What A Guy Who Doesn't Want To Be Responsible Says

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What A Guy Who Doesn't Want To Be Responsible Says
What A Guy Who Doesn't Want To Be Responsible Says
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dog head guy
dog head guy

You are in love and, quite naturally, you consider your chosen one to be the best, most beautiful, kindest. Well, in general, the most in everything. Unfortunately, over time, you may have every chance to be disappointed in him and shed a lot of bitter tears about the weeks (months, and the most neglected cases and years) spent in vain.

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  • 1 Are you taking birth control pills?
  • 2 Vain hopes for a common future
  • 3 He absolutely does not care what is in your soul
  • 4 Everything is always your fault

Did you know that guys have a certain line of behavior that will help you (if you agree to take off your pink glasses and look at life realistically) immediately determine how serious your boyfriend is and, accordingly, how long and serious your relationship will be. How do you ask? Yes, very simple, according to the following elementary words and phrases.

Are you on contraception? I

The conversation is not now about the value of moral principles and not about how long it took from your acquaintance until the moment you decided to have sex with your beloved. It's about something else, if the first question before going to bed is whether you are taking contraception, it should definitely make you think.

Look, if he is only interested in contraception, this one hundred percent suggests that the guy simply does not want to make love with a condom. And this is not a joke - you know that in addition to preventing unwanted pregnancies, a condom protects you from very unpleasant sexually transmitted diseases. Your companion, on the other hand, worries exclusively about his pleasure and does not think about you. Says a lot, doesn't it?

Vain hopes for a shared future 2

You are dating a guy, and quite possibly even living with him. All the time he seems to be next to you, but at the same time, he retains his absolute independence. All the words that tomorrow he will introduce you to his friends, relatives or work colleagues remain banal “tomorrow”. Believe me, he is not going to do this, since he is not at all tuned in to a serious long-term relationship involving responsibility.

In principle, there are no exceptions and cases when the relationship is already counting for years, and you still constantly hear the already disgusted you "tomorrow". The main thing for you here is to “catch the mice” in time and not to waste your young years.

What will an irresponsible guy say
What will an irresponsible guy say

The same applies to conversations about a joint future. As soon as you start planning a vacation for two on the seaside or in a ski resort, he immediately starts to get away from the answer. Or, he "gives out" a bunch of excuses, such as that he needs to accompany his beloved grandmother to a sanatorium or feed a guinea pig while his parents are on vacation. Naturally, his incredible busyness completely coincides with the time of your vacation and he absolutely will not be able to go with you.

In any of these cases, know that if a guy does not let you into his personal space and does not plan a joint future, he simply does not position his relationship with you as serious and long-term.

He doesn't care what is in your heart

In your relationship, all attention should be given to only one loved one. That is, you should be interested in his affairs, take care of him, and with the air of a psychotherapist with twenty years of experience help him cope with depression. Of course, couples with perfectly healthy relationships also have such cases. But, pay attention, if this constantly happens unilaterally - you have serious cause for concern.

What does a guy who doesn't want to be responsible say?
What does a guy who doesn't want to be responsible say?

The point is that he is not interested in the cause of your bad mood and does not try to help you, or even support you. Moreover, he does not even try to hide his irritation in those cases when you are not particularly in the mood (or rather, on the contrary, completely without him).

Here you need to understand that there is absolutely no future in such a relationship. There are two options here. Or he is a complete egoist and, in principle, is not capable of such a feeling as empathy. Or, he just doesn't care about your feelings and, accordingly, about you. He perceives you as a kind of alternate airfield, and as soon as he meets a girl whom he sincerely loves, he will instantly forget about your existence.

Everything is always your fault

Every relationship goes through certain difficult stages from time to time. These can be minor quarrels and misunderstandings or serious scandals. But, this has only one thing in common. Your boyfriend never agrees to talk about what's going on and figure out the origins of the problem. He simply does not need it. He initially knows that only you are to blame for everything.

What an irresponsible guy says
What an irresponsible guy says

And it doesn't matter what it is about. Even if his car broke down on the way home from work, you will be solely to blame for everything. Why, in the morning you said something unfortunate to him by the arm, so you “scribbled”, as the people say.

Of course, these are not all indicators that a guy is not taking you seriously. In fact, there are many more of them. You just need to remember that love and relationships are primarily mutual understanding, sympathy and mutual respect. Take a closer look, if all this is present in your relationship, you have no cause for concern. If not, run from him as fast as you can and look for a worthy life partner who will not only love, but also appreciate and respect you.

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