Cary Grant for a role in one of her films. Like, he has already demonstrated his abilities in bed.
May West's fate
May West's fate
  • She demanded that an African American play in Pretty Woman of the Nineties. It was inconceivable - then black people did not appear on the screens at all. The producers made a concession. And the picture was a resounding success.
  • In order to circumvent the censorship, May used ambiguous phrases. They were pronounced with such intonation that it was impossible not to catch the piquancy of the situation. But, since there was no actual violation of censorship, there was nothing to complain about. The censorship officials were unable to interfere with Miss West's success.
  • Mae West is the muse of Salvador Dali.
  • Mae West is called America's first sex symbol.
  • Mae West was about 152 cm tall. She wore shoes with an impressive platform - up to 24 cm.
  • Salvador Dali went further than painting portraits - he created a room dedicated to the actress. She was made in the form of her face. For example, the sofa was shaped like May's lips.
  • As a vaudeville actress, she was nicknamed Baby Mae.
  • In 1935, she was the second richest person in the United States. Newspaper tycoon William Hirst walked around it.
  • She wore "naked dresses" long before today's celebrities.
  • A collection of clothes was created in her honor, and her figure inspired Elsa Schiaparelli to create a perfume bottle.
Scandalous actress Mae West
Scandalous actress Mae West

Equipment and military equipment were named in her honor - an inflatable rescue belt, a parachute canopy that failed, and even a tank. All this was due to the fact that the actress had an impressive bust. So where the military saw spicy outlines, they awarded the technology the name West


When we read someone's biography, we seem to be transported into the past. As if from afar we see the glitter of Hollywood lights, we hear the whispering of envious people and the roar of music. The silhouettes of the celebrities of the time are flashing. We represent luxury cars that drive luxury men and women across luxury cities. We feel this beating of life. Bright and crazy.

And so we feel devastated when we read the last paragraph, which describes the death of a person.

But don't worry - Mae West had a long and busy life. No one can say for sure whether she was happy, or whether deep depression was hidden behind her smile.

One thing we know for sure - this lady did not sit still and damn it, she knew how to live brightly and beautifully!

She was too bold, too relaxed and terribly independent.

Mae West
Mae West

But, as we know, "the more you meet the requirements of the present, the sooner you will become the past." This phrase sounded in the film "Gia", dedicated to the fate of the twentieth century supermodel Gia Marie Carangi. The main role in it was played by another legend of cinema - Angelina Jolie.

Don't be afraid to be "too much" for your time.

If you don't want to become the past.

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