How To Check If A Man Is Greedy? Signs Of Greed And Poverty

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How To Check If A Man Is Greedy? Signs Of Greed And Poverty
How To Check If A Man Is Greedy? Signs Of Greed And Poverty

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poor and rich man
poor and rich man

The question of how to check whether a man is greedy or simply poor is key at the start of a relationship. If you have a young guy in front of you, there can be no problems with poverty. He is only at the start of his career, over time, if he is purposeful, everything will work out. But when a mature, well-established personality calls for the cheapest morning show for a children's film, and then take a walk in the park, it's worth thinking about. How to distinguish one from the other?

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  • 1 Signs of greed
  • 2 Signs of poverty
  • 3 "Checkers" and why they are bad
  • 4 How to check whether a man is greedy and whether it is possible to re-educate him

Signs of Greedi

An unequivocal answer to the question of how to check whether a man is greedy or a beggar can be given only in one case. You have known him for a long time, and his family is in plain sight in your city. They have their own business, he works, drives an expensive car, and visits not the last establishments of the city. He has a card to a good fitness club, and he does not buy food at Pyaterochka, but orders it from a farmer to be delivered home.

But on a date he drags you to the park, gives a song on the radio for your birthday, and on New Year's, he is not going to take you anywhere, and even invite you in his city. On the contrary, he promotes the love of Olivier salad in every possible way in front of the TV.

Before you is a greedy man. If you love him, you are now saying that he is "frugal." But here you have to understand that if you yourself cannot buy yourself decent clothes, a car, an apartment and a vacation ticket, you will not have any of this.

Greedy will buy himself a new car, and a suit from an Italian designer, along with a leather briefcase. He is a man, beauty and pride, a showcase of the family, he works. And the wife - what she is, and so it will do, at home.


Signs of poverty2

Here, on the contrary, the guy will go out of his way to show that he is not poor. Allusions to some status friends and businesses, even if he works in Fix Price as a cashier, constant online “projects”, and other gestures that will let you understand that he is not hopeless.

But he lives with his mother in a Khrushchev, or odnushka, rides a tram, and from his clothes he has a set for work, and what you wear for walks. It's not a problem if a guy is really trying to get out of poverty, and does something for it. And a completely different question if he chose you as the "social elevator".

Yes, some boys believe that if a girl has an expensive phone and a car, she will happily share it all with her man. The choice, of course, is up to you, but if a person lies at the start of a relationship, it's not very good.

"Checkers" and why they are bad3

This is a poor rich guy who thinks women only date him for money. He believes in this idea so much that he checks every new girlfriend for commercialism. Let's say you don't know his parents, and you live in a big city. You will walk in the park for quite a long time, eat ice cream for 20 rubles, and attend free graduation performances.

And then you will be at his house, and you will understand that this is a prince. Or a slightly twitched introvert, whom my mother hammered into my head that there were only predators around.

is the man greedy
is the man greedy

"Checker", in fact, is not the most successful type. An honest greedy person does not even hide his priorities. This one will share with you what you have acquired, but only as much as you will satisfy his high standards of a friend in life. One has only to look at some half-naked torso in fitness, where you go on a family map, and a scandal awaits you.

And then - checking all social networks, spying on the phone, and constant unpleasant conversations. The truth is that the worst partners are insecure, neurotic people. Girls, by the way, also concerns. Imagine how it would be with you if you were constantly asking whether you got better or not, the dress suits you or not, your mother is right or not.

Such a guy roughly tends in terms of the degree of influence on the brain to an insecure teenage girl.

How to check if a man is greedy and whether it is possible to re-educate him4

Yes, the most normal option here is still a poor guy who wants to make money with all his might. Of course, there is a chance that he will get carried away with philosophy, and decide that everything is decay, but it is minimal. But greedy narcissistic guys and lovers of "free" existence at the expense of their second half will not go anywhere.

Although there are those who like to educate guys, they start "what is" and try to bring it to the result for years. Or both to a nervous breakdown and divorce, that's how lucky. Of course, there are cases when the greedy person realizes that he needs to share what he has acquired with his wife, but no one can guarantee just such an outcome of events.

is the man greedy
is the man greedy

Raising an adult boy who was already raised by your mother before you is a rather hopeless occupation, by the way. It can be nerve-racking and exhausting completely, especially if the "experimental" is sure that he is right. Unfortunately, if a person does not fit for some deep reason, or does not agree in views on life and money, it is better not to try to build a relationship with him.

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