15 Best Gifts For A Girl On March 8. Original And Inexpensive

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15 Best Gifts For A Girl On March 8. Original And Inexpensive
15 Best Gifts For A Girl On March 8. Original And Inexpensive

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What to give a girl on March 8
What to give a girl on March 8

The first holiday of the season when nature blooms on the street and the sun peeps out is, of course, March 8th. The joy of the arrival of the long-awaited spring is replaced by panic on the part of men. Representatives of the stronger sex rack their brains and ask themselves the question: "What to give a girl on March 8?" What gift would please your beloved woman? The presentation should not be trivial, but just be different from what it was last year. Not a bottle of wine, not a bouquet of three roses picked from a garden bed or a box of chocolates, but something very original, unforgettable! And the main thing is what the owner will put in the closet and gather dust.

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  • 1 What you need to focus on when choosing a presentation
  • 2 What you shouldn't give your soul mate
  • 3 List of inexpensive but pleasant gifts that will delight a girl
  • 4 TOP-6 original gifts that everyone dreams of

Any gift is, first of all, a sign of attention. A loved one wants to give only the best and give only bright emotions! It is best to consult with a lady of the heart, but if the goal is to make an unexpected surprise, then we offer a selection of gifts that will definitely be appreciated!

What you need to focus on when choosing a presentation

If you follow these simple rules, you will definitely choose a great gift that is guaranteed to be useful:

  • Time. Choosing a gift on March 7 is a gross mistake. Take up this issue much earlier and do not postpone until the last moment. The day before the holiday, you will not have the opportunity to consider several options and save money. It is known that on the eve of the celebration, prices skyrocket.
  • Training. Start the celebration a little earlier and surprise your soul mate - serve tea or coffee in bed, make breakfast or invite her to a cafe in the morning.
  • Flowers are a great addition to the main gift. A bouquet of fragrant plants has always been a win-win - order delivery of a beautiful bouquet or go to the nearest kiosk. If the lady of the heart is sure that this is a waste of money, then change the flower bouquet to a sweet one - now there are many sites where you can order chocolate covered strawberries or a set of expensive sweets. The last option is worthy and non-standard!
  • Presentation design. Compare, which is better - to get, say, a smartphone in your hands or a beautifully decorated box, wrapped gift paper and a bow? It is important for the fair sex that the surprise looks equally beautiful inside and out, remember that. Listen to your imagination - if you even chose a banal gift, then present it in an interesting way, with a twist. Additionally, decorate the room with balloons filled with helium, to which declarations of love and sensual strings will be attached.
  • Cost. Do not waste much and save money - feel the line between these two concepts. Don't worry about the price, but act as far as possible. If a girl really loves you, she will appreciate any romantic gift, even a trifle. And if the desired woman is cold and does not feel anything, no expensive surprise will save the situation.
how to choose at
how to choose at

A tricky trick. If you find it difficult to ask directly about what your partner wants or are puzzling over what to please her, then here is one effective trick. Before the holiday, a few weeks, or better a month, gently ask: "I have already bought a gift for March 8, what do you think it can be?" The girl will definitely begin to list what she would like to receive based on your capabilities.

Another option - under the pretext of choosing a gift for your sister, mother or other relative, invite your beloved to go shopping, so that she advises what would be better to give. Pay attention to her behavior, advice and what the girl offers and at which windows she stops. These two recommendations are win-win and will help you decide on a surprise, after which you will not rack your brains about what to give a girl on March 8th.

What not to give to your significant other 2

There are several assumptions about what is best not to choose as a surprise. Ultimately, everything is purely individual and depends on the level of relationships, the nature and preferences of the second half. Do you want to hurt or inadvertently offend your beloved on her holiday? Then check out the list below. So, the prohibited list of presents:

gift for March 8
gift for March 8
  • Perfume. Perfumery should be swept aside for several reasons. You probably will not be able to guess the smell that the lady of the heart will like (except for the case when the partner has been using the same favorite perfume for several years. In such a situation, if the bottle runs out, it makes sense to opt for this gift). Secondly, perfumes were given as gifts at a time when they were in short supply - today the combination of ingredients and notes is so great that it is easy to get confused in this variety.
  • Cosmetics. Present a set of brushes, a case for storing tools for make-up, a large illuminated mirror - yes, and yes again. Especially if your girlfriend doesn't go out without a gram of makeup. As for skin care products, mascaras, lipsticks, eye shadow sets, tonal creams - drop this idea and don't even try to figure out what could be useful to your beloved by rummaging through your purse with cosmetics. The girls themselves know what they need, for example, what shade of lip balm is needed or what tube of cream is right for her skin type.
  • Household gifts. Leave the idea of ​​updating the set of holiday glasses, replenishing the collection of salad bowls, buying a new vacuum cleaner or still it is not clear what kind of frying pan. The chosen one is unlikely to be delighted with a thing that belongs to both partners, and not to her alone. Focus on something more romantic and something that somehow made her stand out. There is an exception to all the rules - if the girl herself hinted at this gift, then act!
  • Plush Toys. Giving a giant bear stuffed with cotton is bad manners. Only a small child will be delighted with such a gift. In fact, soft toys are of no value, do not perform useful functions and only collect dust.
what to give for March 8
what to give for March 8

A little advice. You should not experiment and take risks choosing an unusual gift if you are recently together. Opt for the classic options.

List of inexpensive but pleasant gifts that will delight a girl3

If you are on a budget and cannot afford to buy something inexpensive, then it doesn't matter! Such a case is not uncommon, and you can please your soul mate without spending too much. The main thing in this business is to present and decorate correctly. Apply all your talents and skills, remember what your loved one likes the most from what you do, but very rarely. Breakfast in the morning or a romantic dinner - why not?

If you live in the same living space, then please the lady with her favorite drink by bringing her to bed. If you live separately, then arrange a pleasant and unexpected surprise - stick a poster with pleasant words, romantic poems or declarations of love on the door. Tie a ball to the pen with a note about the meeting place and time of presentation.

Among the inexpensive items may be practical and necessary for every day, and, importantly, affordable. So, let's move on directly to budgetary and useful gifts of about 1000 rubles:

  • Hand-drawn canvas with your picture. An original and cute little thing! We are sure that every girl will want to receive a portrait with your happy faces in an embrace as a gift! It is inexpensive and is made to order - you are required to photograph you and your soul mate, and the execution can be anything, and not necessarily standard! It will be much nicer than a regular printed photo in a wooden photo frame.
  • A flower in a beautiful pot. Agree that a potted plant will stand for a long time, and will not be thrown into the trash in a couple of days. In addition, flowers in the ground are much cheaper than ready-made bouquets. Your girlfriend will take care of the plant and, watering it, remember you!
  • Household appliances for personal use. It is possible that your half has a broken hair dryer or has long dreamed of a styler for flawless curls - this is inexpensive and will definitely be useful. Among the trends is an electric comb, which looks like a regular comb, but when used simultaneously straightens the hair.
bestts for March 8
bestts for March 8
  • Interest presentation. If a lady of the heart is an artist, photographer, needlewoman, then there is a reason to present something that concerns her hobby. A set of new brushes or paints, a lens, sewing supplies and kits for needlework - all this will certainly delight her. And not so much because the present is guaranteed to find application, but because you are interested in her hobby and pay special attention to this. Girls appreciate it!
  • Bath accessories. No, not towels and bath sets, this is worn out and more suitable for a work colleague. Think wider - choose between a satin bathrobe, aroma oils, massage oils and handmade soaps. In the latter case, pay attention to the organic series of cosmetics - such a soap smells incredible and is made from quality materials.
  • Neck scarf. In order to decide which accessory to choose, it is worth deciding for what time of year you are going to present. For spring and warm season, give preference to natural cotton, chiffon, soft cambric or natural silk. For the colder season, choose any wool or cashmere. Girls love to combine everything in clothes, so think carefully and remember what shades of her outerwear are in the wardrobe. In any case, a shop assistant will help you navigate.
  • Cup. This, along with a flower in a pot, is one of the gifts that make you think about the person who gave it. Order a custom mug with your shared photo. And as an option - print a picture with a funny inscription or quote on the glass.
  • Manicure set. Cosmetics stores sell inexpensive cases that include nippers, tweezers, cuticle spatulas, scissors, and files. These items will be especially useful if your significant other loves to do a manicure or pedicure at home.
  • Electronic book. Is your favorite a bookworm? Then present this incredibly useful gadget - she can download books for free and read them at home, while traveling and at work. There is a huge variety of e-books on the market, including up to a thousand rubles.
what not to give
what not to give

TOP-6 original gifts that everyone dreams of - 6

Let's move on to gifts that will be more expensive than a thousand rubles:

  • A new smartphone is a win-win. Especially if there is an urgent need for this and her phone is already not working well. It is not necessary to give the latest iPhone model, it is possible that the girl prefers an Android smartphone - when choosing characteristics, give preference to a good camera (both front and rear), battery life and an attractive design.
  • Sexy underwear. Remember that such things should not hinder movement, but, on the contrary, be practical and look great on the figure.
  • A voucher. If you have been going to rest abroad for a long time, then combining business with pleasure is the best way out! Travel will give not only new experience, emotions and impressions, but also will significantly bring the couple closer.
  • Decorations. An urgent part of every girl's image is, of course, precious jewelry. Stud earrings, rings with precious stones, a necklace with cubic zirconias, a beautiful bracelet - all this will certainly delight the lady. Choose the material based on her preferences, not at random - some just love silver, but they don't like gold.
originalts for March 8
originalts for March 8
  • Subscription to the gym. Leading a healthy lifestyle means living happily and for a long time! If the other half wants to attend fitness classes with a trainer, but cannot afford it, then offer her a subscription for, say, three months. The main thing is to present it correctly, without a hint that it is time for her to lose weight - let her know that you only care about her health.
  • Horseback riding or skydiving certificate. This is a very original present - your girlfriend will try something new and will never forget about it!

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