Well-groomed Man: Where Did He Come From And How To Relate To This?

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Well-groomed Man: Where Did He Come From And How To Relate To This?
Well-groomed Man: Where Did He Come From And How To Relate To This?
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male fashionista
male fashionista

The fact that women take care of themselves, follow the fashion, have a lot of tubes on the shelf in the bathroom is considered the norm and does not surprise anyone. But a well-groomed man is not a trivial concept and requires explanation. What kind of guy can be called well-groomed, where did he come from, and what is this individual?

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  • 1 How well-groomed a man can be
  • 2 Why did well-groomed men appear

The time has sunk into oblivion when it was enough for a representative of the stronger sex to meet the definition of "a little more beautiful than a monkey." Following their beautiful halves, men were drawn to beauty salons, to stylists and to beauticians' offices. Now a well-groomed man is not the one who shaved and changed socks, but the one who knows his skin type and is not content with purchasing a 3-in-1 universal shower product.

How well-groomed a man can be

By the degree of grooming, the stronger floor can be divided into several varieties.

"I'm a man, and that says it all." These supermen are confident in their irresistibility simply because they were born boys. They were stuck in an era when the list of cosmetics consisted of laundry soap and baby cream. In their understanding, socks and shaving foam, donated on February 23, must certainly be stretched until the next such holiday. Such a man will never agree that Sergey Zverev is a man, and sincerely does not understand what can be done in the bathroom for more than 10 minutes. In the presence of a conscientious wife, this Pithecanthropus will be dressed in clean and ironed clothes, but any of his grooming will not be conscious and natural

"Classic type". This is the broadest segment of the male population, which, according to the average woman, is “acceptably well-groomed”. A representative of this type will not be able to say how long pants are relevant this season. And he does not know that there are still some seasons besides the seasons. But he knows exactly what length of trousers is right for him. He cuts his hair regularly, keeps it clean, but does not experiment with trendy haircuts. Such a man is usually clean and smells good, but not with a carefully selected aroma, but with what he received as a gift. His clothes are clean and tidy, but do not belong to the collection of one of the fashion designers. He can even fight excess hair on the body, but only in places that are important for personal hygiene

Who is a well-groomed man
Who is a well-groomed man
  • "A really well-groomed man." Such a man is impeccable in everything, from the haircut to the shine of fashionable shoes that match the color of the socks. Its appearance certainly requires a financial investment. Therefore, a decently earning office employee of a managerial level often becomes a truly well-groomed man. Such a "dandy" is aware of fashion trends. His suit is a perfect fit. His image is complemented by expensive accessories: a tie, belt, watches, cufflinks, purses. Such a handsome man not only has a fashionable haircut, but also takes care of his hair, perfectly understanding the difference between balm, mask and mousse. It is always fragrant, and the aroma of the shower product is in harmony with the antiperspirant and the main perfume. A well-groomed man struggles with vegetation on the body using salon methods and is fluent in shaving accessories.He does manicure and takes care of his nails. He knows his skin type, protects it from ultraviolet radiation and uses face cream in order to delay the first signs of age-related changes.
  • "Metrosexual". This is a modern counterpart to the outdated "dandy". Such a man is hyper-groomed. He spends most of his time on cosmetic procedures, blindly follows fashion trends, and is sure that there is no limit to perfection when creating his image. In no case should you confuse metrosexuals with heterosexuals or any other sexuality. The modern "dandy" is mostly of a normal orientation. He just has smoother skin and silky hair compared to his companion.
A well-groomed man appeared
A well-groomed man appeared

Why well-groomed men appeared 2

The development of technology and information technology makes it possible to more and more automate production processes. Hard physical labor is replaced by office work, which presupposes a respectable appearance. Cosmetics companies have gained a completely new market for them. To do this, just needed to add the word "male" to the name of their products and change the color of the packaging to a darker one. Having created the image of a brutal guy, instilling in men the need to take care of themselves, cosmetic corporations have received a huge army of consumers striving to meet the stated ideal.

And all this applies not only to products for men. Women who survived puberty in the Soviet Union experienced the beauty of the evolution of purely feminine hygiene products. Absorbent gel and "wings" made life much easier for women. Much the same as dry shampoo and wax strips.

Literally a hundred years ago, it was much more difficult for humanity to maintain cleanliness of the body, clothing and home. To melt the stove, apply water from the well, collect and dry the aromatic herbs that replaced soap and perfume. Is it possible to repeat all this every day? It is the comfortable living conditions provided with the benefits of civilization that allow the inhabitants of developed countries to take care of their appearance so carefully.

Laid man
Laid man

A well-groomed man is beautiful. But … According to sociological surveys, women do not like that a partner devotes more time to caring for themselves than to their joint leisure. Congenital female selfishness makes it difficult to come to terms with the fact that the assortment of her shelf in the bathroom is poorer than his stock. For modern ladies, the following characteristics of male appearance are sufficient for close communication and the appearance of serious feelings:

  1. Absence of the smell of sweat and other unpleasant manifestations.
  2. Fresh breath.
  3. Clean clothes and shoes.
  4. Washed and combed hair.

A man's appearance is never a determining factor for a woman when choosing a life partner. Such qualities as education, reliability, attentiveness and love for children are much more valuable in life together.

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