Why Do Women Choose Rich Men? Facts From The Source

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Why Do Women Choose Rich Men? Facts From The Source
Why Do Women Choose Rich Men? Facts From The Source

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woman chooses rich
woman chooses rich

Many guys sincerely do not understand why women choose rich men, and do not even look at others. Without understanding, they begin to believe that such girls are mercantile and greedy, and all their thoughts are occupied only with money, and they do not even think about love. But is it really so?

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Let's go through the facts

Immediately, without any prefaces, let's figure out why women choose rich men:

1. Because it's sexy. Women find the ability to make big money sexy, and it’s quite right. A man who skillfully manages finances looks like a real hero in the eyes of a woman, since not everyone is capable of this.

2. It's calm. Many are familiar with these monthly torments and torments about how to properly spend money in such a way that there is enough for entertainment, food, and other "delights" of adulthood. You won't have to worry about this with a rich man, since all this will be and even more.

3. Everyone is happy with your choice. Parents always wish their children only the best, and if they find out that your man is a wealthy person, then this news will definitely please them.

4. It is good to be rich. Those who say that money is not the main thing, just no one felt the need for it. And this is what usually bored rich people say, who think that life without money is filled with some kind of extreme. If frequent hunger strikes due to lack of money are extreme, then they are right.

rich man
rich man

Do not be indignant - become successful yourself2

Those guys who complain about "mercantile" girls are simply not able to start making money themselves. It is because of this that they are furious, because a self-respecting girl will not meet with her mother's son, who has not worked a day in his life.

There is nothing wrong with girls looking for guys who are not able to provide them. It is worse when men shout about injustice and themselves do not want to change their lives and improve their financial situation.

Girls' opinion3

A survey was also conducted among girls. They learned why women choose rich men. Here are their answers.

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