Women's Wardrobe Or How To Choose Clothes For A Girl: We Simplify Searches

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Women's Wardrobe Or How To Choose Clothes For A Girl: We Simplify Searches
Women's Wardrobe Or How To Choose Clothes For A Girl: We Simplify Searches

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How to choose clothes for a girl
How to choose clothes for a girl

No matter how silly it sounds, sometimes you have to pick up a new wardrobe for your soulmate. Often this can be due to the profession of a man, maybe he is a fashion designer, designer, or just versed in fashion. Then the girl can entrust him with choosing clothes for herself. Sometimes ordinary guys also face this problem, to put it mildly, it leads them to a stupor.

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After all, how can you decide for a person what to wear, everyone's tastes are individual and peculiar. It is difficult to complete this task, the main thing is to decide on the main question - how to choose? After all, the girl will have to wear clothes in public, so you need to choose something appropriate. What to push off from? What to take as a basis? Below is an article on this topic.

Clothing type i

What does a girl need clothes for? Maybe new and beautiful underwear is enough for her, or maybe she needs new clothes from head to toe? Or even a simple attribute of the image - a handbag, a hat, a scarf. Asking a girl in such a situation will be the right decision, after clarifying all the details with her. Or, if the clothes are planned as a gift, then the situation becomes more interesting. The real show begins - the show intuition. It is also important to know the style of clothing, it can be from casual to sporty. Each has its own characteristics, so knowledge in this area will not hurt.


Not an easy task. Basically, men understand underwear for a girl as a bra and panties, but there is also a shirt, peignoir and light robes. But with a bra and panties, things are difficult, because it will only be possible to please a girl in a very, very unique situation, it is better for girls to buy such things for themselves. And any man can buy other things himself, the main thing is to know at least a little the character and preferences of the girl. By itself, take into account the features of the figure.


From complex to simple. If a girl is fond of sports, then donating a sports uniform, things for a hike, for snowboarding or skiing will be a great idea. It is almost impossible to miscalculate the size here, but it will definitely turn out to be a great pleasure and joy. You have to be more careful, if a girl is far from a sports life, then by chance she can regard such clothes as an indicator of her poor physical condition, and, as a result, quarrels and scandals are guaranteed. Girls are like that.

choose clothes for a girl
choose clothes for a girl


And now serious things have arrived, girls and men on girls love dresses. It's a joy for both. How to determine the size? Okay, if in the matter of taste you can consult with the store employees, but what about the size? Here the analysis of the available good from the chosen one comes to the rescue. Scanning her wardrobe for sizes when she's not home is the best option. At the same time, you can look at the styles of dresses that the girl has and already dance from this.

With other things, you can do exactly the same, that is, first study the dimensions of the lady, analyze her tastes and preferences. Then, charged with enthusiasm, go in search of new things in a shopping mall or luxury boutiques.


When choosing clothes, be sure to pay attention to the girl's figure. You need to choose clothes in accordance with its characteristics. The following types of girls are distinguished.

  • Sweet name - Pear. Women of this kind have a narrow top and a wide bottom, in the pelvis. Their hips are simply gorgeous, will not leave anyone indifferent. Fitted outfits are great for this type of figure;
  • Hourglass. There is something similar to the Pear type, however, the hips and shoulders are approximately the same in width, in contrast to the narrow waist. Choose clothes that exclusively emphasize the waist, you cannot hide such forms!
give clothes to a girl
give clothes to a girl

Rectangle. Not eye-catching type, the size of the waist, shoulders and hips are about the same. There are no special requirements for clothing, you can wear anything

  • Inverted triangle. The shoulders are broad and the waist and hips are narrow. Clothes should be chosen that emphasize the shoulders, and highlight the feminine waist;
  • An Apple. The type is typical for overweight girls. Accentuating your legs and wearing tight outfits will be the right decision.

In accordance with these types, you can consult with consultants in the store, often people who know what is suitable for each type.

Still 6

How to choose clothes for a girl is a very interesting question that requires a lot of knowledge from a man. Starting with the size of clothes for your girlfriend, and ending with the types of figures. Clothes are still something that you have to buy yourself. After all, a million factors can affect this - from mood to budget.

how to choose clothes for a girl
how to choose clothes for a girl

But if a decision was made to donate clothes, then following the above rules will not lead to the worst outcome. Each girl has her own tastes and preferences, it can be quite difficult to please. But, if such a gift goes with a bang, it will contribute to strengthening relations.

And another article of ours will help in making a decision, which will tell you how to determine the type of woman by date of birth.

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