"Outcasts" Of Society Or Hardships And Troubles Of Bisexuals

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"Outcasts" Of Society Or Hardships And Troubles Of Bisexuals
"Outcasts" Of Society Or Hardships And Troubles Of Bisexuals
hardships and troubles of bisexuals
hardships and troubles of bisexuals

In many developed countries, society pays attention to the health difficulties that sexual minorities - in particular, bisexuals - have to face. Foreign studies have repeatedly found that bisexual men and women are more vulnerable to health than heterosexuals, gays or lesbians.

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Problems of representatives of this sexual orientation i

Bisexual people are more likely to suffer from depressive or anxiety disorders. According to studies, they are more likely to suffer from hypertension and become addicted to smoking or alcohol. In general, their health is assessed as the worst in comparison with other categories of the population.

Researchers also believe that bisexuals are more prone to suicide. Two recent studies in this area have shown conclusively that almost half of bisexual women and more than a third of men have seriously considered or attempted to commit suicide.

Which leads to difficulties 2

But what is the root cause of all these problems? Sexologists and sociologists believe that in this regard, the factor of the society's attitude towards bisexuals plays the main role. Society (at least Western society) is convinced that a person must be either gay or straight. Much of the research on bisexuality continues to focus on the very fact of its existence. And many researchers seriously believe that this sexual orientation is just a transitional phase between homo and hetero.

What statistics say 3

But let's turn to the numbers. A 2013 survey among young people showed that most bisexual men are gradually switching to homosexuality. As for women, they are more likely to feign bisexual interest in order to please men.

One of the scientists who conducted this survey commented that some people actually pretend to be bisexual just for the sake of getting attention. There are many girls who kiss on the lips just to be sexually attractive to men. There are teenage boys who are willing to pretend to be gay in order to attract the attention of emotionally distant parents with their "problem".

The troubles of bisexuals
The troubles of bisexuals

Another survey, conducted in 2013 in the United States, showed that 15% of participants disagree that bisexuality is a true sexual orientation.

In 2014, the Campaign for Human Rights report (one of the largest LGBT groups in the world, based in America) provided interesting statistics. The researchers surveyed 10,000 LGBT people aged 13 to 16. It turned out that almost 40% of this sample identify themselves as bisexual. It also revealed that bisexual youth face the same challenges that lesbians and gays struggle with. This is bullying and ridicule in society, rejection from family members, censure in society.

Of course, the current situation in society in this respect leaves much to be desired. However, there are already positive developments. And largely thanks to the mutual support of LGBT people. Of course, the presence of bisexuality as a scientific phenomenon requires further empirical and theoretical research. However, at this time, we should not deny the possibility of bisexual orientation per se.

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