The Most Famous Gay Actors Who Do Not Hide Their Orientation

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The Most Famous Gay Actors Who Do Not Hide Their Orientation
The Most Famous Gay Actors Who Do Not Hide Their Orientation

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The most famous gay actors
The most famous gay actors

A little earlier, it was almost impossible to see representatives of sexual minorities on TV screens. Of course, it was possible to draw certain conclusions and only guess that Mr. "N" is interested in representatives of his own sex.

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  • 1 Ian McKellen
  • 2 Richard Chamberlain

But, these were exclusively unconfirmed guesses. Now, the most famous gay actors already, almost without hesitation, declare to the whole world about their non-traditional sexual orientation. So who are they really?

Ian McKelleni

British actor Ian McKellen is a brilliant representative of the "cinematic" wizards of our time. It was he who brilliantly embodied the roles of Magneto and Handelph the Gray from "X-Men" and "The Lord of the Rings", "The Hobbit", respectively. Incredibly, it is a fact - in 1990 he was knighted for recognized achievements in acting. And with all this, today he does not at all hide his belonging to a sexual minority. Coming out can be deservedly considered the live broadcast of the BBC radio station (1988). It was there that he admitted his preferences to the public.

Please note that he was assigned to both of his legendary roles after his more than frank interview. And the orientation also did not affect the presentation of the knightly order. Today, Ian McKellen is not only one of the most famous representatives of "celebrity" homosexuals, but also leads an active struggle for the rights of sex minorities, being a civic activist supporting the trend.

He also intervened in the events taking place on the territory of the Russian Federation. For example, he publicly accused Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin of cowardice. This happened after the latter canceled the gay pride parade in the Russian capital (2011).

Ian McKellen
Ian McKellen

In the movie, he also had to play the role of a representative of the sexual minority. We are talking about the tape "Sinners", which tells about the relationship of a couple of homosexuals. There he very successfully (which, in general, and not surprising, given his personal lifestyle) embodied the image of one of the elderly gay men.

Richard Chamberlain2

Undoubtedly, many remember well the sensational American TV series "The Thorn Birds". It was in this classic work that Chamberlain, who in practice turned out to be gay, played the role of a young priest who fell in love with the unlawful church love of a priest for the rest of his life. The star of "The Singers" and "The Shogun" Richard, who has more than eighty roles in his filmography, did not interfere with orientation. Many argue that she, on the contrary, added zest to the actor.

At the same time, one should not forget that Richard Chamberlain made public recognition of his belonging to the sex minority only in 2003. True, this did not prevent the tabloids from openly declaring this much earlier. So, back in 1989, he was openly called gay in the women's magazine "Nous Deux" (France).

The actor's cinematic life invited him to play a gay man on the screen. He successfully brought to life the image of the already elderly gay from the fourth season of Desperate Housewives.

K / f
K / f

But, taking into account all of the above, one should not conclude that the most famous gay actors are representatives of the dissolute and still "wild" West. Many will be surprised by the fact that non-traditional sexual orientation was also attributed to the main Baba Yaga of the Soviet Union, and to be more precise, to the actor Georgy Millyar who portrayed her (films by Alexander Rowe, Morozko and many others).

By the way, he played the first female role in his youth, replacing the sick actress - Cinderella. He coped with the task very successfully. Who knows, maybe it was the special orientation that contributed to the success.

True, rumors about his homosexuality greatly complicated Miller's life (especially if you consider that until 1993 sodomy was prosecuted in our country). Despite the fact that Georgy was married twice, he was still read "underground" as a homosexual until his death.

Leaving history alone and plunging into our times, the cinematic world is full of talk about the homosexual orientation of our modern actors. It is not surprising that such handsome men as Oleg Menshikov and Viktor Sukhorukov are ranked among the gay society. Numerous sources strive to classify them as sexual minorities, saying that they are the most famous gay actors in Russian cinema.

Oleg Menshikov
Oleg Menshikov

As for the actors themselves, they prefer to keep complete neutrality, not confirming or refuting information about their preferences in intimate life.

Maybe the most famous gay actors are doing the right thing. In principle, their main task is to embody the image of a screen hero, with all its advantages and disadvantages. With this, they undoubtedly cope one hundred percent. And what happens behind the closed doors of the bedrooms is rightfully considered their personal business, and they really are not obliged to advertise such intimate information.

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