I Am Writing To You - What Is More, Or How To Communicate With Men On A Dating Site

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I Am Writing To You - What Is More, Or How To Communicate With Men On A Dating Site
I Am Writing To You - What Is More, Or How To Communicate With Men On A Dating Site
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girl showing tongue
girl showing tongue

The profile is registered, matches are found and most women fall into a stupor - how to communicate with men on a dating site so as not to scare them away?

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  • 1 How should I behave?
  • 2 When should I stop communicating?
  • 3 So how do you communicate with men on a dating site?

How should I behave? i

There are no universal rules for communicating with men here - on a dating site, the dialogues will still not look like one another (of course, provided that both want to communicate, and not just exchange information daily, what they are doing and how they are doing).

And men themselves will be completely different, with their own expectations, views, requirements and manner of communication. There is no need to adapt to all interlocutors as one - carefully watch when he is most active, flirtatious, verbose during a conversation, and, finding him in such a frame of mind, try not to miss the opportunity to talk.


Do not forget that once it comes to communication, it means that the man already liked you. And not only externally, but also the manner of speech, interests and other things that can be read from the section with information about yourself - after all, he also read your profile. A man is interested in communication, and it would be good to relax and just be yourself.

Do not make up

Perhaps the last thing to do when dealing with any man is to lie. And we are not talking about some purely personal or shameful things, such a lie can be for the good and its relevance is rather a philosophical question.

But to say that you cannot live without cats, if you are allergic to them, or that you simply adore Alla Pugacheva, if the Russian stage makes you gag reflex, is definitely not necessary. Such a lie will only win over a man to you for a while. But as soon as it comes to personal meetings and deeper communication, someone will definitely be disappointed.

Do not provoke

If in the process of communication you found out that you have completely different views on some acute political, religious or social topics: for example, you are strongly against the legalization of prostitution, and he is a frequent visitor to "massage parlors" in the past and is generally disposed towards prostitution is positive, stop the topic immediately. Better communication.

how to chat with men on a dating site
how to chat with men on a dating site

Practice shows that if two people have fundamentally different positions on the issue of concern to both of them, it is unlikely that something will work out between them.

Your relationship has a chance if only one of you is fundamentally disposed - then he has a chance to make convincing arguments in favor of his position and win over to his side.

Or you can do nothing at all and just not talk about it, and your relationship will not suffer from this either.

When should I stop communicating? 2

Everything is clear with your behavior. Let us now figure out how a man should behave so that his behavior does not arouse suspicion, and what signs should alert you.

about communication with men on a dating site
about communication with men on a dating site

If he admires too much

Of course, it is very pleasant to receive compliments and read it, full of adoration, messages about how beautiful, smart, wonderful you are and in general such one for the whole world. But if such messages make up a whole share of your communication, this is a reason to think.

Two options are possible here: either he is terribly notorious and thus tries to achieve a woman whom, in his opinion, he is unworthy, or he is an abuser - that is, a person practicing a model of relations according to the principle "I am the master - you obey." Moreover, one does not exclude the other.

It is hardly necessary to explain why both of these options are bad. And even if his compliments flatter you and it is difficult for you to refuse them - remember that one day you may become a victim of his unrealized ambitions and fall under his destructive influence. It is advisable to stop such communication, and the sooner the better.

how to chat on a dating site
how to chat on a dating site

If he's too persistent

There is nothing wrong with gradually moving on to more intimate topics and deeper into flirting, but if you are not yet ready to talk to him at this level, be sure to tell him about it.

If a man appreciates you and does not want "only one thing" from you, he will certainly give in and wait for the moment when you are ready for such communication. If he does not give up attempts to verbally undress you or, what is worse, begs for your photos - you have nothing to catch here. Most likely, he only wants sex, and as a person you are of little interest to him.

If he doesn't talk about himself or is caught in a lie

Another reason to stop communicating with a man is his reticence. Not only because this communication is one-way and simply not interesting, but also because such a man can be potentially dangerous.

how to chat with guys on a dating site
how to chat with guys on a dating site

If a man does not seek to talk a lot about himself, asks more about you and lies, then he has something to hide. And it can be anything: from having a wife to the fact that he is a sex maniac. Neither the first, let alone the second option will lead you to anything good. You don't need such communication.

So how do you communicate with men on a dating site? 3

In one case or another, you act intuitively. You should not take on faith everything that is written in this article (and indeed everything that is said on the Internet). Your relationship is only in your hands.

Sometimes a real romantic hides behind a persistent guy, and a fighter for animal rights is behind a supporter of the legalization of prostitution. Be careful, but not suspicious, and you will definitely find your happiness.

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