How Do Worthy Girls Behave? How To Find Such And How To Become Such?

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How Do Worthy Girls Behave? How To Find Such And How To Become Such?
How Do Worthy Girls Behave? How To Find Such And How To Become Such?

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girl in a hat
girl in a hat

This article will break the templates. The Internet is replete with carbon-copy "worthy girl" topics. Reading them, one gets the impression that in order to have the status of "worthiness" you need to be born in a secular society with a golden spoon in your mouth. Automatically, Marusya from the nearest Khatsapetovka, has no right to claim the title of "worthy girl". So the idea to protect and give hope to cute "Cinderella" was not born by chance. And at the same time, make a small contribution to the worldview of the representatives of both camps.

The content of the article

  • 1 Gold of the female hypostasis
  • 2 Feminine nobility
  • 3 Loyalty
  • 4 Honor
  • 5 Comparative analysis
  • 6 Speaking of bonuses …
  • 7 Thrift
  • 8 Respect for a partner
  • 9 Respect for the partner's environment
  • 10 Sensitivity
  • 11 Generosity of feelings
  • 12 Sexuality
  • 13 Healthy ambition
  • 14 Rear
  • 15 Couple Health
  • 16 Loyalty
  • 17 A Decent Girl Is a Muse of Inspiration

Gold of the Female Hypostasis

The public unanimously claims that a decent girl is a combination of beauty, intelligence, education, sense of style and lifestyle. Stereotypes imposed by various media resources have broken more than one fate. But in pursuit of these images, people forgot about the very concept of dignity. But from time immemorial, the meaning was completely different.

The main definition of human dignity was only three qualities: nobility, loyalty, honor. These characteristics had no gender characteristics. They belonged equally to women and men. But since we are talking about the female half of humanity, then one should understand in this direction.

Feminine nobility2

Nobility in women has the same essence as in men, but with a slightly different bias. This character trait is not inherent in everyone. It is absorbed from childhood. It is impossible to be born immediately with a ready sign. The environment always has a powerful influence on personality formation.

Nobility in a woman is determined by her actions. It combines a lot of behavioral models, but they stand out especially: the absence of aggression, bitchiness, cruelty, capriciousness, the presence of delicacy and the ability to forgive. A noble girl will never allow herself to harm those who are initially weaker not only physically, but also mentally. She knows how to forgive and does not try to make revenge the meaning of life. She recognizes the right of others to make mistakes, and in the event of a fatal mistake, she will simply let the culprit go and will not morally destroy him.

She knows how to delicately close the door to her life in front of those who do not belong in her. She knows how to create a confident environment in everything that concerns relationships with any people who are in her environment. You can rely on her. A noble girl is selfless, she is capable of very powerful actions. Honesty is another axiom of a noble girl. But she understands perfectly well that honesty has no right to harm other people. And from here one more sign emerges - golden silence.

Can an ordinary milkmaid from a nearby village be noble? Don't even think about it. The answer is clear: it can! Moreover, among ordinary girls, from the middle social stratum, nobility has a more pronounced form than among the ladies of an aristocratic society.

The point is that compassion, generosity and other traits, a person acquires only where they may be required most often. Pretentious delivery of a hot lunch to a bum is not yet a sign of compassion. This is PR, which will then hang on Instagram and collect likes. But volunteer work in a hospice is different. Moreover, this activity, as a rule, is not advertised. There is simply no other way to realize the need to help others. This is, of course, an example, but the point is clear.


Loyalty is the most essential attribute of any worthy person. Moreover, it is present in all spheres of life: from friendship to principles. Loyalty does not necessarily have an exaggerated manifestation in a person. It is difficult to call a person unfaithful if he violates some of the dogmas of society. This is especially true of betrayal.

girl hugs a guy
girl hugs a guy

Special cases are not indicators of fidelity. Allegations about cheating are always based on selfish manifestations of a person's character. That is why the concept of "treason", in principle, has no right to exist. Of course, everyone has their own opinion on this matter, but if you start digging, then you can break stereotypes without really straining.

Loyalty should be manifested in a deeper understanding of this word: loyalty to the word, deed, life principles, models of behavior. Faithfulness must be taught from deep childhood. And the main teachers, of course, should be the parents. But society should also have a significant influence on the formation of this characteristic feature.

Does the concept of "loyalty" belong to some strata of human society? Not! Loyalty encompasses the entire hierarchy of human society.


Is the concept of "honor" foreign to women? In no way! Honor is closely intertwined with nobility. These two signs always go hand in hand and are impossible without each other. A girl's honor implies her moral stability. It is not for nothing that they say: "Take care of honor from a young age." If we really make a bias towards the female side, then it is not difficult to understand that the main quality will be the ability not to be exchanged for fleeting relationships.

shy girl
shy girl

In general, it is stupid to think that a worthy girl should be chaste, that is, necessarily virgin. The presence of partners is not prohibited. But the history of relationships can shed light on the presence of a girl's honor. Chastity is too broad a concept to be limited solely to having virginity.

But pride is yes, it is a mandatory attribute of honor. Female pride allows you to keep yourself within the bounds of not only decency. It helps to maintain moral purity. Just don't confuse pride and pride. These are absolutely polar concepts. There is more sin in pride than lack of virginity. By the way, ladies from "high society" are more likely to be at the mercy of pride than pride.

Modesty is also one of the hallmarks of girlish honor. Shyness is closely mixed with it. These phenomena of a female character strongly develop the girl's self-preservation instinct. And accordingly they protect her from rash acts. By the way, these qualities are most strongly developed among the Cinderellas. They are less influenced by modern society. This is understandable: life in the outback is much more different from life in megalopolises, where these qualities destroy rather than help to survive.

Comparative analysis 5

Based on the main point, a comparison can be made between the two strata of society. Imposed stereotypes are destroyed like a house of cards. If you turn to any man and put him before a choice, then he is unlikely to want to have a secular lioness with an Oxford education nearby, if she does not have the qualities described in her character. Any sane man would prefer a simple girl who possesses them. And he doesn't care if she knows Eugene Onegin by heart, even though this is a good bonus to her personality.

girl reading
girl reading

Speaking of bonuses … 6

Talking about the female hypostasis, one should not forget about self-development and not only. Absolutely all women's skills and abilities should be mixed with the concept of "a worthy girl".


Of course, you don't have to know how to knit socks. You can buy them, but the culinary skills will be a great addition. Another plus for simple girls. Yes, you can’t hang the label “inept” on girls from higher social strata, but in 99.9% they can only distinguish a lobster from a lobster, but meeting a man with pies is no longer possible.

girl holding a saucepan
girl holding a saucepan

Respect for a partner8

Respect for a man is very important. This means that the girl respects the person himself as a whole. She will always make sure that the man was not dissatisfied with the failure to fulfill any requests. The ability to listen to the desires of a man is worth a lot. But only if they are reasonable, of course. And the first place here belongs to "simple" girls. Ladies from large cities are unlikely to be able to concede. More often than not, they do not care about many things.

Respect for the partner's environment 9

A wise girl will never destroy her boyfriend's friendships. She will not even meddle in them. The most that can be expected from her is advice, and then on condition that he was asked. Moreover, she will never put a man in front of a choice between friends and her. But there are a lot of situations when it is because of female intrigues that long-term male friendship falls apart.


Mood is such a thing that can be transmitted to people around you. The sensitivity of the girl allows you to feel as comfortable as possible in critical situations. Of course, breaking into his girlfriend, a man is unlikely to achieve mutual understanding, but adequate behavior, on the contrary, will give an opportunity to relax in the arms of a girl and forget about troubles.

girl hugs a guy
girl hugs a guy

Generosity of Senses11

The key to a strong relationship is the manifestation of your feelings for a person. If a girl generously shares them, then a man feels much more confident. "Cold" ladies run the risk of being left behind very quickly, which can not be said about "warm pads". Men need a manifestation of love no less than women, and even affectionate words can charge for a long time.


Sometimes people confuse vulgarity and sexuality. And this is an unforgivable mistake. Modesty has already been mentioned above, as a guarantee of the girl's moral purity. But this in no way applies to the manifestation of sexuality within a couple. Sexuality is a very broad concept. It includes many signs. And sometimes a cute and gentle creature in a village meadow with a goat on a leash can look much sexier than a fifa in a red convertible.

girl with hat
girl with hat

Healthy ambitions13

Even in Khatsapetovka, you can achieve a certain position and authority. But in general, we are talking about both self-development and the desire to change your life. Of course, if the circle of conversations is limited to new models of the milking machine, then this is not funny. But the ability to maintain a conversation about higher matters suggests that the girl is far from stupid.

A pleasant bonus for ambitions is also some independence and financial independence. You can make money by doing anything. So, if a girl is not just lying in a chamomile field, but secures her earnings by collecting them and handing them over to reception centers, you can safely consider her worthy.


Every man periodically weakens. Well, he's not a car. And then the partner qualities of the girl turn out to be a very valuable quality. It is not for nothing that the expression "Decembrist's wife" appeared. A girl who can accept the failures of her beloved and smooth over their consequences is a very tasty morsel.


Couple Health15

Sooner or later, each couple has a question about procreation. The wisdom of a woman also lies in the physical condition of both her and her partner. Investing in your health is one such factor. No negligence.


It has already been mentioned. Loyalty to a loved one speaks of maturity. Moreover, this is a direct indicator that the girl has made her choice. She will no longer look for and exchange for casual relationships. By the way, faithful girls do not have frivolous relationships at all. It is enough to ask about her past. And if the past relationship was long, then there is nothing to talk about.

Decent Girl - Muse of Inspiration_8212

A girl who can inspire a man is of very high value in modern society. If a man is developing next to her, striving for something new in personal terms, then it does not matter what her pedigree is. A man can go out next to a business woman, as well as "blossom" next to the most ordinary girl.

girl in a hat
girl in a hat

So we got to the conclusions. Considering all of the above, we can safely be sure that a decent girl is not only a lady with a diploma from Moscow State University, but also the most ordinary girl-neighbor. It turns out that dignity consists solely of the moral qualities of the girl, and not of her social stratum. It is on them that a man should rely when he is faced with the choice of a worthy couple for himself.

Actually, life itself puts everything in its place. And the palm, undoubtedly, belongs only to those girls who have exactly these characteristics. This is how templates break.

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