How To Give Flowers To A Girl? A Few Tips For Men

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How To Give Flowers To A Girl? A Few Tips For Men
How To Give Flowers To A Girl? A Few Tips For Men

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How to present flowers to a girl
How to present flowers to a girl

Women love attention and need it all the time. The surest and seemingly sure-fire way to tell a girl about your sympathy and unequivocal intentions is to give flowers. She should immediately understand what the boyfriend likes. Or forgive if this was preceded by an unpleasant incident.

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In any case, many men believe that even a hastily bought half-withered flower should lead a woman to indescribable delight. Women are incredibly picky about little things and attach importance to circumstances. And these are not the only aspects that should be taken into account in order to evoke genuine joy from the presented bouquet in a girl, and not a politely squeezed smile.

Preferences i

Before pampering the other half with floristry, you need to know exactly about its preferences. Scarlet roses are considered classics of the genre. But many women will prefer other flowers to them. And a man who presented roses and was not previously convinced of the correctness of the choice will be considered predictable and inattentive. There is no need to be afraid or embarrassed to ask a girl directly what flowers she likes.

You can easily and naturally ask about this, as well as about, for example, what kind of sport a lady is fond of. Women love to be surrounded by male attention and will willingly share this information. In addition, this gesture will be regarded as a man's readiness for active courtship. Also, a woman will appreciate the straightforwardness of the chosen one. She may not give preference to a particular species.

In this case, the boundaries of male fantasy and possibilities expand to infinity. Or she may be allergic to pollen. What a woman will definitely mention, you should ask her about flowers. Then the man will give mute praise to all the gods for prudence and the ability to avoid an unpleasant situation in the future.

Spontaneity 2

Giving flowers on a significant date is a cliché. The woman is undoubtedly waiting for a gift for an anniversary, birthday or March 8th. But these are not the only dates when you can and should pamper your halves. The girl will be more delighted with the bouquet for no reason. A bouquet of flowers delivered to work or home after a hard day's work by a courier will bring the beloved much more joy. An unexpected gift will brighten up the rest of the day.

How to give flowers
How to give flowers

Such spontaneous surprises speak of a man's attentiveness, of his sincere concern and interest in his woman. In addition, when a woman receives signs of attention for no reason on a regular basis, she will not react sharply and painfully to their absence on Valentine's Day. A man can forget, earn money, solve serious problems. And the woman will not blame him for forgetfulness, inattention and dislike. After all, she knows that she is surrounded by attention and romance not only on holidays. And the belated gift will be accepted with the same trepidation, without a shadow of offense.

Another plus of spontaneity is the ability not to give flowers at all on holidays. This is an expensive pleasure even on ordinary days. And on the eve of significant dates, prices for even the simplest bouquet soar several times. Therefore, a man on a holiday can do without flowers. You can give a lady a piece of jewelry or your favorite perfume. And even if they were purchased a couple of months ago at a discount. A woman does not need to know about this.

Find out what else you can give a girl for her birthday from the article below.

Diversity also plays an important role. Regularly presented flowers are good, but you also need to be creative with the gift. Even scarlet roses will soon get bored and stop bringing a smile to a girl. It is worth alternating between several types of flowers and methods of giving. Let your favorite flowers be chrysanthemums. Then it is worth giving them on special occasions - for a birthday or on March 8th. Then your favorite flowers will remain loved and special.

How to give flowers correctly
How to give flowers correctly

And on ordinary days, trying to just please your half, you can choose from hundreds of other options. Methods of presentation should also be alternated. One day, order the delivery of a bouquet by courier to work, the next - come home with flowers. The third is to make a beautiful gesture in a restaurant. Invite a girl on a date, get to her destination, go to a table, and there, on a chair or on a table, there is a luxurious bouquet. Such a surprise will pleasantly surprise and touch the lady.

We will tell you what to give a girl on March 8, in addition to the obligatory bouquet of flowers in our article at the link.

Do not neglect help3

It is sometimes difficult to arrange a real romantic surprise for a girl. It is especially difficult to surprise your beloved when the relationship has been for more than one year. The profession of a florist is now widespread. Florist services are presented in almost every flower shop. It is enough for a man to come, tell about the event to which the gift is timed, and inform about the preferences of his half.

Flowers as at
Flowers as at

The florist will put together a beautiful floral arrangement, focusing on your favorite plants. The specialist will also select the desired and most suitable color scheme. Making up a floral ensemble, the flowers are preliminarily cleansed of excess greenery and thorns, revealing the full beauty of plants.

The florist will help you decide on the colorful packaging. After all, giving flowers in a rustling cellophane wrapper is as old as the world. And the bouquet will lose all its charm. Therefore, flower arrangements are collected in a basket, beautiful boxes or wrapped in a beautiful ribbon. Such a gift will not leave a girl indifferent.

Floral etiquette4

When presenting flowers to a lady, a man should know some rules of etiquette. When a man gives a bouquet in person, it is necessary to enlist the girl's full attention. If she is distracted (for example, at a party in a large company), do not interfere. You need to wait until the girl is free and ready to accept the gift. Presenting a bouquet, a man should look the lady in the eyes, speak softly, warmly and in a half-whisper. When the woman has accepted the gift, but the man has not yet let go of it, you can put your free hand around the lady's waist and leave a weightless kiss on her cheek.

How to give flowers correctly
How to give flowers correctly

If the flowers are timed to coincide with a date, you should make sure that the lady is comfortable with the bouquet. If this is a movie date, then the flower gift is best neglected. The girl will be uncomfortable in the cinema with a bouquet in her hands. Flowers can be given if you are planning an evening at a restaurant or a romantic walk. And, if a man calls for a woman in a car. Then she will have the opportunity to leave the bouquet in the car during the date and take it home at the end of the evening.

According to the regulations, you need to give flowers buds up. Carry them in your left hand. So the man frees his right hand for greeting and shaking hands (if necessary). And if you are going to give a bouquet, put it in your right hand. Be sure to accompany the gift with a couple of phrases or a compliment: a wonderful bouquet for a beautiful lady, you are so beautiful today, I love you.

A man must make sure that the bouquet contains an odd number of flowers. Indoors, flowers are presented without a wrapper. On the street, you can present flowers in a paper wrapper, especially in winter, in heavy rain and wind.

Flowers for beloved
Flowers for beloved

There is no need to teach a woman to flowers as a reason for reconciliation. Then, every time, receiving the next bouquet, the woman will suspect the man of deception or treason. And a romantic gesture will become a reason for extra suspicion and depressed mood, rather than pleasure and a smile.

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