Who Is A Metrosexual? How Do People Become Metrosexual?

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Who Is A Metrosexual? How Do People Become Metrosexual?
Who Is A Metrosexual? How Do People Become Metrosexual?
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who is metrosexual
who is metrosexual

Such a concept as "metrosexual" began to be actively used a few years ago thanks to glossy magazines that spread it. Despite the fact that it appeared a long time ago, not everyone knows exactly who a metrosexual really is. Some use the word as a compliment and some use it as an insult. In this article, we will finally figure out who a metrosexual is.

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  • 1 Who are they?
  • 2 Signs of a metrosexual
  • 3 Are Metrosexuals Gay?
  • 4 How to become like this

Who are they? I

Today you can find a large number of men of all ages who are concerned about their appearance. Some women were intimidated by this trend, because it seemed to them that such a desire for personal care meant that they were now over boys. They did not understand what exactly happened to the guys and where did the courageous and brave ones go? And they did not go anywhere. They no longer want to just follow the stereotype that a real man should be dirty and smell like a “man”.

Who is a metrosexual is a very common question that most often arises among girls who have met this type of guy. Metrosexual (from the English word metropolitan - metropolitan, and sexual - sexual). As you can see, there is no subtext about another sexual orientation here and never has been.

There used to be metrosexuals, too, but they called them a little differently, namely - dandy, dandy, dandy. In today's world, metrosexuals are not equal to gay. Despite the fact that they care about their appearance, which is quite normal, this does not affect their orientation in any way. If a guy doesn't like to feel dirty, he likes to dress in everything clean and likes to style his hair, then this does not mean that he also likes boys. Of course, you can also find metrosexuals among gays. This is precisely why such confusion occurs.

Signs of a metrosexual2

The first thing that pays attention to when seeing a metrosexual is his grooming in all components. His appearance, clothes and shoes are impeccable. It is very accepted to look at such guys from an aesthetic point of view and unusual at the same time, since people are not used to such guys. In their understanding, a man is rude, with stubble and far from fresh hair and clothes. But besides this, there are several more signs that speak about the guy's metrosexuality:

  • In his bathroom you can find a lot of tubes and jars with creams, masks, gels and other means for skin and body care;
  • Such a guy always uses perfume and is far from cheap, because they respect themselves and will not use a frank, low-quality fake;
  • He likes to follow the world of fashion, he is always aware of all fashion events and is well versed in this;
  • His hands are always well-groomed, manicure is done;
  • You can always find a hairdryer, a straightener and other tools that help to create beauty.

Are Metrosexuals Gay? 3

As mentioned above, many people mistakenly believe that the concept of gay and metrosexual is the same thing. This opinion is very common among males, since many of them frankly do not understand why to take care of themselves. Indeed, it is much better to take a shower once a week and cut your nails with your teeth. And in the arsenal they have only a razor and, at best, a comb.

It's time to dispel the myth - metrosexuals are not gay. They just like to take care of themselves, like to see how they become more beautiful every day. But there are also many metrosexual men among gays. But this does not mean that all guys who take care of their appearance are of non-traditional sexual orientation.

who is metrosexual
who is metrosexual

How to become like this4

Here are some tips in case you find that taking care of yourself and your appearance is not a bad thing:

  • Start living a healthy lifestyle;
  • Treat your body, go to the gym, visit a couple of spa treatments;
  • Always strive only for the best and for perfection;
  • Love shopping;
  • Begin to understand fashion.

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