Step-by-step Instructions For What A French Kiss Is And How To Do It Correctly

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Step-by-step Instructions For What A French Kiss Is And How To Do It Correctly
Step-by-step Instructions For What A French Kiss Is And How To Do It Correctly

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sponges in a sarah
sponges in a sarah

Sometimes, we don’t think about how deeply kisses mean. And in vain, because a kiss is an important and mysterious part of a relationship. Love stories begin with him. This is the first tactile contact, after which, at a subconscious level, we make a decision: to be this union or not. It is a kiss that is able to start irreversible chemical reactions in our body and we will not be the same. Yes, we are talking about love and a kiss as its harbinger.

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  • 1 French kiss: the mystery of the name and origin
  • 2 Technique or what you need to know for a good kiss
  • 3 Types of deep kissing
  • 4 What should be done before kissing?
  • 5 French kiss: interesting facts and statistics
  • 6 The history of the kiss: theories and facts
  • 7 Diseases transmitted by kissing

The French kiss: the mystery of name and origin

An ordinary kiss does not raise questions or controversy, but a deep kiss, or, in other words, French, is a kind of indicator of special trust and a relationship reaching a new level.

The history of the kiss is interesting. It would seem that everything is extremely clear from the name, and it originated in the country of love - France. Perhaps this is the most common theory. But if we turn to such treatises as the Kama Sutra, then we learn that the deep kissing technique was practiced in Ancient Egypt, and in Ancient Greece, and in India. These states existed for thousands of years before the emergence of France as such.

But the deep kiss continues to be called French. And all thanks to the romantic films of French cinema, which had huge worldwide success in the 60s, where the French portrayed sensual kisses. In such a simple way, French films secured the status of the city of all lovers for their capital - Paris, and made a deep kiss French.

Technique or what you need to know for a good kiss2

What are the secrets of this magical kiss and how to learn how to perform it? Let's try to find the answer to this important and quivering question.

The French kiss is a form of expressing your feelings and desire to merge with your partner. With such kisses, the tongue of a loved one is in your mouth and begins to come into contact with yours. At this moment, the production and release of the hormone of happiness - oxytocin occurs. The person seems to flutter, euphoria seizes him, the level of stress decreases. Such feelings can only be experienced with a loved one.

This is quite general, but important information from a psychological point of view. As for the kissing technique, it is not as difficult as it is commonly believed. Young people often dramatize and think what a French kiss is and how to correctly perform it is not an easy task. In fact, everything happens on an intuitive level. The main thing is not to get hung up on the process, but to surrender to the surging feelings. It all starts with simple hugs and gentle kisses, and only with the growth of passion and desire does the tongue connect.

If you have not tried French kissing before and are worried about it, there are some tips to help you have fun:

  • you can confess to your partner that such a kiss is your first and invite him to take the initiative;
  • just relax and act on an intuitive level, at will, responding or not responding to the movements of your half;
  • the person with whom you practice French kissing must be dear to you;
  • don't pretend: if something is uncomfortable, it's best to say it right away. This is important and honest with your partner. Believe me, he wants to please you, not disgust;
  • trust your loved one and learn to listen to their needs.

The emotions received during the first deep kiss will be reflected in your further perception of such a foreplay. Don't deprive your love arsenal of such a powerful and sensual weapon.

Types of deep kissing3

The basic rule of the French kiss is contact and rubbing of the tongues. If you feel that it brings pleasure and a response from your partner, you can try several varieties of it:

  • Refined. Slide your tongue across your partner's palate;
  • Mill. Move your tongue in circles around your partner's mouth and around their tongue. They don't have to be fast or intrusive, adjust and feel the rhythm of your love object;
  • Tsarsky. Slowly slide your tongue over your teeth, periodically going behind your cheeks;
  • Playful or stinging. Briskly and forcefully insert your tongue into your partner's mouth, suck and bite his lips. This is a kiss game and you make the rules;
  • Tender. The lovers easily and unobtrusively lick each other's lips, showing their reverent attitude, and as if not daring to go further. This kiss is also part of the game that helps to turn on a partner;
  • Samayan. During the kiss, the tongue is sucked for a long time. Candid and most exciting technique. The effect will be amazing and will not be long in coming;
  • Avagakumnbana. Attention is a dangerous technique. She is able to take off her head completely. Its meaning lies in the use of all of the above methods at once and with the use of hands.
French Kiss
French Kiss

Any kiss is part of the game. What it will be: gentle and unobtrusive, passionate and unbridled, slow or impetuous, you decide. The only condition is to listen to your partner. And technology is just a way to diversify your intimate life and allow your fire to flare up with renewed vigor.

What to do before kissing? 4

Having familiarized yourself with the emotional and technical aspects of the correct execution of the French kiss, I want to believe that you have awakened a passionate desire to start practicing soon and discover the world from a more and more sensual side. But first, let's go down to earth and talk about how not to ruin everything:

  1. A prerequisite is oral and oral hygiene and fresh breath. An unpleasant smell will negate any, even the most amazing performance technique. Brush your teeth regularly and visit your dentist;
  2. Kissing is not the only way to express love. Remember caress, hands, gentle hugs;
  3. Don't get hung up on technique, but think about your partner and everything will work out by itself;
  4. Don't be rude. It is appropriate when it is part of the game;
  5. Forget modesty and shyness. Trust your loved one, he deserves to feel all your sensuality;
  6. Don't force your partner: if something is uncomfortable, put it off until better times or try a less intrusive technique;
  7. Remember that pursed lips are a signal of rejection on your part;
  8. Consider your partner's pace and preferences;
  9. Respond to the caresses of your love object. Modesty and passivity will sow thoughts of your coldness towards him;
  10. Swallow saliva periodically. Excess moisture will repel. Usually this process happens by itself;
  11. Moisten your sponges, take care of them, use scrubs and hygienic lipstick. There is no place for chapped lips in such fine art;
  12. Before kissing, you can drink sweet tea or other drink. This will help give the kiss a special and enticing flavor.

Fresh breath, moisturized lips and your love for your partner, even with minimal technical skills, will help you get incomparable pleasure from soulful kisses. Remember, there is no secret to perfect French kissing. Each kiss is unique and individual in its own way.

The French Kiss: Interesting Facts & Statistics5

The Guinness Book of Records is replete with interesting and, at times, senseless achievements. Recorded in this book and the longest kiss in the world. What prompts people to do such things: the desire to become famous or perpetuate their love in such a strange way? Let's not go into motives, but turn to facts and statistics about kissing.

The very first world record for the duration of kisses was set in the 90s by a couple from Chicago. It lasted 17 days and 10 and a half hours! This is more than half a month and all this time the lips of the lovers have been joined. According to the rules, they were given a five-minute break after every hour. During this time, you could have a quick snack, drink or use the toilet. After setting the record, the lovers were hospitalized with exhaustion. Interestingly, after such a marathon, the couple broke up. It is not known exactly what caused the breakup. Have you kissed? Perhaps this happens …

However, the organizers of the competition did not rest on this. In 1998, they changed the rules: the kiss must be continuous. A new record was set by an American couple - for 29 hours they were one. This result lasted only one year. And already in 1999, the Israeli couple set a new record - 30 hours and 45 minutes. The incessant kiss implied the merging of the lips. The rules stipulated that participants, without looking up from each other's lips, can drink through a straw and go to the toilet together.

The statistics on kissing are equally interesting. Do you want to know what happens to your body during such contact? Then go ahead:

  1. On average, a person spends 336 hours kissing in their life;
  2. The pulse increases to 100 beats per minute, blood flow is activated, and the blood is saturated with oxygen. There is also a release of the hormone of happiness - oxytocin and its incredibly fast spread throughout the body;
  3. The sensitivity of the lips is much more sensitive than our fingers;
  4. A kiss on the cheek burns 5 calories, and a French one burns 26. Why is it still not included in the complex for losing weight ?;
  5. 66% of people close their eyes when kissing;
  6. Kissing reduces the risk of caries and normalizes the acidity of the oral cavity;
  7. The kiss is able to combat stress at a complex chemical level;
  8. The 29 facial muscles move with the kiss, increasing blood flow and skin tone. Excellent gymnastics for the face;
  9. Due to the production of hormones, the kiss has a positive effect on the endocrine system and adrenal glands, which in turn push the body to produce new hormones. They overwhelm our brain and for a while it is disconnected from problems and is in a state of happiness;
  10. Sick people who are kissed by relatives on a regular basis recover much faster.

It would seem that it is just a kiss, and what mechanisms it is able to launch and what miracles it can create with our body. Nature is arranged in such an amazing way: the simple is so complex and important at the same time.


The history of the kiss: theories and facts6

We kiss every day on the cheek and on the lips, we put friendly or love feelings into this gesture. I wonder when and under what conditions the first kiss took place, what motives prompted the person to take this action?

It is not possible to find out the exact or even approximate date. This is not an invention developed and patented by man. Scientists, anthropologists, archaeologists in their findings did not come one step closer to solving this phenomenon. There are many theories related to the nature of the origin of the kiss, but in general, we can only guess:

  • Lack of salt. Such a strange theory is that in the course of his life, a person, along with sweat, releases salt, which is necessary to maintain the temperature balance. According to this version, kisses made it possible to replenish the salt supply;
  • Sebum. Our skin and lips also produce sebum. Supporters of this theory believe that a kiss is nothing more than a way to feed on this fat. Strange, but the version takes place;
  • Contact of souls. There is a pretty cute look for kissing. Romantic scholars have suggested that the ancient people emphasized breathing. During the kiss, two people exchanged breath and this was called the wedding of souls;
  • Sniffing. In ancient times, people could identify a lot by smell: fear, partner's illness, danger. Anthropologists say that kissing is a special reflex that helps you understand who is next to you;
French Kiss
French Kiss
  • Attractive scent or pheromone. The previous version was slightly modified: the smell in humans, as in the animal kingdom, carries a lot of information. Animals tens of kilometers away feel the female ready for mating. And ancient people could determine the desire and readiness of the opposite sex for intimacy by smell. The version takes place in modern times. Scientists have proven that preference for a particular person arises in our brain due to chemical reactions that trigger the sense of smell;
  • Memory of the mother's breast. The first thing a person learns in life is to get food for himself by sucking on the breast. The mouth and lips are the most important parts of the body - they provide nourishment and care. With age, this reflex persists and slightly changes, but the need to receive love with the help of the lips remains;
  • Unconditional trust. If an ancient man let another so close to him that a kiss is possible, then this indicates a high degree of trust and the absence of fear;
  • Imitation of animals. People saw how birds coo, how fish stretch their lips towards each other and simply adopted this action.

Of course, all these are just theories, but the last three are considered the most likely: the memory associated with motherhood, trust and imitation could well be real prerequisites for the development and formation of a kissing culture.

According to archaeological excavations, many interesting facts have been confirmed. For example, in 3000 BC. people, worshiping the gods, sent them kisses. In the writings of Herodotus, records of the views of the Persians were found: equal men, when they met, kissed on the lips, and unequal ones on the cheek. But in Rome, absolutely everyone kissed. The kiss was an important ritual: the lips were cared for, moisturized and scented oils were applied to give the process a pleasant taste.

French Kiss
French Kiss

In Europe, during periods of epidemics, a ban on friendly and welcoming kissing was introduced. So the British acquired new traditions: curtsy, raising a hat, waving a hand.

Kissing is out of the box today. More than a hundred years ago, creative people began to try to show this art on the screen. At first, this caused shock and misunderstanding, but over time, the world got used to kissing: they appeared in films more and more often and became more frank.

Diseases transmitted by kissing7

On the one hand, kissing has a healing power: it helps fight stress, increases hormone production and oxygenates the blood. On the other hand, in the process of kissing, fluids are exchanged with all the microbes and microelements it contains. Scientists say that with a long kiss, people get over 80 million bacteria.

According to research, there are 100 trillion microorganisms in our bodies. Their total weight is about 3 kilograms. The microbes in the gastrointestinal tract help digest food and protect us from disease. With a kiss, the gates to this world open and some of its inhabitants are transferred to the partner.

The Dutch scientists conducted a study in which 21 couples took part: first, the representatives in the sample were carefully questioned about their kissing predilections, their duration and depth. Then a scraping was taken from the languages ​​of the partners and studied for the composition of bacteria. The results showed that couples who practice deep and regular kissing have similar microflora and bacteria composition.

For the purity of the experiment, one of the partners was given probiotics and lactobacilli. Later, scraping showed that the partner who did not take these drugs, their number in the oral cavity increased threefold.


If "good" microbes are indulged during a kiss, then the risk of catching "bad" ones is also great. Kissing diseases include:

  • Infectious mononucleosis;
  • herpes;
  • Hepatitis B;
  • warts;
  • meningococcal infection;
  • syphilis.

The most common myth is that HIV is transmitted through kissing. Let's dispel it: the concentration of the virus in saliva is very small, and the infection is transmitted only through blood, during sexual intercourse and from mother to child. However, other diseases are also quite scary and have negative consequences.

Another surprising fact is the transfer of DNA during a kiss. Studies carried out in Bratislava on 12 couples showed that after a kiss in the saliva, the partner's Y chromosomes were identified. Already today, tests can determine the presence of male DNA in a woman's saliva. In such a complex way, the medicine of the future will be able to prove treason, find criminals who resort to sexual violence.

Research suggests that kissing is a very intimate and important process. With its help, you can both heal the body and bring in dangerous viruses. Be careful when choosing a partner to whom you are ready to trust your health and feelings.

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