Competent Refusal From Birth Control Pills: Dispelling Fears

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Competent Refusal From Birth Control Pills: Dispelling Fears
Competent Refusal From Birth Control Pills: Dispelling Fears

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giving up birth control pills
giving up birth control pills

So you have decided to stop taking combined oral contraceptives (COCs). Or, as they are called in the common people, birth control pills. The most sensible thing to do in this case is to talk to your doctor.

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  • 1 Are the side effects so scary?
  • 2 What can be the consequences
  • 3 Excess weight and cancellation of COCs
  • 4 When to stop taking birth control pills
  • 5 Why refuse COCs

Dr. Bart Putterman from Texas (USA) recommends that women always discuss this issue with a gynecologist. And it doesn't matter if it's about the desire to get pregnant; or, on the contrary, conception would be undesirable.

Are the side effects so scary i

Some women fear that if they stop taking birth control pills, it will negatively affect their health. For example, they will gain extra weight. Los Angeles-based MD Sherri Thomas believes there is nothing to worry about. “Many more women suffer from side effects when starting contraception than when they stop using it. The unpleasant symptoms that occur after you stop taking COCs disappear quickly enough. However, it is important to remember that when you stop using birth control, your risk of getting pregnant increases. Therefore, it is imperative to use other means of contraception,”explains Sherri.

“Some women, on the other hand, are afraid that it will be difficult for them to become pregnant after the withdrawal of COCs. This is not so - the body comes to its original state quickly enough, even if you have been taking contraception for a long time,”the specialist adds.

What can be the consequences2

“Sometimes both girls and women of age are prescribed pills for a specific purpose - for example, to control the menstrual cycle, to make bleeding less profuse, or to get rid of severe pain. However, these problems often return when KOC is canceled,”warns Putterman.

“If you are taking medications to get rid of the unpleasant symptoms of menopause - for example, hot flashes - again, the unpleasant symptoms may return after the drug is discontinued. The same is with facial rashes, premenstrual syndrome and other manifestations, for the elimination of which you were initially prescribed COCs.

Overweight and cancellation of COC3

In some women, after the abolition of COCs, appetite temporarily increases. And this factor, of course, can affect weight. However, it also happens the other way around: for example, when contraceptive pills contribute to fluid retention in the body. In this case, refusing them will lead to weight loss by getting rid of this fluid.

How to stop using birth control
How to stop using birth control

“Minor side effects, even if they occur after COC withdrawal, last no more than 1-2 months. Then everything goes back to normal,”explains Thomas. "It is worth keeping in mind that if you take pills with a lower dosage of hormones, then there are fewer or less side effects when they are withdrawn."

When to Stop Taking the Birth Control Pill4

“You can stop taking pills at any time. However, this can be fraught with consequences. For example, if you abandon the COC in the middle of the cycle, then it may go astray. Also, failure can lead to bleeding. Sometimes it happens that it lasts a week or two. So it is much better to wait until the COC pack is finished before giving up the pills. And, of course, you need to stop taking them strictly on the instructions and under the supervision of the attending physician,”explains Thomas.

Why refuse COC5

In most cases, women do this to get pregnant. Without taking birth control, it is easier to judge the onset of ovulation - and therefore the most favorable time for conception.

Competent refusal of contraceptives
Competent refusal of contraceptives

For all those who decide to stop taking pills, Dr. Thomas warns: “If you stop taking COCs, be sure to monitor your cycle. If he does not return to normal after 2-3 months, you need to see a doctor."

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