How Female Logic Differs From Male Logic: The Opinion Of Scientists

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How Female Logic Differs From Male Logic: The Opinion Of Scientists
How Female Logic Differs From Male Logic: The Opinion Of Scientists
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How female logic differs from male logic
How female logic differs from male logic

It would seem that we are all the same - two arms and two legs, but why men and women sometimes cannot understand each other? It's all about thinking! In this article we will tell you how feminine logic differs from masculine logic.

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  • 1 Differences in thinking
  • 2 Women rely on intuition
  • 3 What are the differences according to scientists
  • 4 What to do to avoid misunderstandings?

Differences in thinkingi

It's worth starting with how the female half of humanity thinks. Mostly feminine logic is based on inductance. Simply put, women make something eternal out of a single situation. So, for example, as soon as a guy denied his passion to visit any institution, you can immediately hear the phrase: "We never go anywhere!" Such generalizations of isolated cases are typical only for women.

It is because of this that the stronger sex often fails to understand women and, in the end, quarrels and scandals arise. Guys find it difficult to understand how one offense can literally erase previous signs of attention from memory.

Guys think a little differently. Their logic is characterized by the method of deduction. This in turn means that they, on the contrary, constantly repeated situations lead to the particular. For example, very often there are situations when he thinks that if all girls love teddy bears, then his beloved will also like such a gift. And she can easily be offended, because he dared to compare her with others, which is unacceptable. And again we get quarrels, scandals and misunderstandings.

Everyone wants to be special. And a gift that is made only because others like it, they consider it offensive.

Women rely on intuition2

Intuition is the main companion of every woman. The beautiful half of humanity is used to relying on her often. They make a conclusion based on the fact that they suddenly thought about something and it immediately becomes true. Many ladies cannot even understand and explain themselves why they came to any conclusion.

But it's also worth saying that their intuition doesn't let them down. Men think that this is something from the category of magic or witchcraft, but for women this is nothing special. On the contrary, it is quite natural for them to apply this way of thinking.

female logic
female logic

It really has nothing to do with magic. This only suggests that the fair sex has a well-developed intuition, unlike the guys, and therefore it is difficult for them to imagine that such thoughts may turn out to be true. Girls often resort to this kind of trick, especially when it is impossible to solve something with the help of ordinary logic.

But there are also disadvantages here. The fair sex confuses intuition with the usual emotional outburst and makes hasty conclusions and decisions based on emotions, which is not always correct.

What are the differences according to scientists3

Not so long ago, scientists managed to find out why and how feminine logic differs from masculine logic. To their surprise, they found out that among the stronger sex the right hemisphere of the brain is more developed than the left, and in girls it is the opposite. Previously, it was generally accepted that the female population developed the right more than the left, and in men the left. That is why they are so different and their thinking is different.

differences between men and women
differences between men and women

The right hemisphere helps you think abstractly, navigate space, and manage emotions. And the left helps to think analytically, develop memory and improve communication. From this it becomes clear why girls are much more talkative than guys. This is also why guys are able to control their emotions.

After reviewing the findings of scientists, it becomes clear why both sexes are so different. And how a man differs from a woman, you will learn from our next article.

What to do to avoid misunderstandings? 4

Do not forget that no matter how different you are, you need to exclude quarrels and disagreements, since in a union, people should complement each other, and not “kill” with constant scandals. Learn to understand your soul mate, study your partner's emotions and then you can know for sure what mood your passion is in right now.

So you will learn to understand when it is worth paying attention to it, and when it is better not to be seen again. It is also very important to talk with your soulmate, answer all questions as honestly as possible and try to change for the better. Girls should learn to manage their emotions as skillfully as boys.

men and women
men and women

And guys learn to listen and talk more often with their beloved. Such harmony in a relationship is very important and will only benefit you.

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